Stable on a country station: how to build it?

In great demand in recent years are the sports that are actively used horses, and breeding various breeds of horses. Everywhere are settling racecourses, stables, arenas and stadiums. But the horses, of course, need good conditions not only for the development of their physical data, but also for daily time.

Stable in the suburban area

Horses, as you know, in special buildings, called the stables. People who work professionally with different breeds of horses, argue that these animals need to provide the necessary conditions. For the construction of the stables need a lot of space, so such construction it is desirable to place outside the city.

The ideal option would be its own country estate, is situated on a large plot of land. Immediately before the construction of a stable you should carefully consider all of the details.

First of all, you need to choose a location for the stables. It is desirable that it was dry area on some small hills.

How to build a horse stable

Another important factor is the level of groundwater. It needs to be as low as possible, otherwise all facilities will be constantly waterlogged. From the established moisture can seriously hurt the health of horses. The area for construction to drain naturally with the right approach and a strong desire. The optimal size of the stables should be in the range of 20-30 acres.

In the process of designing structures it is necessary to determine where the best place for all necessary equipment such as waterers, dryers, kormicki various items to complete the cleansing and care of horses, etc. overall size of stables will depend on the number of horses that are placed in it.

The most suitable materials for the erection of the building is wood and brick – built of them will be dry and warm. Often used stone, clay, and various insulation and frames. All this can be easily purchased at any hardware store.

From which to build the stables

It is not recommended to use metal because in the heat of summer it is heated, and in the winter actively produces all the heat out. In addition, metallic elements subject to corrosion and, as a result, quickly become unusable.

The main constructive part of the stables – the loose box. Its dimensions shall be such that the horse could freely there to turn around, lie down, stand up etc. in addition to the stall should be placed as tack room, feed room and a place to clean the horses.

If the stable is intended for several animals, between boxes, you need to install partitions. They usually start at a height of approximately 30 inches from the floor, and ends 20 cm above the head level of the animal.

Construction of stables with their hands

The walls of the stable should have a thickness in the range of 18-25 inches, this decision is made based on the weather and climatic conditions. If the climate is sufficiently cool, it is recommended to make insulation of walls with special water resistant materials.

For the roof of the stables you can use any material, resists moisture and is fire resistance. It is advisable to do the pitched roof-type gutters. It’s better to get rid of rain water and snow accumulations.

How to build a barn with their hands

The flooring in the stables should have a slight bias towards the stall to provide quality stock. Floors can be covered with a rubber Mat from the concreting in such case, you can refuse. This coating retains heat very well, resists various odors and absorbs sound.

The thresholds are undesirable elements in the stable. Oh, and finally, the construction must be of quality and sufficient lighting. To install the window and place the required number of lighting devices.

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