Sights Of St. Petersburg

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The Northern capital of Russia annually receives thousands of tourists from all over the world. And it is quite natural – in fact sights of St. Petersburg attract attention of curious travelers and allow to get to know this beautiful city on the Neva.

sights of St. Petersburg

The State Hermitage Museum

It is impossible to visit in St. Petersburg and not visit one of the largest and most famous museums in the world. The value of exhibits, which is tourists are the State Hermitage Museum, is estimated at millions of dollars.

And began the history of this Museum with a small collection of Empress Catherine II, by order of which was built the Hermitage in 1764. The first visitors of the Museum took in 1852, and since then its collection has been enriched with numerous paintings by artists of world renown.

Today the State Hermitage Museum comprises 5 buildings, which are located on the banks of the Neva. And recently opened new branches is the guards Museum and the porcelain Museum. If you are going to visit the Hermitage, you need to stock up time and patience in order to fully appreciate the grandeur of this place.

the Hermitage

The Museum of modern art » Erarta

Saint Petersburg is known not only for antique lovers, but also fans of modern art. Private Museum Erarta aims to acquaint tourists and residents with the most talented artists of our time. It periodically hosts exhibitions of the latest innovations of fine art, and published catalogue of the Museum.

Various educational programmes to help uncover the world of contemporary painting that will be interesting not only professionals but also ordinary visitors to the Museum.

Since the Museum’s opening in 2010, within its walls, there were concerts, theatrical performances and exhibitions of different directions culture of modernity.

Museum Erarta

St. Isaac’s Cathedral

The construction of this Orthodox Church was begun in 1710, the temple is dedicated to one of the Byzantine saints Dalmat. At first it was a small wooden Church, which was crowned Peter I with his second wife Catherine.

Over the years, the Cathedral was upset, added new Annex space, trim and moldings. In the design of the temple was attended by Karl Bryullov. Today St. Isaac’s Cathedral is the highest domed structure in the world. Tourist who are not too lazy to climb to the top of the temple, will be able to see an amazing panorama of St. Petersburg from the height of bird flight.

St. Isaac's Cathedral

With the advent of Soviet power the Church was closed for worship and in 1990 resumed Sunday services. On weekdays the Church is open for tourists, guided tours, themed concerts and anyone can join the history of this unique temple.

The Mariinsky theatre

If you are going to spend a few days in the Northern capital of Russia, should be warned beforehand about the tickets to the Mariinsky theatre. Their story leads with the Mariinsky theatre 1783, when Empress Catherine was built a Large Stone house, which became part of the Imperial theatres.

The name of the theatre was named after Empress Maria, who was the wife of Alexander II. In 1859, the whole company moved into a new house, built by the Italian architect Alberto Cavos. The first performance took place in 1860 – it was an Opera of the great Russian composer N. Glinka «a life for the Tsar» («Ivan Susanin»).

The Mariinsky theatre

Today the theatre under Valery Gergiev includes in its repertoire, like classical performances, and new productions in 3D – every avid theater-goer can choose the setting according to your taste.

Cabinet of curiosities

The first mention about the creation of Peter the Great refers to 1714. Just then the Tsar-educator had the idea to create the so-called Museum of anatomy, to domestic doctors had the opportunity to study the features of the human body and various anomalies of its development. This idea he inspired during his first trip to Europe.

With the proliferation of the collection of «rarities»was accepted the decision on construction on Vasilievsky island in a separate building, where today is the Museum. Now it is the name of the Museum of anthropology and Ethnography. The exhibition presents objects of everyday life and culture of all major civilizations, from North America to India and China. There is also a separate room where is located the anatomical section of the Museum.

Cabinet of curiosities

Yusupov Palace on the Moika

This Palace belonged to one of the richest families in St. Petersburg of the 18th century. It was reconstructed several times, adding new elements and environment. Today, in order to represent the whole atmosphere in which she lived the aristocracy of the time, it is enough to visit this Museum. Thanks to the skillful hands of the restorers at the mansion almost in its original form the interior, the interior, personal kind of theater of the Yusupov.

In the building of the Yusupov Palace opened in 1987, chamber music theater, as well as are various thematic exhibitions on the history of the Russian state.

Yusupov Palace on the Moika


For wildlife enthusiasts Saint Petersburg provided the opportunity to visit the aquarium, which has more than 140 different species of fish from all corners of the globe. Despite his relatively young age (2006), this wildlife area in the heart of St. Petersburg has already won its fans.

On the area of 5 000 square meters and there are over 30 aquariums, the aquarium has its classroom with the latest equipment, which provides research and studying underwater creatures. The main aquarium with a volume of 750 000 litres, equipped with a special underwater tunnel. Here you can observe the life of sharks, rare species of sturgeon, various molluscs and crustaceans.


The Fabergé Museum

In 2013 opened its doors to the Faberge Museum, one of the largest private collections of works by great masters. Besides eggs of Faberge, here are the exposition of decorative arts. The Museum is located in the Palace of count Shuvalov, and also showcases the work of major Russian jewelers of the 19th century.

Faberge Museum consists of several thematic halls: crockery famous masters, and Golden gifts of Russian emperors, and icons painted by famous artists as well as works of Impressionists. To best experience the atmosphere of past centuries and to learn new things, you can use the services of audio guide.

The Fabergé Museum

Zoological Museum

On Vasilyevsky island is a Museum, which will be interesting for both children and adults. First visitors of the Museum adopted in 1838 and today is one of the largest exhibitions of this format around the world. The first copies were taken for the Museum of the Kunstkamera.

On an area of about 6 000 square meters and there are over 30 000 species of animals from all over the world. The collection of the Zoological Museum is constantly replenished with new exhibits brought back from expeditions. Realistic dioramas, exhibited in the Museum allow you to see animals in their natural habitat.

Zoological Museum

St. Petersburg puppet Museum

A real godsend for those tourists who are traveling with small children. So many different puppet characters for your little one just did not see. Here, fairy tale characters and cartoons, and original works of talented artists past and present.

The Museum Fund is replenished by private patrons and has about 5000 items. All the dolls are spread across multiple themed fabulous rooms, but for those who want to try their hand at the art of making these dolls, provides workshops that are held during the weekend.

Museum of dolls

The Museum of microminiature «Russian Levsha»

Walking along the Nevsky prospect, it’s worth a visit to the unique Museum, which was opened in 2006. The originality of the Museum lies in the fact that all the exhibits can be seen only with a microscope that are installed in a row at each wall.

All the objects presented in the exhibition, have a size less than a millimeter, and one can only wonder the skillful hands of the masters who created such a unique creation. Here and shod flea, a rose inside a human hair, and many other original miniatures. All items are created literally from dust.

the Museum of microminiature Russian Levsha

Palace-Park ensemble Peterhof

According to the plan of Peter the Great this complex was to outdo the French Palace of Versailles. Every year thousands of tourists eager to witness the unique composition of the fountains, which are presented in this place. But not only the famous fountains of the Peterhof palaces of Monplaisir and Marly attract its ornamentation, no less.

Center of the whole ensemble is the Peterhof Palace, built in Baroque style and preserves the relics and jewels of the Imperial families of Russia. More than 800 exhibits will help to get acquainted with the life of royalty.


Saint-Petersburg state circus

St. Petersburg delight visitors to the city a huge selection of places to visit while traveling. Stationary circus tent, located in Avtovo has a unique design that allows the viewer to enjoy the performance from any place.

The program is attended by famous masters of circus art: trainers of predatory animals, acrobats and jugglers, magicians and tightrope walkers – all of them winners of international competitions and give you a positive mood and positive emotions for the whole stay in St. Petersburg.

Circus in Saint-Petersburg

Summer garden

If your trip had the summer period, the Park of sculptures in the Summer garden will not leave you indifferent. The beginning of the history of the ensemble dates back to 1704, later it was reconstructed several times and supplemented by various elements and structures.

First sculptures in the Summer garden, going to the Trustees Peter. It was the works of the great Italian sculptor of the late 16th – early 17th centuries.

Today in the garden are copies of famous sculptures, as over time the marble began to collapse under the influence of natural factors. It was decided to place all originals in the castle, where they worked, the restorers.

Summer garden

Botanical garden of Peter the Great

On Aptekarsky island in 1714 by decree of Peter I founded the garden, whose goal was the cultivation of medicinal herbs for medicine. Today the garden area is about 1 hectare and there are more than 7 000 different species of plants from different parts of the world.

Here you can see the thematic tour, and you can just walk around the greenhouses, considering the unusual plants that are not found in our area. At the Botanical garden is a scientific laboratory for the study of the properties of plants and their application in the manufacture of drugs.

Botanical garden

The Mikhailovsky castle

One of the most mysterious places in St. Petersburg. It involves a lot of legends and stories, they even say that its dark corridors still wanders the Ghost of the Emperor Paul Petrovich, who was killed on this spot.

Before the creation of the Summer Palace of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna had a hand in the Grand master architect Francesco Rastrelli. Over time, this Palace was different to the English nobles and favourites of the Empress, and in 1796 this place was built the Mikhailovsky castle, which today welcomes guests of the Northern capital. Near the castle is the famous monument to Peter the Great.

The Mikhailovsky castle

Church of the Savior on Blood

This architectural structure was built by order of Russian Emperor Alexander III on the death of Alexander II in 1883. Is the temple of the resurrection of Christ Griboyedov canal and this area is associated with many legends and stories. According to some information it is on his day the inhabitants of St. Petersburg were hidden shrines from the Bolsheviks.

Collection of mosaic paintings that adorned the temple, one of the largest in Europe and to create these unique elements had a hand well-known artists of the 19th century. In 1997, Savior on the Blood was opened for visits of tourists.

Church of the Savior on blood

Military-historical Museum of artillery

The origins of this Museum, like many other sights of St. Petersburg, is obliged to Peter I. it was Opened in 1703 and originally served as a gathering place for various pieces of artillery. By order of the Emperor here from all over Russia took the most remarkable examples of arms, captured flags and uniforms of the various States of the time.

In 1868, the artillery Museum was opened to visitors today in its walls are kept, the collection of weapons from more than 50 countries. It periodically hosts the reconstruction of the momentous military events of the past, as well as thematic exhibitions.

military-historical Museum of artillery

Leningrad zoo

The beginning of the history of one of the oldest zoos in Russia refers to 1865. It was originally a private zoo which belonged to the family of Gebhart. This mysterious Museum of nature an integral part of the historic center of St. Petersburg. Despite the fact that the area of the zoo is not so great, the staff managed to assemble a collection of animals from all continents of our planet.

During the siege, a few dedicated zoo staff refused to leave their students and lived with them, protecting them from the horrors of war. To pay a tribute of respect and remembrance for these brave people, it was decided not to rename the zoo, so today it bears the name of Leningrad.

Leningrad zoo

House company «Zinger»

More famous name of this building – the House of books, and it was built in 1902 at the request of the company «singer». Initially, the company was the construction of a skyscraper, which they already with success built around the world, but the law at that time no building should be higher than the Winter Palace.

Architect Pavel Suzor, the project which built the building, managed to find a way out of a difficult situation. Above the building is six stories high, was built tower with a glass globe. On the one hand it creates the impression of elevation, and with another – does not obscure other monuments that are in the same place. Today here is located the largest bookstore «House of books».

the singer building

The Cruiser «Aurora»

The famous cruiser, now a Museum, was launched in 1900. It was named in honor of the frigate, famous for the defense of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky during the Crimean war. After the tests, «Aurora» was accepted into the ships that went to Port Arthur.

cruiser Aurora

This cruiser is destined to play a very important role in history. It is the salvo of his guns gave the signal to start the attack on the Imperial Palace. In 1948 the Aurora was transferred to the place of their permanent anchorage and 9 years later became a branch of the naval Museum. Today the cruiser «Aurora» included in the list of sites under the state protection.

The Admiralty

This beautiful monument of St. Petersburg began building in 1704 according to the drawings of the Emperor Peter. The Admiralty planned to use as a shipyard. During the reign of Peter the Great was built over 250 ships, which are used to protect the city and as merchant vessels.

the Admiralty

Today, the building of the Main Admiralty is located in the naval engineering Institute. During the great Patriotic war the building was badly damaged, but thanks to the efforts of the inhabitants was restored in practically the same form. The Admiralty is a symbol of the beginning of shipbuilding in Russia.

Senate square

This area of St. Petersburg is also called Decembrists Square. In fact it became the site of a failed coup attempt. The first mention of Senate square belong to 1763, there is located the chamber of the Senate, hence the name. Was the Senate in the mansion of the Vice-Chancellor Bestuzhev-Ryumin.

Senate square

In the same year in the square appeared and the building of the Synod, built according to the drawings of the famous Italian architect Carlo Rossi. On the Senate square is the famous Pushkin’s the bronze Horseman, which was built in honor of the great Russian poet.

The Museum of defense and blockade of Leningrad

This Museum is dedicated to the terrible events of the siege of the great Patriotic war. More than 800 days the people of Leningrad were cut off from food supplies. These days many Petersburgers still remember with tears in his eyes.

the Museum of defense and blockade of Leningrad

In 1944 began the first work on the creation of this exhibition. Despite the fact that the war was still going on, the people of Leningrad decided on their own to create a Museum to perpetuate the memory of those killed in the terrible siege. The Museum exposition is located in one of historic St. Petersburg neighborhoods – Salt town.

The Bolshoi theatre of dolls

This is the place I like to visit both children and adults. For each age category Grand puppet has prepared a repertoire, so bored, certainly not necessary. Is this theater not far from the Museum-apartment Nekrasov, almost in the Central part of the city.

the Bolshoi theatre of dolls

In total, the theatre three stage, which are productions. The repertoire of the BTK can be found, like fairy tales for the youngest viewers («Bun»), and productions of classic works (for example, «Romeo and Juliet»).

St. Petersburg Dolphinarium

The Dolphinarium is a place that brings only positive emotions. For families who visited St. Petersburg with children, be sure to include the cultural program of the visit of the Dolphinarium. Here you can not only see fascinating animals, but also to make a memorable shooting, both during the show and afterwards. However at the time of filing the flash use is prohibited because it distracts the dolphins. The first show was held in the Dolphinarium in 1998, and since then here come the residents of St. Petersburg and guests of the Northern capital.


Gagarin Park

The favorite place for family recreation for all residents of St. Petersburg. In the Park there are attractions for children of different age groups. For kids is the carousel, trampolines, trains, and for older children – the more extreme activities like «UFO», «Kamikaze», and others.

Gagarin Park

The whole family can ride the Ferris wheel and see the beauty of the city with a 25-metre height. For fans of adrenaline there is a special castle of fears, called «the dragon’s Mouth». If you were in Peter in the winter, be sure to take the opportunity to go ice skating. The Park is well-equipped skating rink where you can hire the fads.

Coffee Museum

Of course, a real Paradise for lovers of this aromatic beverage. Coffee Museum is a private collection that was first presented to visitors in 2008. Collected here are all somehow related to coffee history and traditions. In addition, the tourists who visited this Museum, you can learn a lot of new and interesting facts about their favorite beverage, there is the opportunity to taste any kind of coffee. The Museum contains the most flavorful and unique varieties from coffee plantations around the world.

the kawi Museum

Theatre of musical Comedy

The theater is rightly called a kind of workshop of the Soviet operetta. The first audience was able to appreciate talented performances in the genre of musical Comedy in 1929. Since the stage of this theater were successful performances, as the Soviet and Russian masters, as well as foreign composers. In 1996 there was opened and a Small hall, where you can also see the best works of artists of this genre. Today, there are put and foreign popular musicals, and special performances for children.

Theatre of musical Comedy

The Palace bridge

The opening of this important for St. Petersburg construction took place in 1916, although the plans hatched since the late 19th century. It connects the arrow of Vasilevsky island with the Winter Palace and the Central part of the city. The huge size of this bridge allow comfortable walk for pedestrians on wide sidewalks. The total weight of the giant more than 7.5 thousand tons. Every night the Palace bridge bred and it is also a very impressive sight that is worth seeing every guest of the city.

The Palace bridge

Memorable historical places of Saint Petersburg are closely intertwined with works by contemporary architects and artists and create a lasting impression on the guests of the Northern capital, who seek here to breathe in the aroma of St. Petersburg’s streets and canals.

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