So terrible varicose veins?

Varicose veins of the lower extremities is a disease of women. Although often there are cases of varicose veins in men, but the percentage of cases among women is still more. Therefore, the main symptoms of varicose veins consider discomfort and cosmetic defects. And if the blue venous pattern on the legs and feet don’t ache, the woman can not worry. And for good reason.

So dreadful varicose veins?

Varicose veins can be of two types:

  1. Primary varicose veins is dilatation of subcutaneous veins. He is so afraid of women with their external manifestations. And it is not so bad. A primary cause of varicose veins are pregnancy, obesity, work «on the ground». Due to the specific external features of primary varicose veins notice in the early stages – even when the veins are not visible, and appear on the skin «stars». As you know, the disease is identified early, treated quickly and easily.
  2. Secondary varicose veins – the expansion of the deep veins, which are located not under the skin and between the muscles. Cause is the disease of the blood vessels (thrombophlebitis, venous and arterial fistula) or postoperative complications. Usually, secondary varicose veins rarely manifests itself outwardly, often the first symptom is weak aching pain and swelling that are forced to wear two different sized shoes in a day. But this is not the first stage of the disease. And the following can be trophic ulcer.

Varicose veins of the lower extremities

It is secondary varicose veins and are looking for doctors, when it refers to a patient with a complaint of pain and swelling in the legs. For its diagnostics are functional tests that determine the permeability of the vessels – they can hold their own.

How to identify varicose veins deep veins?

To wrap the leg with elastic bandage on for half an hour, walk. If during this time there is pain or swelling foot and ankle joint, the patency of deep veins broken.

How to identify varicose veins deep veins?

How to treat varicose veins?

Primary easy to cure varicose veins with conservative methods. By the way, these same techniques will allow you to avoid disease.

  1. Have to wear elastic stockings and compression garments.
  2. To abandon the high heels to reduce stress on the vessels.
  3. The use of aquatic physiotherapy: foot baths, showers and even a simple rubdown affect the good condition of blood vessels.
  4. Therapeutic exercises: exercises to improve tone of blood vessels and stimulating the blood flowing freely.
  5. The taking prophylactic drugs.
  6. The decrease in the daily intake of fluids to prevent edema.
  7. You should change your job if it requires prolonged standing.

Secondary varicose veins is difficult to treat due to late diagnosis. In the first stages it is also treatable with conservative methods. But sometimes requires surgical intervention: surgical removal of damaged areas of the veins or sclerotherapy.

How to treat varicose veins?

There is a misconception that you can remove any veins that are visible under the skin. This is incorrect. Deletes only those sections of veins which are too extended to form venous nodes. So complication such advanced vessels is bleeding from varices.


If you want to help the person who started bleeding from the venous node, you first need to call an ambulance – hospitalization is required as soon as possible.

Methods of treatment and prevention of varicose veins

Next, the patient should be laid, apply a pressure bandage to the bleeding place. Bandaged the leg need to be lifted higher to reduce the pressure in the veins.

It is impossible to give the patient a hemostatic preparations before the arrival of the doctor – varicose veins are dangerous not only bleeding, but also the formation of blood clots. And the action of the majority of hemostatic based on activation of platelets.

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