Sneakers Air Jordan for basketball players and enthusiasts

Sneakers the Air Jordan was developed by Nike in 1985 specifically for basketball stars – Michael Jordan. He became the face of the product and successfully adverted. Today, «Jordan» are available and accessible to not only celebrities, but ordinary athletes. However, the cost of the original sneaker high, but there are objective reasons.

The advantages of sneakers Air Jordan

Each model in the collection of the Jordan was produced in an improved, modified variation. Choose them for several reasons:

  • High-quality materials.
  • Good shock absorption.
  • The frame is made from a material developed by Nike – 100% original work.
  • Sole technology Visible Max Air super fly.

Air Jordan gained recognition from players all over the world due to the superior quality. The sneaker was attended by Derek Jeter, Roy Jones, Ahman green. Wear sensible shoes not only athletes, but also stars of world scale, including actors, singers, rappers and hip-hop – Eminem, Fat Joe, Snoop Dogg. This further cemented the brand’s leading position, with each passing day the popularity of Nike Air Jordan is rising.

Interesting facts

By the time the Air Jordan shoes for basketball produced only in white color. Black with red model on their background looked bright and noticeable. In the design of the Shoe is visible the opaque allusion to the colouring team Chicago bulls.

Using «bright colors» they rejected the League of the NBA. This did not stop Michael Jordan to wear them, paying fines during each game. The average size of the fine has reached $ 5,000. But the brand, which released «a scandalous model,» it was only «at hand». Many wanted to become owners of cool «Jordan», they aroused the interest in the sports world and among ordinary buyers. Sales soared 5 times! The company Nike was sensible, despite the huge volumes of supply quality is not deteriorated, and controlled at every stage of production.

Right now, Air is represented by a wide variety of models. The buyer can choose the model that suits your own image, character, mood. For basketball players created a collection of Super Fly 2012, the design will appeal to the discerning and demanding buyers. The foot is firmly fixed in them that will protect the foot from injury.

Shoes collection Air Jordan Alpha buy, not only for basketball, but for walking, Cycling. They are practical, thanks to the soft and flexible soles of the feet are not overworked.

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