Smallest quadcopter

Nowadays, more and more popular are beginning to use Quad-copters, which are mini-helicopters with four propellers. They are used in various fields of activity (aerial surveys, observations of various objects, etc.), and with their help, you can just look at the world from a bird’s flight and to make high-quality unique pictures. Manufacturers today offer a wide range of models that can be the biggest, the smallest and even the most powerful. And what models apply to this, let’s see.

Quadcopters miniature sizes

A small quadcopter Drone Wallet

For the title of smallest quadcopter can compete somewhat well-known on the market today models. First, you can celebrate the new Wallet Drone that will fit easily in your pocket and there will be almost imperceptible. The dimensions of the drone level 4h4h1,75 cm of Slightly larger size remote control and docking station (10,75h8,5×2,8 cm). This quadcopter is an inexpensive toy for entertainment that’s easy to zapustit for fun indoors or outdoors. The camera in this phone no, but if you want a «toy» camera, you should pay attention to other models of copters.

After twenty minutes of charging the quadcopter flight will be about seven minutes. Flying the machine is not three speeds. Also, it can do some tricks. Today the manufacturer offers this model in four color options at a price of $ 35.

The smallest quadcopter with camera MeCam

If we consider the smallest quadcopter with camera, here is an excellent option ultra-compact MeCam. Thanks installed on the camera body camera is a real operator, which acts on command of the owner. 14 sensors allows the camera not to collide with different objects. The management apparatus is performed using voice commands. The resulting video or images in real time can be broadcast to your smartphone on the conditions set applications. The cost of the quadcopter is estimated at about $ 50.

Small quadcopter Dron SkeyeNano

Another one tiny Quad SkeyeNano Dron. Its dimensions 4h4h2 see This unit is able to surprise different acrobatic elements. The battery of this drone lasts for about eight minutes of flight. Differs the machine excellent maneuverability. The drone has three modes for flying, one for professionals, one for advanced users and one for beginners. This quadcopter can do on the spot 360 degrees to perform a «barrel». However, a considerable force wind is a serious obstacle to dvenadtsatiraundovom apparatus. The cost of this device equal to about $ 35.

Volocopter – the largest

The biggest quadcopter Volocopter

The biggest quadcopter in the world created by the Germans. Company Volo users submitted 18-rotor machine, which was named Volocopter. This device, which resembles a small helicopter. However, the machine has 18 blades and is a stable way of life, quite easy to operate. Because the Volocopter flies on batteries, it can surely be called an environmentally friendly apparatus.

Built the first large quadcopter can fly for approximately 30 minutes. The manufacturer positions the device as an aircraft for sports flights. Despite its autonomy and many other quality characteristics the main drawback of this quadrocopter is the high cost. His invention to the manufacturer is estimated at $ 340000. On such an expensive «toy» buyers – a question of time.

Incredibly powerful DJI Phantom 3

The most powerful quadcopter DJI Phantom 3

For those people who are looking for the most powerful quadcopter, you should get the DJI Phantom 3. This quadcopter comes in two versions – Advanced and Professional, which differ in the built-in camera and, consequently, price (the first version will cost $ 69,000 and the other at 88000 dollars). In its flight characteristics both models are almost identical.

Battery the copter is on the back and is removable. Engine power increased compared to the previous model Phantom2. Fly the copter may to 25 minutes. The appearance of the quadcopter is quite futuristic. The Cabinet is made of plastic, so the weight of the device small. The control of the quadrocopter is very simple, it can handle even a beginner.

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