Small members of the animal Kingdom

Among animals of any kind often truly small representatives. Meet the most amazing mini-animals which are much smaller than their counterparts.

1. The tiny horse

The tiny horse

«Thumbelina», so called our beautiful, officially recognized as the most petite. This fact is confirmed by the Guinness Book of records, having recorded the growth of the baby is about 45 cm, weight – 26 kg Thumbelina Appeared in 2001 in Missouri, and five years later became the champion. The horse travels across the United States, delighting children in kindergartens, hospitals and schools.

2. Itself invisible dog

Itself invisible dog

The tiny Chihuahua, the whole world knows as the Miracle Millie. The Guinness book of records called her the smallest dog in its growth, which is not even 10 centimeters. Baby weight does not exceed four hundred grams. The owners complain that such sizes does not make life easier with a pet, because Millie can easily lose on the street or stepping on it at home.

3. Low nurse

Low nurse

Cow, Manikyam in 2014 was recognized as the smallest, her height slightly more than 60 centimeters! The previous record of short stature belonged to the cow, which was higher, Manikyam 8 inches. The smallest cow lives in India, in the small town of Atolls in Kerala. It appeared the farmer, who from birth, nursed, Manikiam the same as for higher sisters, but despite proper care, the cow remained tiny. Says the farmer, a cow is intelligence and good temper. In their homeland, Manikyam – a real celebrity, everyone wants to feed her and take pictures.

4. Mini bear

Mini bear

There are only eight species of bears, the smallest of them believe Malay bear Beruang). There are representatives of this species on the great length of the territory from the people’s Republic of China to Indonesia. Male birangi a bit more females, but still are not higher than five feet. They weigh on average 70 kg. Compactness, light weight, twisted legs and long claws allow the bears Malay free to climb trees and even to rest, lying on the branches. By the way, they are available and rocks which they easily win. Biragov very long tongue, with which they extract the honey from the hives and get food from the most comfortable places.

5. She’s a tiny monkey

She's a tiny monkey

The smallest humanoids are considered Dwarf monkeys, tamarins otherwise. Size of the baby really surprising, their growth is rarely reaches 15 inches, for which the people are called finger monkeys. Even their tail is much greater than the length of the body!

6. The smallest representative of the felines

The smallest representative of the felines

The cat, which the owners were given the appropriate nickname «Midget» is in America, in the town of NAPA, in California. Her height reaches just over 13 inches!

7. The little turtle

The very small turtle

The reptiles, which can grow only up to 12 inches, is called the Pennsylvania turtles. They live in the Eastern part of the United States and like to settle in shallow bays of lakes and streams. Different from peers Pennsylvania turtle not only miniaturization, it is also surprisingly agile armor.

8. The tiny fish is a predator

The tiny fish is a predator

Sharks, too, are tiny. The most modest in size, the representative of these dangerous creatures found in the waters of South Africa. It is called a Dwarf shark barbed, for her size and can reach 25 centimeters. This is not the only difference from their fellows, the Dwarf shark can boast of a spike just before the first dorsal fin. Despite the seeming vulnerability, this is quite dangerous predator and preys on marine life much more for themselves. People can rarely see a mini-shark as it is found only at a depth of two hundred meters.

9. The lowest deer

The lowest deer

Pudu, so called the little baby calves, reaches only 80 to 85 centimeters in length and 35 centimeters in height. Weight Pudu too small – only 10 pounds. This species of deer is very rare, therefore, listed in the Red book. Now they can be found only in the South of Chile.

10. The slender Hippo

The slender Hippo

Pygmy Hippo can be seen only once in Liberia, the Republic of Sierra Leone or côte d’ivoire as representatives of this species are under threat of extinction. There were only a thousand individuals in the natural environment, in zoos – a little more. Mini-Behemoth in height can reach only 85 centimeters, and a length of about 170 inches, nevertheless the weight is still significant – an average of about 200 pounds (though if to compare to the hippopotamus, weighing up to four tons, it becomes clear why these behemoths are called dwarf).

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