Attractions Of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the most interesting countries to visit. She is famous not only beautiful beaches, where love to entertain tourists from all over the world. In this state, a huge number of interesting places that will amaze in their grandeur and very rich history. The most famous attractions of Sri Lanka are associated with Buddhism and can reveal the mysteries of this religion. In the country you can also visit many beautiful parts of nature, the beauty of which is difficult to convey in words. Will not leave anyone indifferent, and monuments created by his contemporaries. To ensure that the visit to Sri Lanka will be one of the most exciting adventures in the life of any tourist, it is enough to see photos and descriptions of the most popular places of this country, placed in the article.

Attractions Of Sri Lanka

Attractions of Sri Lanka on the map

No matter how much time has been allocated for the visit to Sri Lanka, it will not be enough to visit the most beautiful places of this country. If the trip will last only a few days, then it is necessary to carefully plan your trip. You should see where the attractions of Sri Lanka on the map, which will allow them to plan the best route.

Adams Peak

Many tourists on arrival to Sri Lanka heading up into the mountains, Adam’s Peak, which is sacred to the Buddhist, Islamic and Hindu religions. At the top of the peak was discovered by a recess in the surface, which is similar to a human following form. According to Buddhists, the imprint left Gautama Buddha, when he visited the island. In Islam it is considered that the footprint was left by Adam, and Judaism believe that the top was visited by the God Vishnu. The way to Adams Peak can not be called easy, but that doesn’t stop thousands of pilgrims who want it to climb. On top of the mountain you can visit the temple erected on the sacred trail, gated Golden border. In the deepening sometimes is, and water, and many Christians believe her healing which can cure any ailment.

Adams PeakAdams Peak


While in Sri Lanka, you should pay attention to another remarkable attraction of Sigiriya. This rock, where in the late V century during the reign of king Kashyapa had built a fortress. The entrance is adorned by a massive figure of a lion. Because of this, the people of this fortress are called the lion. Up to the present time has preserved only the feet of the stone animals are located at the sides of the stairs leading to the top of the cliff. There are the remains of the fortress are impressive and are forced to draw in the walls of the magnificent Palace. Tourists can see a huge rock pool, built about 1500 years ago. Capture the scenic views from the cliff. By decree of the king of the Castle around the lion’s fortress was constructed the magnificent gardens which even had a fountain.


The Temple Of The Tooth Relic

Very interesting for tourists will visit the temple of the Tooth relic. This Shrine is located in Kandy. The temple holds the Tooth of Buddha, which is found in the ashes after the cremation of the deceased teacher. Heirloom long been available only to members of the Royal family because it is believed that it gives its possessor unlimited power. Only in the XVIII century the temple was built, designed to store it. The tooth is 7 drawers that are stacked one another. Sometimes his show came to the temple visitors. To demonstrate the relic, it ligated the Golden thread that originates from a Lotus flower made of precious metal.

Temple Of The Tooth BuddyThe Temple Of The Tooth Relic

Kandy Lake

Visiting the temple of the Tooth relic, tourists will be interested to go to the nearby Kandy lake. This artificial reservoir was created in the early XIX century, during the reign of the king of Senegal. In the middle of the lake you can see a small island decorated with bamboo thickets. Locals say that this island was constituted a Royal bath. There is also a beautiful rainbow fountain. Part of the lake surrounded by a beautiful wall, you don’t have time to finish the king during his stay in power. For 2 centuries the pond has decreased a bit in size and is now under state protection.

Kandy LakeKandy Lake

National Museum Kandy

In the former Royal Palace of Kandy is the national Museum where you can learn detailed history about the rulers of Sri Lanka. It was arranged in the house, which once housed the Royal harem. The collection includes a huge number of ancient artifacts. Very interesting is the exposition, which contains relics that belonged to the kings. The Museum, located in the main building of the Palace you can learn the history of the region.

National Museum KandyNational Museum Kandy

Royal Botanic Gardens

A few kilometers from Kandy is the Royal Botanical Garden, which enjoys great popularity among tourists. It was created in the first half of the nineteenth century, the best gardeners of Sri Lanka. The garden is divided into several zones. The most popular among visitors is the alley, where planted trees outstanding people of the country and its dignitaries. Here you can see the iron tree, which was planted by the Russian Tsar Nicholas II. It will be interesting to visit the area, where more than 750 species of plants. A good impression will leave visiting of the attraction of orchids.

Royal Botanic GardensRoyal Botanic Gardens


Impresses with its beauty and the Kandaswamy temple, which can be seen in the town of Nallur. Its history dates back to X century. The most valuable relic of the temple was a statue of the God Skanda, which he presented to Queen Forehead. For centuries the Shrine was destroyed three times. In the XVII century on its place, the conquerors built a mosque. Only in the middle of the XVIII century the inhabitants of the town managed to restore the Hindu temple, which has retained its majestic view to the present time.



Another Buddhist cave temple is recommended to visit to tourists who are in Sri Lanka. It was created in the cave in the first century B. C. E. Each of the ruling dynasties of the island participated in the creation of this historical monument, which is under UNESCO protection. More than 22 centuries, here every year thousands of pilgrims to see the massive statue of the sleeping Buddha. The temple consists of five caves, each of which has an original design. They can admire the paintings created by ancient painters. The Shrine is located on top of a mountain, surrounded by tropical forests.



Another Buddhist cave temple is worth a visit for tourists in Sri Lanka. It is located 34 km from Kandy city. Before the halls of the monastery were located in the 8 caves, of which only 5 remained in force until the present time. The temple is famous for the fact that within its walls was first recorded Buddhist canons, which were previously passed down only in oral form. In the XIX century part of gathered in the monastery library were destroyed by British troops. The monks of Aluvihara and is presently working on the restoration of ancient records.



Very popular among tourists is a Hindu fertility temple Koneswaram is located in the town of Trincomalee. It is always very crowded, because here direct many pilgrims who wish to have children. The Church runs a very exciting ceremony, which helps couples to acquire offspring. The Shrine is located in the mountains, surrounded by cliffs. It offers a magnificent view of the ocean and are close to the scenic landscapes.



A lot of exciting places you can see in the ancient city of Anuradhapura. Extremely interesting is a visit to the ancient monastery Jetavanarama. It was founded by the king of Mahasena at the end of III century. At the time of the building of the monastery occupied a territory whose area was 48 ha. In the centre of the complex was built a massive stupa, preserved in perfect condition to the present time. Her brick wall is recessed at 14 m. and described a perfect circle over found the trail of the Buddha. This is a Holy site and is visited annually by thousands of pilgrims.



Another wonderful landmark of the ancient capital of Sri Lanka Anuradhapura it is impossible to ignore – the stupa Ruwanweli. The construction of this Buddhist shrines ended in the first century BC, the Stupa rises above the earth at 91 m, and its white walls visible from distant parts of the city. It impresses visitors by the beauty of the interior decoration, with the creation of which were used precious metals and stones. Tourists can also visit the 4 tiny stupa, raspolojennoe around a massive Shrine. They are located at the corners of the perimeter Ruwanweli, and represent the sacred complex.



Many ancient structures can be seen during a visit to Mikindani settlement. Here the 4 mountains was established the monastery that was home to the first Buddhist monks. Its construction was carried out in the III century BC when king Devanampiyatissa. At the site, located between the peaks of 3 mountains, is one of the oldest stupas of the monastery. It houses the remains of Mahinda. And next the mound is a large statue of the meditating Buddha. To see all the buildings of an ancient monastery, pilgrims and tourists have to climb the stairs which consists of 1840 steps.


Galle Fort

Being in the southern part of Sri Lanka, tourists often stop in the city of Halle, founded more than 2 thousand years ago. For many centuries it stayed merchants from Arab countries, who sailed past the island. In the XVII century the town was conquered by the Dutch, who built there a Fort. On its territory was built the most important city buildings. The walls of the Fort have been preserved to the present time in excellent condition. Behind them are the buildings of the Black Bastion, the most interesting building is the old lighthouse, with a height of 18 m To the Galle Fort has several museums where you can learn more about the history of the city.

Galle FortGalle Fort

Elephant orphanage Pinnawala

In 1975, near the town of Kegel was created by the orphanage, which assisted orphaned baby elephants. Today, at this point contains a huge number of elephants, which created maximally close to the natural environment living conditions. The shelter also care about the animals that could not survive in the wild. Visitors are given the opportunity to get acquainted with the elephants and even feed them. Very interesting is the process of bathing animals. The money that tourists pay to visit the refuge, go to purchase food for the elephants.

Elephant orphanage Pinnawala

Yala national Park

To see the beautiful nature of Sri Lanka and a variety of exotic animals, visitors should visit the Yala national Park. In 1990 the land on which the Park is situated was declared a nature reserve. So the government wanted to preserve the untouched nature, located in the southern part of Sri Lanka. After 38 years, the reserve was transferred to the national Park status. Tourists can see this wonderful place with many exotic animals. The Park is famous for its huge population of leopards and other mammals. There are about 215 species of birds, a large number of reptiles and amphibians.

Yala national ParkYala national Park

National Park-UDA the Weather

In the southern part of the island is open for visit another Park of Sri Lanka – UDA-Weather. It was created in 1972 to ensure safe living animals that were previously located on the territory of the reservoir on the river Walawe. Earlier the Park used for agriculture, so there are rare thick forest. But the location is still striking in its beauty. There are more than 150 individuals, which often seeing people trying to hide in the Bush. Visitors will be interesting to observe the variety of birds, among which there are species that live only on the island.

National Park-UDA the WeatherNational Park-UDA the Weather

SITA Amman

Amazing temple can be visited in the village of SITA-Eliya, located 3 km from the town of Nuwara Eliya. It is the only Shrine built in honor of the goddess SITA. Though the temple is not large, it impresses visitors with its beauty. Each tier of the building is decorated with many sculptures, which represent deities. Ancient legends say that the temple was built on the place where he was a prisoner of king Ravana goddess SITA. Near the Shrine you can see the stone with the notch. It is believed to be the trace left by the foot of an elephant, which belonged to Ravana.

SITA AmmanSITA Amman

Waterfall St. Clair

Near the town Talawakele you can see the beautiful waterfall St. Clair. It has a height of about 80 m. and is divided into 2 stage: Large and Small. Width of a magnificent waterfall is 50 m. Tourists can enjoy the charming natural surroundings. A waterfall flows through the territory, on which there are tea plantations, which are also striking in their beauty.

Vodopad St. ClairWaterfall St. Clair

Falls Devon Falls

Captivates with its view of another waterfall, which is located in the Nuwara Eliya district. Its height is 97m. Previously, he was more powerful, but as a result of implementation of geodetic works, the volume of water in it has decreased dramatically. But even in this state, the scenic area is admired by came to him tourists. The waterfall was named in honour of the first planter, growing in the area of coffee.

Wodospad Devon FallsFalls Devon Falls

Of gangaramaya

Unforgettable experience the tourists will leave Colombo sights. Sri Lanka is famous for its huge number of magnificent temples, many of which are built in the capital of that state. Guests of Colombo frequently go to the temple of Gangaramaya, to see the beauty of this sanctuary. It was built in the late XIX century. Today the temple is one of the richest and most popular in the country. Striking in its bright interior. In the house you can see images and statues of Buddha and other deities. It will be interesting to visit the library, which is open at the Church, which contains many ancient manuscripts. There is a Museum where you can learn the history of this amazing state.

Of gangaramayaOf gangaramaya

Independence Memorial Hall

In 1948 Sri Lanka gained independence. In honor of this event in the capital, was built Memorial Hall of Independence. This beautiful building is often visited by guests who arrived in Colombo. There are important state ceremonies. Near the hall is a monument to the first Prime Minister Stephen Senanayake. In celebration of independence on the square near the building there will be a General holiday.

Independence Memorial HallIndependence Memorial Hall

Meditation center Seema Malaka

To spend time in peace and to see lots of interesting statues and structures during a visit to the meditation center Seema Malaka. The magnificent architecture of the three halls of this place attracts the attention of all the arriving tourists to the city. The main building of the center was designed by architect Geoffrey Bawa. In this visible features of religious buildings of Bolivia, which was the inspiration for the wizard. The centre is surrounded by ancient trees, which keep the noise of the city. That is why the pavilions provide a tranquil silence.

Meditation center Seema MalakaMeditation center Seema Malaka

The Jami Ul Alfar

Very interesting for guests of Sri Lanka will be visiting the mosque, the Jami Ul Alfar, which is located in Colombo. This magnificent building was built in the early XX century by the architect R. L., Saibo Lebbe. Thanks to a special lining, made of red and white brick, the building resembles a layer cake. This building has repeatedly been ranked among the most beautiful temples on the planet. The mosque visit guests of any sex and any day of the week.

The Jami Ul AlfarThe Jami Ul Alfar

The Mosque Of Davatagaha

In the XIX century in Colombo there is another mosque, which today is visited by many tourists. The three-storey white building Davatagaha decorated with many beautiful towers, which give it a graceful look. Look great pointed-arched openings with Windows. Prayer halls also impress with a rich and beautiful finish. The mosque can be visited every day during prayer. Women to come into the building is prohibited.

The Mosque Of DavatagahaThe Mosque Of Davatagaha

Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara

To see the most beautiful and Grand temple of Sri Lanka, tourists should go to Peliyagoda, which is a few kilometers from the capital of Sri Lanka. It was in this city in the middle of the XIX century was built a Hindu religious complex Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara. In the old part of the temple you can admire the huge number of sculptures. There is also a Museum where tourists can see the magnificent ancient paintings. In the courtyard there is a fountain, and near a towering white stupa, which was erected the throne of the Buddha. Near the Shrine there is another amazing attraction is the oldest tree planted by man. The age of the ancient ficus thousands of years.

Kelana Raja Maha WhereKelaniya Raja Maha Vihara

Beira Lake

Tourists who are in Colombo, take a stroll by the shores of the amazing lake Beira. This beautiful pond was created several centuries ago in the marshy area. For a long time the lake was used for transporting goods, and therefore was neglected. But in recent years there were carried out restoration work, through which the water was extremely fascinating place to explore. On the lake there is an island with a Buddhist and Hindu temple. To get to the shrines can be specially constructed bridge.

Beira LakeBeira Lake

The Church Of St. Lucia

Sri Lanka is a country which peacefully coexist different religions. In the capital, side by side Buddhist and Hindu temples, Muslim mosques and Orthodox churches. One of the oldest Catholic shrines in Colombo is the Church of St. Lucia. This building is striking for its beautiful architecture and rich decoration of internal halls, which house the statues of many saints. The construction of the Church was held in the end of XVIII century.

The Church Of St. LuciaThe Church Of St. Lucia

Park Viharamahadevi

Guests of the capital of Sri Lanka like one of the oldest parks in the country, Viharamahadevi. It was created in the XIX century on the initiative of the British. In this exciting time visitors of any age. Young tourists will enjoy spending time in the well-equipped Playground or in the petting zoo. Adults can stroll the shaded canopy of the old trees alleys where you can relax in the gazebo and admire the beauty of a Park flowerbeds, ponds with fountains.

Park ViharamahadeviPark Viharamahadevi

Colombo national Museum

Discover the history of the country the tourists are in the national Museum of Colombo. It was founded in the nineteenth century, the English Governor William Henry Gregory. The Museum has collected more than 100 thousand exhibits. The most valuable artifacts are a thousand years old. The Museum opened the library, which contains many ancient manuscripts and early printed books. There is also an exhibit of natural history, where a lot of skeletons and stuffed exotic animals.

Colombo national MuseumColombo national Museum

Splendid attractions of Sri Lanka will not leave indifferent even the most experienced hikers. In this country, a huge number of interesting places which require more than one day. You can visit the island many times and at each visit he will make new remarkable monuments.

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