Attractions Of Yekaterinburg

Almost all Russian cities have many attractions that attract tourists. Is no exception and Yekaterinburg. The history of the city rich in various events, which is reflected in numerous buildings and structures. To see all the sights of Ekaterinburg, we need more than one day. The city reveres its historical monuments, so they retain their gorgeous look. Don’t forget the metropolis to celebrate the events of the present time various sculptures. In addition, the city is located on the border of two continents, and while it can be in Europe and Asia. Photo with the names and descriptions of the most interesting places of Ekaterinburg will allow you to appreciate the beauty of this city and the uniqueness of its attractions.

Attractions Of Yekaterinburg


Arriving in Yekaterinburg, tourists often go to see one of the oldest buildings of the city – Plotinka. This bridge, which was built in the first half of the eighteenth century, and since then is favorite place for walking residents of Yekaterinburg. It is noteworthy that for a long time of its existence, Plotinka reconstructed only a few times. It is made from boards of larch trees growing in the Urals. This wood is not destroyed by constant contact with water, and hardens, becoming more durable. Near popular in the city of the bridge is a monument to the city founders.


The temple-on-Blood

The real tragedy occurred in Ekaterinburg in 1918. In this city he was shot the whole family of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II. The execution took place in the basement of the Ipatiev house, which was demolished. At the place of execution people were making crosses: first a wooden and then metal. In 2000 it was decided to build at the place of execution in the temple. For the construction of the Shrine took about 3 years. Today, the Temple-on-Blood is the object of cultural heritage of the Russian Federation. It is designed so that its iconostasis you can see the place where was shot the Romanov family.

The temple-on-BloodThe temple-on-Blood

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Striking in its grandeur one of the oldest temples of the Ekaterinburg – Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. The construction of the temple was carried out in the nineteenth century and lasted almost 10 years. The construction project was created by the talented Russian architect Mikhail Malakhov. The Cathedral is a striking example of Russian classicism in architecture. In Soviet times the Church was closed to parishioners. Was destroyed ancient tombs of famous people of the city, located on the territory of the Shrine. Only in 1991, in the Cathedral of the newly introduced service. The decoration of the temple has been fully restored, and now he captures tourists and parishioners with its beauty.

Alexander Nevsky CathedralAlexander Nevsky Cathedral

Sevastyanov’s House

The most striking and memorable old house Yekaterinburg is the Palace, erected in 1817. This corner rotunda at that time had a rooftop fountain and was one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. After a few years it became the owner of Sevastyanov, who chose to decorate a classic construction decorative elements in neo-Gothic and Baroque. Yard and the end wall of the building has retained its classic style. Today the house Sevastianovich is a historical monument.

Adobes SevastyanovSevastyanov’s House

Museum of fine arts

Many interesting exhibits can be seen in the Museum of the creative arts. The collection has been assembled in 1936. At that time members of the society of lovers of natural science in the Urals there were a lot of unique items, which was enough for the organization of several exhibitions. Today to accommodate all the exhibits of the Museum dedicated the two buildings. Its main building was built in 1730. For a long time of existence it was used for different purposes and only in 1936 it was posted exposure. The most popular is Kaslinsky cast iron pavilion.

Museum of fine artsMuseum of fine arts

The Museum of architecture and design Urhajo

In 1975 in Ekaterinburg Sverdlovsk architectural Institute was established the Museum of architecture and design. The exposition is located on the ancient iron-making plant. The collection includes a huge amount of vintage machinery that was used for the manufacture and processing of metals. Over the years, the number of exhibits has increased and the Museum was transferred to the use of other industrial buildings. There’s a library with very rare books. The Museum has an archive that stores documents for the design and construction of buildings of the city.

The Museum of architecture and design UrhajoThe Museum of architecture and design Urhajo

Ski centres

Near Yekaterinburg there are several well-equipped ski centres. The most popular slopes are on mount Volchikha, the height of which is equal to 526 m above sea level. Here it will be interesting to spend time with people who were first on skis and professionals of this sport, because on the mountain there are slopes of different difficulties. Here you can admire beautiful landscapes and visit the huge snowpark.

Ski centresSki centres

Museum of history of stone-cutting and jeweler art

Ekaterinburg has long been famous masters of jewelry and stone-cutting crafts. This clearly demonstrates the town’s Museum, which collects objects made of precious materials, made in different periods of time, starting from the XVIII century. One of the most valuable exhibits is a vase, which reaches a height of 1.5 m. For its production masters used the Kalkan Jasper. The Museum also has exposure with gorgeous jewelry made of silver and gold.

Museum of history of stone-cutting and jeweler artMuseum of history of stone-cutting and jeweler art

Novo-Tikhvinskiy convent

In the XVIII century Yekaterinburg was built Church of the assumption, which operated a women’s community and hospice. Over the years she has grown and received the status of monastery. Within its walls was stored the Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God, which is annually attended by thousands of believers. In the monastery at that time there were about a thousand women. In Soviet times the Church was closed, destroying and reworking its structure. Only in 1994 the monastery was revived. Reconstruction of some buildings continues at the present time.

Novo-Tikhvinskiy conventNovo-Tikhvinskiy convent

Museum of radio named after A. S. Popov

The radio Museum in Ekaterinburg is one of the oldest institutions of its kind in the world. It assembled a remarkable collection covering the development of radio and television. The first exhibits appeared in the Museum in 1872. Since then, the exposition is constantly updated with new items. Today in the Museum you can learn about development mobile and satellite communications. To visit it will be interesting to philatelists: there are a lot of rare postage stamps of Russia.

Museum of radio named after A. S. PopovMuseum of radio named after A. S. Popov

Skyscraper «Vysotsky»

In Yekaterinburg you can see not only the monuments of ancient architecture. The city can be proud of the new blocks, one of which was erected the tallest building in the city – a skyscraper «Vysotsky». It has long been the tallest building on the territory of Russia, except Moscow. The tourists, who arrived in Yekaterinburg, be sure to visit the hill, on the 52nd floor which is equipped with an observation deck. You can see a beautiful panorama of the city. As studies have shown, from the platform you can see the areas away from the skyscraper at 25 km.

Skyscraper Skyscraper «Vysotsky»

Monument «the Black Tulip»

In Ekaterinburg know how to honor their heroes. In this city in 1995 was opened a monument to soldiers who died during military operations in Afghanistan. The authors of the project wanted to create a space reminiscent of a cargo compartment of the aircraft, which from a far country to his native land gave the dead soldiers. In the center of the monument is a sculpture of a seated soldier. Arranged around the pylons, on which are engraved the names of all servicemen from the Urals, killed in Afghanistan.

Monument Monument «the Black Tulip»

The Estate Of Rastorguev-Kharitonov

Admire the city can be another attraction, which impresses with its architectural features – the estate of Rastorguev-Kharitonov. This complex has common features with the Kremlin. Area of house is fenced wrought-iron fence. In its territory in addition to the house there are outbuildings. The building erected in classical style and to date has retained its beautiful appearance. On the estate there is a beautiful Park that like to visit the residents and guests of the city. In the Park is a picturesque lake.

The Estate Of Rastorguev-KharitonovThe Estate Of Rastorguev-Kharitonov

Ganina Yama

Many visitors arrive each year at the monastery Ganina Yama, which was founded in the place where he was taken after the execution of the body of members of the Imperial family of the Romanovs. During the revolutionary years In this place was an abandoned mine, was like a swamp. Today it houses 7 temples. This is a symbolic number: it is number of bodies were thrown into the mine. Subsequently, the bodies of the executed members of the family were transported to another place for a decent burial. People here revere the memory of the innocent dead of the Imperial family.

Gonna PitGanina Yama

Holy Trinity Cathedral

Interesting story is the Holy Trinity Cathedral, whose construction began in 1818. It was assumed that he would become a house of worship for the believers. By order of the Emperor, the construction of the temple was suspended. Only in 1939 the Cathedral was valid, because the most important personalities of the city at that time became believers. For several centuries the Church has grown significantly. On its territory there was a stone bell tower and other outbuildings. During the Soviet power the Cathedral was closed, and some structures destroyed. From the temple at that time were exported many values. Today all the buildings of the Cathedral was restored and the Shrine reopened for parishioners.

Holy Trinity CathedralHoly Trinity Cathedral

The Church Of The Ascension

Striking in its beauty, the majestic Church of the ascension, dome of which is visible from the remote areas of Ekaterinburg. Its construction began in the spring of 1770. After 4 months in a small built first service was held. After 20 years, the house fell into disrepair and in its place decided to build a stone Church. On the construction of the Shrine was created by the best artists of the Urals. Because the Church at the service went to a lot of believers, it has continuously expanded. Today it consists of a main building and six outside.

The Church Of The AscensionThe Church Of The Ascension

The Yeltsin center

In the modern quarter of Yekaterinburg, stands a public-cultural center, which began operating in 2015. In this building directs many visitors and residents to enjoy the outdoor here is the Museum of Boris Yeltsin. It is possible to see many objects related to the personality of the first President of Russia. It also contains a variety of materials, which tell about the political history of the country and its most important figures.

The Yeltsin centerThe Yeltsin center

The arboretum

Admire the many species of plants in the arboretum of Yekaterinburg. It was created on wetlands, which took its origin, the river disappeared Malakhovka. The first planting appeared here in 1932. Collection of the Park every year. Here, there were plants from different parts of the world. In 1962, the Park welcomed its first visitors. Today there are many sections, each devoted to a particular theme.

The arboretumThe arboretum

Mill Borchaninova-Pervushina

In 1908, in Yekaterinburg on the initiative of the businessman Alexander Borchaninova the building was constructed, in which was located a mill with the newest at the time equipment. In order not to violate the architecture located in the area of buildings, rooms decorated with decorative elements in Baroque style. Today this building is recognized as monument of architecture, which is an example of the eclectic style of construction.

Mlyn Borchaninova-PervushinaMill Borchaninova-Pervushina

The Museum of history of Yekaterinburg

To tell the story of the Ural region and its capital may the history Museum, which opened in Yekaterinburg in 1940. Here are a lot of exhibits brought from all corners of the Urals. The most popular is the exhibition, which presents wax figures of the Imperial persons and people who have made a significant contribution to the development of the city. There are also sculptures of all members of the Romanov family. The Museum is located in a building that is also a historical landmark of the city. It was built in the XIX century.

The Museum of history of YekaterinburgThe Museum of history of Yekaterinburg

The Great Zlatoust Church

In Ekaterinburg you can visit the many shrines, one of which is the Big Zlatoust. Its history began in 1847. Then the Foundation was laid for the new Church, the construction of which took nearly 30 years. The temple was distinguished by unusual architecture, which was not characteristic of other churches and resembled a Byzantine style. In the years of Soviet power the Church was closed and destroyed. On the restoration of the Shrine began to think in 2006. The work was carried out under the auspices of commercial organizations for about 7 years. In February 2013, the restored Church took its first parishioners.

The Temple Of The Great ZlatoustThe Great Zlatoust Church

Wonder Park Galileo

People of any age who are in Yekaterinburg, will be interested in visiting wonder Park Galileo. This is a very popular tourist place where you can take part in various competitions and experiments. The main advantage of this place is the ability to use a variety of interesting subjects. Here, visitors seem to fall into a different reality, learning about themselves and the world around a lot of useful information. Here you can simulate natural phenomena and then monitor their progress, which is very interesting to everyone.

Wonder Park GalileoWonder Park Galileo

The Opera and ballet theatre

In 1870-ies in Yekaterinburg began to think about the construction of the theater of Opera and ballet. The idea was hatched about 30 years, and in 1904, construction started on the project of architect Vladimir Semyonov. The first theatre of Opera and ballet opened its doors in 1912. Main hall, built in the form of a horseshoe and has a capacity of 1,200 people. Affects the rich decoration of the facade is decorated with elegant balconies, balustrades and turrets. It perfectly complements the majestic view of art moulding and other decorative elements.

The Opera and ballet theatreThe Opera and ballet theatre

Butterfly Park

In the heart of Yekaterinburg there is an amazing place to visit for fans of beauty and harmony. This is the butterfly Park where you can admire the many beautiful tropical plants. The pride of the Park is the huge number of different species of butterflies. They flit freely through the Park, filling it with bright colors. In the Park, every small detail, to allow visitors a place to spend your free time. There are benches made by a number of artificial fountains, the murmur of which you can enjoy the beauty of exotic flora.

Butterfly ParkButterfly Park

Profitable house of the merchant E. E. Emelyanova

Beautiful historical monument of Yekaterinburg is an apartment house of the merchant E. E. Emelyanova. This building was built in the late nineteenth century and has survived in excellent condition. Designed the building architect Cherdantsev. After the October revolution the building housed the editorial offices of Newspapers and a restaurant. For a long time the house was abandoned. In 2000, the year it was carried out the restoration. The fascinating facade of the building, decorated with rust, embossed with an attic, stucco.

Profitable house of the merchant E. E. EmelyanovaProfitable house of the merchant E. E. Emelyanova

Nature Museum of the Urals

To get acquainted with the rich flora and fauna of the Ural region in the nature Museum, which is located in the center of Yekaterinburg. Here are collected more than 60 thousand exhibits, which allow to know which was nature in these parts for many hundreds of years ago and what changes it has undergone during this time. Extremely interesting to visitors is the exhibition of minerals, where a huge number of exhibits. Here you can get acquainted with paleontological collections, which represented skeletal elements of ancient animals.

The Museum of Ural natureNature Museum of the Urals

Estate, A. A., Zheleznova

In the center of Yekaterinburg you can see another historic building, which always attracts the attention of tourists – estate A. A., Zheleznova. This structure, built of red brick, like the tower, somehow, came out of a fairy tale to the streets of the modern metropolis. All the buildings of the estate complex was built in the late XIX century. At the time, behind a high fence is a magnificent garden with paths and fountains. Building up to the present time has retained its beautiful and historical landmark of the city.

Estate, A. A., ZheleznovaEstate, A. A., Zheleznova

Vaynera Street

Walk Ekaterinburg in a quiet environment on the Weiner street, which provides only a path for pedestrians. To people it was interesting to walk down the street, there is a lot of interesting sculptures. Here you can see the song «Friends» sculpture «Lovers» and even admire the statue of Michael Jackson. Across the street with benches surrounded by greenery where you can relax while walking.

Vaynera StreetVaynera Street

Obelisk «Europe-Asia»

Ekaterinburg is located near the line dividing two parts of the world – Europe and Asia. In honor of this on the entrance to the city, the obelisk. Tourists often visit this place where only taking a step, you can move from one continent to another. Although scholars often argue about where exactly is the border between Asia and Europe, the inhabitants of Yekaterinburg are sure that cherished trait is close to their hometown.

Obelisk Obelisk «Europe-Asia»

Shartash stone tents

Just 2 km from the centre of Ekaterinburg you can see the unique monument of nature – rocks Shartash. The research results proved that these parts of the granite massif was formed about 300 million years ago. In these places, archaeologists often find a variety of household items, which were used by ancient people. Based on studies of detected objects, the researchers suggest that perhaps the rock formation spheroidal shapes have been created by people.

Shartash stone tentsShartash stone tents

Attractions of the city like every tourist who has visited this amazing metropolis. Here you can admire the majestic shrines, historical monuments, and masterpieces of modern architecture and beautiful places, created by nature itself.

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