The Attractions Of Yaroslavl

The attractions of Yaroslavl on the map

Among the cities of the Russian Federation is one of the oldest Yaroslavl, the city has more than a century. But do not think that in this city you can see only historical places and architecture. Along with old buildings and structures in Yaroslavl there are many places that have been built recently, but has already gained love and recognition of the city residents and numerous tourists.

Yaroslavl attractions

The Cathedral of the assumption

This Cathedral was founded by the order of Constantine, the Prince of Rostov, in the early 13th century. Church of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary was consecrated in 1219, and for several centuries it was the center of spiritual culture of Yaroslavl. In 1501 because of the fire, the Cathedral, almost completely burned out.

the Cathedral of the assumption

After coming to power of the Bolsheviks in the temple service ceased, and in 1937 it was destroyed on the orders of the leaders of the Communist party. In our century the assumption Cathedral was fully restored, the event dedicated to the Millennium anniversary of the city. Today it again functions as a Church. Beautiful ancient architecture, paintings of the modern masters, the unique features of architecture of the last Millennium gives it a majestic and unique appearance.

Millennium Park

In 2010, Yaroslavl has expanded its collection of monuments, beautiful Park. It was built specifically for the anniversary of the city. He immediately became a favorite place of citizens and guests of the city. A huge area (64 000 sq metres) gives you the opportunity to spend in the Park all day.

Millennium Park

On its territory there are rides for children, special routes for cyclists and skaters. And the main decoration of the Park are two fountains, situated in the heart of this oasis. The Park received a gift from the famous sculpture of Zurab Tsereteli. A bronze sculpture of a bear now adorns the alley of the Park. The townspeople took an active part in the creation of this natural area, over 400 trees were planted before the opening of Millennium Park.

Monument To Savva Mamontov

Yaroslavl residents remember and love their those who have made an enormous contribution to the development of the city. One of those patrons was the industrialist Savva Mamontov. For the personal funds he built a railroad to Yaroslavl and in honor of the 140th anniversary of the Northern Railway he was a monument. It happened in 2008 and it is located on the forecourt of the city.

monument mammoth

The result of the contest, the sculptor, to whom was entrusted this project was a talented young artist – Sergei Rock. Now the tourist who come to Yaroslavl by train, meets a man through whom this road appeared.

Yaroslavl zoo

On more than 120 acres of land located landscaped zoo Yaroslavl. Staff members of the animal Kingdom support the new trends in the world of zoos and are of the opinion that has long passed the time of close cells. A modern zoo, which houses more than 250 species of animals, shows not only excellent exposure but also engaged in educational activities. It is much better to explore the world of animals in conditions close to natural habitat.

zoo Yaroslavl

The zoo is another gift to the residents of Yaroslavl birthday of the city. Since opening in 2008, the zoo welcomed thousands of visitors who took a piece of nature and unforgettable impressions. Today Yaroslavl zoo is one of the largest in Russia.

Yaroslavl art Museum

Collection of ancient icons, paintings of the great masters of the past and present makes the Yaroslavl art Museum one of the largest in the province. Its history started in 1919. The Museum has a collection of more than 70 000 exhibits. There is also items of everyday life of Ancient Rus, and unique ancient icons and Church utensils, paintings by artists of the past and our contemporaries.

Yaroslavl art Museum

His first exhibition was organized by the Museum of factory «Red Perekop», and in 1969 received the status of the Yaroslavl art Museum. Tourists who are interested in the history of this region, it is useful to visit the exhibition and learn a lot about the history of the millennial city.

The Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery

This monastery is the oldest building in Yaroslavl, which had a lot of testing. The temple was built in the 12th century and at the beginning of the 13th century its territory was opened the first religious school in North-Eastern Russia. Frescoes of the Holy Transfiguration monastery are a unique historical value, because this painting has been preserved from the times of Ivan the terrible.

the Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery

Among the old books stored in the library in the late 18th century was discovered the rare book «the Word about Igor’s Regiment». Today the monastery is a historical and architectural reserve, which contains a lot of ancient things, books, Church utensils. There is also the original monument «Penny 1612». A traveler who has reached this place needs a lot of patience to explore all the structures and buildings of the Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery.

Museum «Music and Time»

The first private Museum of Yaroslavl belongs to the enthusiastic man. Its owner is D. G. Mostoslavsky – creative personality, magician and stand up comedian. His hobby turned into a Museum. He long time sought out exhibits for their offspring and so, in 1993, his collection has grown so much that it was enough for a Museum.

Museum music and time

This Museum is especially loved by tourists, and to see antique exhibits come even people from abroad. Everything is here: vintage music boxes, the first gramophones of the past centuries, the harmonium and plastic art of the great singers of the 20th century. Especially interesting collection of irons. Here you can see the gradual evolution of such habitual for each family of household appliances, to collect the exhibit this exhibition has taken more than 30 years.

The residence of the Empress of the Main Maslenitsa of the country

If you find yourself in Yaroslavl on carnival, you should visit the main residence of her Majesty. It is part of the entertainment complex, which was built on the surviving drawings and photographs of the early last century. The Emperor Nicholas II in 1913 he visited Yaroslavl with his family, in honor of that memorable event was built this unique town.

The residence of the Empress of the Main Maslenitsa of the country

Wooden houses built in the style of Russian folk tales became the epicenter of the festivities. It hosts various contests, call spring, bake pancakes and just have fun. Such festivities every year attract residents and visitors to the city with its magical atmosphere and delicious food.

The Museum of entertaining science Einstein

It is no secret that children do not like to visit museums, and there is nothing surprising in this. Because little restless so want to touch hands, look into every crevice and Museum the silence and rigor make them boring. But not the Museum of entertaining science of Einstein. The creators of this interactive realm of science as its motto took the words of the great scientist of the 20th century. He argued that learning is primarily a game. Therefore, the exhibits are all designed with this approval.

The Museum of entertaining science Einstein

Small pochemuchki can own hands to carry out many interesting experiments to learn answers to questions, and who knows, maybe someone from visitors to this fascinating place will grow a new genius of science. Opened in 2013, the Museum of entertaining science of Einstein, has become a favorite family vacation spot all the inhabitants of the city.

Monument To Yaroslav The Wise

Another monument which the grateful inhabitants built the city’s founder, is the monument to Yaroslav the Wise, Epiphany which is located on the square. Due to this Prince today tourists can visit such a wonderful city that has become the hallmark of the whole of Russia. In the 19th century Yaroslavl was already a monument to the Great Prince, but the king’s order it was dismantled.

Monument To Yaroslav The Wise

In 1993 the decision was made to create a new sculpture. Now all the couple after the registry will certainly come here to take memorable photo session on the background of the founder of the city.

Fire Museum

Fire Museum on Moskovsky prospect has a rich history and is owned by EMERCOM of Russia. As you know, in the past centuries, the stone-stone buildings in Yaroslavl almost was not. All the buildings were made of wood and the fire’s never been out of work. In 1658, the city experienced a terrible fire that destroyed all wooden buildings, only a few stone temples and churches. This event is dedicated to the diorama, created by talented artist from St. Petersburg. Visitors can see the entire tragedy, which had to survive the inhabitants of the city.

Fire Museum

Well-known journalist and writer Vladimir Gilyarovsky his time served in the fire Department of the Yaroslavl usual axe fighter. The Museum has a painting dedicated to this talented and brave man who once saved the captain Yaroslavl.

The Museum «My favourite bear»

Private collection-toed darlings will force many adults to remember their childhood, and children will get unforgettable emotions and impressions from the funny animals, which are represented in this unusual Museum. The bear is a symbol of Yaroslavl and in the exposition of the Museum presents, like toys of the last century and works by contemporary masters. There are funny bears, plush, and also made of different materials: glass, porcelain, metal, wood.

The Museum

The first visitors the Museum received in 2003 and the first exhibits were the toys of our ancestors. First, the residents used to bring their old toys, they inherited from parents and grandparents. Later the collection has grown clumsy and now in the Museum you can admire the bears of different eras: the characters and cartoons of valuable and rare exhibits, of which more than a dozen years.

Museum of enamel art «Emalis»

The creative centre «Emalis» on the Volga embankment can be called a Museum in the usual sense of the word. After all, visitors are encouraged to not just gaze at the exhibits and listen to the stories of the guide, and become a direct participant in the creative process. After the usual tour, visitors have a unique opportunity to participate in the creation of enamel painting, and even to burn their product in a muffle furnace under the guidance of the curator.

Museum of enamel art

Opened in 1998 the Museum of «Emalis» became a place for workshops and international symposiums with the technique of enamel painting. In 2005 the Museum even managed to obtain a grant for the development of the Russian President.

Petting zoo «raccoon»

In recent years across the country began to open up not the usual zoos, which are especially popular among visitors. Was no exception and Yaroslavl attractions which also can boast of such an innovation. Young the wildlife area received its first visitors in the summer of 2016.

Petting zoo

Especially liked this little lovers of animals. Because now you can not only see their Pets, but to pet, feed and play with them. In memory of visiting the zoo you can take a selfie with any of the animals, e.g. a Fox or a raccoon. Despite his young age, the petting zoo in Yaroslavl became one of the most visited places in the city.

The house-Museum of Leonid V. Sobinov

The name of the great tenor Leonid Sobinov last century is known to all Opera lovers. In Yaroslavl there is a Museum, which presents the most exposure and the life and work of a talented singer. The first attempts to create a Museum was made in the late 70-ies of the last century to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Sobinova. But in order to implement the plan took one year of hard work of many caring people.

The house-Museum of Leonid V. Sobinov

But today Yaroslavl is proud of its Museum of the great Opera singer who have gathered within its walls personal belongings Leonid Sobinov, concert costumes and program notes, recordings and many other interesting things that surrounded him throughout life. The house-Museum is not just exhibits and things, it is also a concert venue in the city. Every two years there is a festival of Opera music, which bears the name of the singer.

The Museum of city history

A Museum where you can see the history of the city, is located in an old building that previously belonged to an honored resident of the city, the merchant Vasily Kuznetsov. The status of the municipal Museum of history received in 1998, the initiator was the former mayor of the city of St. St. Volonchunas. Since then, the Museum has a large collection of artifacts and memorabilia of historical documents that tell the history of a millenary city.

The Museum of city history

Here there is a permanent exhibition that gives an insight into the development of medicine in the region. In a short time of its existence the Museum has not only entered the list of the Union of museums of Russia, but also acquired its own branches – the gallery «House of the muses and Centre of Belarusian culture».

The Church Of Elijah The Prophet

This Church was built in the 17th century by the personal funds of the Yaroslavl merchants, brothers Skripins. First she was on the estate of the landowners, and after the reconstruction of the city was the Administrative square of the city. Among the churches of Yaroslavl-Church of Elijah the Prophet the best preserved of its original appearance to the present day. It is the third largest Church of the city.

The Church Of Elijah The Prophet

This unique specimen of ancient architecture is under threat of destruction in the 30-ies of the last century. A bunch of atheists insisted on the demolition of the temple, but the Church was miraculously saved from vandals. Today this architectural complex is one of the most beautiful in the entire region.

Entertainment Park Cosmik

Along with ancient monuments of history and architecture, Yaroslavl has to offer visitors to the city and quite modern entertainment for every taste. Everything is here: Billiards, bowling and table tennis, cafes and restaurants, a cinema and an ice rink. For fans of puzzles themed quests, and the children can participate in cooking classes, which are run by chefs of local restaurants.

Entertainment Park Cosmik

Well, fans of extreme entertainment will surely enjoy the freefall simulator, which is called windtunnel. This unique attraction is designed for adults and children over 4 years.

Museum hamster

This interesting and unusual Museum was created at the station of young naturalists. The initiator of creation became an employee of the station Natalia Pashutin. With her light hand, children have the opportunity to get acquainted with these lovely creatures.

Museum hamster

But the Museum has not only hamsters, exposure is represented by crows, mice, foxes, and parrots. Of course, the Central place is occupied by different types of hamsters. So if your child persuades you to have a hamster at home, you can visit this Museum and learn all about the life of these rodents and caring for them.

The Museum of tea

Another attraction, which can be proud of Yaroslavl – is an amazing Museum of tea. Tea drinking tradition in Russia is very ancient, before it was a ritual. Due to the exposure of this institution you can learn all about tea and the traditions associated with it. A huge collection of tea sets, samovars and tea music box will take you a few centuries ago. You can even sit at the table, which was about a family of merchants Kalovyh and make a memorable photo.

The Museum of tea

In the collection of the Museum presents tea, brought from different corners of our planet. There is also a porcelain hand-painted, which were made by local craftsmen. Perhaps a visit to this Museum will make you a fresh look at this ancient ritual, as the tea party.

Governor’s house

The residence of the Yaroslavl governors was built in the early 19th century by order of Emperor Alexander I. the development of the project was entrusted to the local architect P. Y. Pankov, and funds allocated from the state Treasury. Since then, this building served as the residence of all the governors of Yaroslavl. In total there were 17 here. All subsequent kings visited the Governor’s house during their visits to Yaroslavl.

Governor's house

Initially it was a three-storey building, it was attached to two wings. In 1860 the main building was decorated in the style of late classicism. The last reconstruction of the building was carried out in 2010.

The Church Of St. John The Baptist

The object of cultural significance at the Federal level, the Church of John the Baptist in Tolchkovo, one of the most famous monuments of the region. The first work on the construction of the temple began in the 17th century, in 1671. The construction lasted 16 years. The Church is located on the right Bank of the river Kotorosl in Tolchkovskaya settlement. In 1690 was built the bell tower, whose height is 45 meters.

The Church Of St. John The Baptist

In the painting of the Church walls was attended by a group of artists from Yaroslavl, headed by F. Ignatiev and Dmitry Plekhanov. The image of the Church of St. John the Baptist located on the reverse side of the banknote 1 000 rubles, which was released in 1997.

Geological Museum

The geological Museum of the Yaroslavl bears the name of Professor A. N. Ivanova and created on the basis of natural-geographical faculty, AGPU in 2002. The Museum has become a place where not only students can expand their knowledge in Geology and biology, but also secondary school teachers to improve their skills. Among the Museum exhibits rocks and minerals, collected not only in the Yaroslavl region, but also in other regions of Russia.

Geological Museum

A special place in the collection of the Museum is a monographic collection of the fossils of the Mesozoic era. The General Geological collection of the Museum consists of more than 30 000 exhibits which will help to further explore the mineral wealth of his native land.

Yaroslavl children’s railway

For the first time in the Yaroslavl children’s railway appeared immediately after the great Patriotic war in 1946. It consisted of two stations and was located in Yakovlevsky Bor. She was subsequently forced to close, but in 1970 began operating modern railway for children.

Children's railway

The last renovation was conducted in 2008. All along the route 5 platforms. Children’s railway for many girls and boys have become not just entertainment, but a place of work and study. The children themselves make the schedule, transferred to the hands that serve the passengers, in General, mastered all the skills of the future profession.

Yaroslavl Dolphinarium

Plunge into wonderful atmosphere of an unforgettable show featuring sea creatures will help the Yaroslavl Dolphinarium. The first spectators of this place took in 2009, and since then is favorite place for family recreation for residents and visitors alike.

Yaroslavl Dolphinarium

Black sea dolphins, seals and Beluga during an hour-long presentation will delight the audience with spectacular stunts. The show is held under the fiery music and funny comments lead. After the performance, children will have an opportunity to talk with «artists», pet them and even swim with them. Sea of positive emotions and memories guaranteed!

Drama theater. Volkov

Academic theatre of drama, perhaps one of the first Russian theaters. It was created by the son of a merchant Fyodor Volkov in 1750. Though at first it was a small home, the troupe that staged the first plays in a local barn. But Volkova was very much appreciated by the Empress Elizabeth, who had even invited him to St. Petersburg for such work.

Drama theatre in Yaroslavl

In our time, the theatre proudly keeps the brand of the «First» and the scene was staged many famous plays, both domestic and foreign authors. Also on the stage of drama theater festivals and forums, one of which, the international Volkov festival, dedicated to its founder and is one of the most significant in Russia.

The Museum-theatre «Aleshino Podvorie»

In the unique atmosphere of this Museum combines Russian folklore with modern technology, ancient times and modern times. In the Museum theater, visitors will enjoy meeting their favorite fairy-tale characters that not only guide the tour through the exhibition halls, but also show an interactive theatrical performance. Alyosha Popovich entertain witty tales and fairy stories, and the sugar will treat our dear guests and give interesting Souvenirs. At the end of the presentation visitors will meet with Phoenix, who, according to legend, performs any desire. Also in the Museum you will see a huge collection of powerful armor and weapons that you can touch and even try on.

Museum theatre Aleshino Podvorie

Yaroslavl Philharmonic

A visit to the Yaroslavl Philharmonic society will give real joy to the connoisseurs of good classical music. The concerts, which take place within its walls, are varied and good aesthetic taste. For the first time its doors to the Philharmonic hall opened in the late 30-ies of the last century. During the war, the musicians have traveled to many cities in the country, giving concerts.

Yaroslavl Philharmonic

Around the same time the Philharmonic had its own Symphony orchestra. In 1999, the orchestra received the honorary title «academic». For all time of existence of the Philharmonic in its walls were famous singers, violinists and pianists. Among them are such famous personalities as Elena Obraztsova, Gidon Kremer, Emil Gilels, Galina Vishnevskaya.

The Church Of St. John Chrysostom

A magnificent example of 17th-century architecture, the Church of St. John Chrysostom, a part of the ensemble in Korovniki. It was built at the expense of people who at one time lived in Korovnitskaya settlement. The temple is located on the high Bank of the Volga, where the altar and opens a window on the facade of the temple, decorated with luxurious beading.

The Church Of St. John Chrysostom

Excursions on the territory of the Church are held only for organized groups and in designated time. Single travelers need to be prepared for what will have to be satisfied with only looking at the temple. Inside allowed only by prior arrangement, as this old believer Church, which is very strict canons and rules.

Yaroslavl chamber theater

The only private theater in Russia under Vladimir Vorontsov, and it has its own permanent troupe and staff. Government subsidies the school gets, so can only rely on their own strength and talent. And the troupe of the theater is enough to be one of the most popular cultural places in the city.

Yaroslavl chamber theater

Season tickets sold out instantly, therefore, to see performances in this theatre, you will have to decide this question in advance. The hallmark of the chamber theatre there is a play by American playwright Peter Suet «Interview», which has more than 15 years with success on the stage of this theater.

Yaroslavl embankment

When planning a trip to the Golden Ring of Russia, dine in Yaroslavl landmarks with centuries of history and modern wonders of science and technology is committed to ensuring that your stay is eventful and memorable.

Video Attractions Of Yaroslavl

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