Attractions Of Sochi

Attractions of Sochi on the map

The resort city of Sochi is a favorite place of Russian citizens, and in recent years, and foreign tourists. But not only warm sea and sandy beaches attracts the attention of tourists the city. Attractions of Sochi is represented in all its splendor and will help to diversify leisure and get a lot of positive emotions.

attractions of Sochi

Eagle rock

This memo created by nature itself. Eagle rock is located in the Sochi national Park and belong to the Matsesta forestry. These rocks almost hanging over the river valley, Agura and its shaped like a horseshoe.

The locals call this place «the Rock of Prometheus» and the claim that here Prometheus was chained, the hero of Greek mythology who brought fire to people. Like it or not, hard to say, but on top of the mountain a statue of the hero with the shackled hands.

eagle rock

Eagle rock a popular place for professional climbers. Due to its unique structure, they are ideal for practicing the necessary skills in this sport.

Adler lighthouse

Among all black sea lighthouses Adler lighthouse is one of the oldest. This attraction of the resort town of Sochi was built in the late 19th century. Despite his respectful age, the lighthouse is still functioning.

Adler lighthouse

At a distance of 13 miles can see it from floating vessels. The tower height of 11 meters, of her ships and get light, radio signals. The captains, more than a year floating in this area, knows this building, all nautical charts of the Adler lighthouse marked. With the change of borders of the Russian Federation at the end of the last century, this lighthouse was the southernmost in the state.

Sochi Discovery World Aquarium

6 thousand square meters is located a unique exhibition of the Sochi Oceanarium. The wealth represented by instances of this aquarium can compete with the most famous museums of nature in the world. Project Sochi discovery world aquarium engaged a firm from the United Arab Emirates, which is a leader in the embodiment of such projects. The first visitors were able to appreciate the beauty of the underwater world in 2009.

Oceanarium Sochi

On-site aquarium is about 3 dozen aquariums, where as the marine life, and freshwater. The highlight of this place is a tunnel of transparent glass, walking where visitors feel the presence effect, besides to be there very comfortable and fun. In the exposition you can see the deep stingrays, Moray eels, the most dangerous fish of the red sea and many other representatives of the underwater world from different continents of the planet.

Winter theatre

This architectural monument, located in the Central part of the city, was built in 1937. The first production, which could see residents on this stage was an Opera Roman-Korsakova «the Imperial bride». She was brought to town, the troupe of the Moscow theater of Opera and ballet. What it can do.

winter theatre of Sochi

Today the theatre holds about 1,000 people, the viewer can see performances of local artists and guests who are very often on tour in Sochi. Here also settled the Sochi state Philharmonic, musicians who give concerts of classical music and works by contemporary authors.

Agursky waterfalls

This cascade of beautiful waterfalls located in Khostinsky district. Its name they got from the Agura river, which flows in the gorge. Because this river is replenished only by precipitation in dry seasons it is almost dry, and then enjoy the view of three waterfalls will fail.

Agursky wodospady

Agursky waterfalls are popular with locals and tourists due to its affordability. To see this beauty enough Hiking on a mountain trail that cut through the rocks at the beginning of last century. The most beautiful of the three waterfalls is the Lower, which consists of two cascades.

Art Gallery, Fort

This gallery is located in an old house, which was built in 1911 and belonged to the merchant, Politici. After the reconstruction of the building there are exhibitions of contemporary Sochi artists, master classes for those wishing to learn the art.

art gallery, Fort

In memory of the visit of the Art Gallery Fort you can buy Souvenirs, which are sold in special shop on the premises. Leading to the gallery stairs painted by young artists of Sochi, and on the stairs recorded memorable dates relating to the history of the city. All of Hellenic descent as if preparing tourists to what awaits him behind the doors of the Museum.

Zoo resort October

On the territory of the Oktyabrsky zoo, which is available to not only vacationers, but mere tourists. Despite the fact that this area of wildlife young animal collection is constantly updated with new copies. Directly on the premises walk freely peacocks, the colors of which simply breathtaking. Especially richly represented in the form of a feline, zoo staff managed to create such conditions for their habitat, they began to breed in captivity.

zoo resort October

There is also a special Playground, where after a walk to play with children, comfortable and safe swings, benches for parents – everything is provided for complete and comfortable rest.

Mirror maze

The largest maze in Sochi will give you unforgettable impressions and emotions. Have to find a way out among the thousands of intricate paths in the center of the labyrinth is waiting for you Pharaoh of the dynasty of RA. This would be not so easy, the entire maze is equipped with mirrors, which will confuse tourists, and let him find the coveted exit.

mirror maze

A huge kaleidoscope, in which you can not only look, but to go inside, striking with all the colors of the rainbow. And yet there is a mirrored cube , a Room of infinity and 3-meter kaleidoscope «Tsar Cannon». In General, bored, certainly not necessary. All those rides designed for adults and children, considering age features of each category of tourists.

The Palace of winter sports «iceberg»

Built for the Sochi Olympics 2014, «iceberg» was not left without its audience today. A lot of tourists, attended the performance of «Carmen» which was made legendary Ilya Averbuh, just in awe of talented skaters that brought on the ice the eternal story of love and hate.

ice sports Palace iceberg

The Palace itself is designed so competently that the show is equally well evident to any viewer, regardless of where he sits. Despite the fact that the ice Palace, here are quite warm and cozy. In the «Iceberg» is a cozy cafe where you can SIP hot tea and a bite to eat after the show.

Singing fountains in the Olympic Park

The fountain, which residents called «Firebird», located in the Olympic Park. It was created during the preparation for the Olympics and had to decorate opening and closing of a sports tournament. Jets of water from 250 shells rise to a height of 70 meters. This exciting show come to see even those tourists who are on holiday in other places of the Krasnodar territory.

singing fountains in the Olympic Park

As musical accompaniment use the immortal works of the great Russian and world composers. This light show takes place every 30 minutes, but there are breaks for maintenance.

Sochi arboretum

Attractions of Sochi is a huge amount of entertainment, modern facilities and historic areas and natural reserves. On 49 hectares located thousands of rare plants brought researchers from different climatic zones.

Sochi arboretum

Thanks to the playwright and publisher Sergei Khudyakov, who is the first initiator of the creation of the arboretum in 1889, today you can see a unique collection of plants. Because the arboretum consists of two parts, for the comfort of visitors designed a funicular railway that carries tourists from one part to another in minutes.

Stalin’s Dacha

In 1937, for work and leisure, «the father of all Nations» was built dacha in Sochi. Its location between the Matsesta valley and Agursky gorge offers beautiful views of the Caucasus mountains.

Stalin's dacha in Sochi

Today, this cottage serves as a Museum where you can see personal belongings of Stalin, and various historical documents relating to that era. The whole interior of the house retained the old style 30-ies of the last century, and since the house has remained intact and hasn’t been restored, there remained the atmosphere of the time. The ground floor has a wax sculpture of the leader, who still continues to sit in his favorite office Smoking pipe unchanged.

Fortress Achipse

These ruins of an ancient fortress are situated not far from Krasnaya Polyana. Before the fortress Achipse played the role of protective structures, which far around were visible the enemy, allowing time to warn the inhabitants of impending danger. Its walls were found protecting the local peasants and townspeople.

fortress Achipse

To our days, the castle is not completely preserved, but on its ruins, archaeologists found the dishes, utensils, fragments of weapons of the inhabitants of the fortress. This place is perfect for those tourists who love to explore history and to learn something new.

The Cathedral Of The Archangel Michael

This Cathedral is the spiritual center of Sochi and is of both historical and architectural value. It was built in 1890 and was the first Orthodox Church in the black sea region. Its construction was planned in commemoration of the end of the Caucasian war.

the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael

During its existence, the Cathedral was rebuilt several times and only the last restoration returned the building to its original appearance. Next to the Church is Sunday school for kids in the city. Residents of all religious rites prefer to do it in this Cathedral.

Sochi circus

This permanent circus, under the management of «Russian state circus company», today is one of the best in Russia. The building constructed in 1972 by Y. K. Smartbrain. This arena was made by the best circus artists of the Soviet Union and of our time.

Sochi circus

Also the arena of the circus for many years served as a concert venue for touring famous pop singers and artists. Today, the circus you can see a spectacular show, created by the efforts of the artists of the local circus. For families with children a wonderful option to diversify their leisure.

Crab gorge

Nature has endowed this region with many natural attractions, must-see for every tourist. One such place is the Crab gorge. Caves, canyons, waterfalls, «weeping» rocks the beauty of this place was created over many centuries by the most talented architect in the world of nature. For example, strata of limestone cliffs, more than 60 million years.

crab gorge

With luck, you can meet the owner of this place, in whose honor and named the gorge of crab potamon Iberian, which lives only in clean water. Over the millennia, the water has hollowed out in the rock walls of the bowl in which you can relax after walking around this fascinating place. Well, at the end of the tour you have the bridge over the Canyon of desire.» Locals believe that if you make a wish standing on this place, it will surely come.

The Sochi skypark

If you are a lover of active and extreme rest, skypark in Sochi, that’s exactly what you need. Park has been opened recently, and yet this is the only place of entertainment at altitude throughout Russia. Thanks extremals Allan Hakkyu, which became the ideological inspirer and the head of the project, visitors can test the strength of their nerves and endurance. It also has the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world.

the Sochi skypark

In skiparque everyone can choose entertainment for your taste: whether it’s the helicopter tour, bungee jumping, walk over the abyss, the giant swing or high ropes Park just depends on your endurance and willingness to take risks.


1927 nursery, founded for the study of living primates helps people to see how they live, these funny animals in an environment close to natural habitat conditions. As much as 100 hectares dedicated to the spacious enclosures in which they live, members of different species. There are hamadryas and green guenons, baboons and macaques.


All animals are under close surveillance of the research Institute of medical Primatology, doing research, creating new effective drugs for the treatment of various diseases. Walk on the nature reserve memorable and create a good mood for the whole vacation for both adults and children.

Rosa Khutor

This resort is for lovers of active holidays takes tourists at any time of the year. Among the Russian ski resort «Rosa Khutor» is the most popular and technically advanced. Thanks to the mild climate and humidity slide skiing here is just wonderful.

Rosa Khutor

For hikers there are trails of varying difficulty: for novice adventurers and those who confidently stand on skis. In the summer there is the possibility of Cycling and Hiking on a specially developed routes. On site there is also a «Panda Park» where everyone can test their strength and agility in the passage of the rope runs. There are three different levels of difficulty. After all these adventures you can relax and eat in one of the cafes on the territory of «Rosa Khutor» a huge amount.

ski resort Rosa Khutor

Festivalny concert hall

After a rest on the black sea coast, educational tours and extreme adventures you can spend an unforgettable evening in the concert hall «Festival». From the time of its completion in 1979, it has become a hallmark of the city. On the stage were famous actors and singers of Russia.

koncertni hall Festivalniy

Every summer here is a Summer Cup of KVN, which always gathers a full house of fans of this amazing game. From time to time there are concerts of classical music performed by Symphony orchestras. In General, each camper can choose the musical event that he likes.

Museum of the history of the city-resort Sochi

This Museum is one of the oldest Sochi cultural and educational institutions. Until 1980 it was called the local history. With 1902, in Sochi there was the mountain club, whose members were engaged in the study of nature, vegetation, minerals and history of the region. In the house of one of these people and was opened the first exhibition of the collected items. Engineer and ethnographer Vasily Konstantinov has made an invaluable contribution to the development of this area, it was engaged in road construction in Krasnaya Polyana and the surrounding villages.

Museum of the history of the city-resort Sochi

Today the Museum complex consists of such branches as the Museum of sports glory Museum «Dacha of the singer In St… Barsova» and the Ethnographic Museum in the village of Lazarevskoe.

Park «Berendeevo Tsarstvo»

This fabulous place is located in the valley of the river Kuapse, and fully lives up to its name. Travelers offers a magnificent view of the cascade of the seven waterfalls, the tallest of which is 27 meters tall and is called «the Beard of Berendey». Also at the Park there is a lake of «Happiness» where you can swim in hot weather. Also tourists will have the opportunity to see peers of the Egyptian pyramids – stone dolmens. At the end of the tour, guests can eat outdoors at one of the local cafes. For memory you can take a photo on the throne of] and at the altar of the goddess Lada.

Park Berendeevo Kingdom


In the heart of the Olympic Park near the sea is ice center, which was built specifically for the Olympics 2014. There were competition skaters, but today, unfortunately, the refrigeration unit is turned off and the Adler arena has ceased to perform the function for which it was built. Within its walls were held the competitions in tennis, wrestling, even the international investment forum. Perhaps in the future, the Adler arena will become a shopping and exhibition centre.

Adler arena

Ahshtyrskaya cave

In the mountains surrounding the resort town of Sochi, the scientists identified more than 400 caves. One of the most famous and historically significant is the Akhshtyrskaya cave, the entrance to which is located at an altitude of 120 meters above sea level. She probably began to form another 350 thousand years ago. Around the same time in the valley of the Mzymta began to appear the first settlements of the Neanderthals.

Ahshtyrskaya cave

Today near the cave two viewing platforms, electricity and a convenient built ladders. So, if there is a desire to plunge into the prehistoric past and see with your own eyes one of the most ancient caves of the Caucasus, the tour guides will happily tell you all the secrets and legends of this cave.

The psakho canyon

What could be more beautiful monuments that nature created. Not far from Krasnaya Polyana is a unique canyon, which were formed many hundreds of years ago in the earthquake. It is surrounded by forests and cliffs, which only reinforce the fairytale feeling in the visited these places.

The psakho canyon

Today, this recreation area consists of two canyons – Dry and Wet. More recently, down to the bottom of the Dry canyon could only specially prepared people, on the walls of the canyon are visible traces that was left by the climbers who try their hand at these places. At the bottom, you can see only a thin strip of sky at the top.

Concert hall «Mandarin Lounge»

After sightseeing and holiday at the seaside, it is possible to include in its programme of entertainment and cultural centres. To do this, in Sochi there are a lot of decent places. Concert hall «Mandarin Lounge» lives up to its name. His original design in orange colour lifts the mood of tourists.

Mandarin Hall

Recently constructed using the latest innovations in the field of sound and light, it has become a favorite place of cultural activities of residents and guests of the city. A highlight of this place was the pool, which in case of need rises scene. Hall seats almost 2,000 people.

Literary memorial Museum of N. Ostrovsky

House, which houses the Museum of Nikolai Ostrovsky, was the last residence of the Soviet writer, which many people associate with the most famous of his literary hero Pavel Korchagin. He received this house of the Union of writers of the USSR, when his health deteriorated significantly and he is almost blind.

Literary memorial Museum of N. Ostrovsky

The whole Museum complex is divided into three parts. The first category includes personal belongings of the writer and his family, books, everyday objects and rare documents. Second, the exposition of which tells about the literary heritage of the city, including various exhibits, which tell about the life of the Decembrists who were exiled to this place after a failed uprising. And the third part is used for holding various exhibitions from private museums and collections.

Farm Ekzarho

The picturesque farm is located in the vicinity of Sochi Matsesta. At first it was a small restaurant that treated their visitors with delicious dishes of homemade cuisine, prepared with natural, organic products. Over time there had his own farm and stables, where horses of various breeds. Therefore, tourists will not be bored, looking at this place. For those who are not confident in the saddle, there are special routes with an instructor.

Farm Ekzarho

After an exciting walk you can eat in local restaurant where all dishes are prepared exclusively from natural products. Also, the farm produces a huge number of varieties of cheese, which you can not only try but also buy.

Ice Palace «Big»

The name of this Palace is fully justified, it is almost 12 000 people. Here we had all the hockey games last winter Olympics. The architects have created a very original design of the sports facilities. Outwardly, it resembles a frozen drop of silver. Form «Big» reminds me of the famous Beijing Opera, but of course, in the details a lot of differences. The dome is white visible from afar.

After the Olympics the Palace «Big» has been the home ground for the local hockey club. It also hosts other cultural events. New year celebrations for children, international festivals and forums, concerts.

Bolshoy ice Palace

Park «Southern culture»

This exotic Park on the outskirts of Adler boasts a large number of exotic plants from around the world. And although the Russian region itself is famous for its tropical vegetation, despite this, the Park still is a favorite place of citizens and tourists. Here you can admire trees from Japan, China, the African continent.

Park Southern culture

Bamboo path has a slow relaxing walk, and two charming, picturesque pond provide an opportunity to relax and briefly forget about the noisy and dusty city streets. The tourists who visited «South Park» will take away not only good memories and impressions, but also unique photographs of rare plants.

the city of Sochi

All of the sights in Sochi it is impossible to visit in one holiday, so going to rest in these places, pre-plan a cultural program, to see all of the best and most interesting.

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