Prague Sights

Prague is an amazing city, which charms you with its mystery and beauty, strikes a rich history and many great legends. While in the capital of the Czech Republic, it is possible to enjoy the magic atmosphere of this fabulous place. The gorgeous sights of Prague plunge back centuries, when kings ruled this country, creating a majestic churches and castles. Photos with names and description of the most remarkable places of the city will allow us to understand that historical monuments and modern attractions of the city are truly breathtaking. Everyone saw Prague once, forever fall in love with her and will not miss the opportunity to come back again.


Charles bridge

A relaxed and magical atmosphere of Prague could not be better personifies the Charles bridge, connecting the banks of Vltava river. It is a hallmark of the city. The first stone in the construction of this building was laid by king Charles IV in 1357. Since then, the bridge was several times damaged in battle and during floods. But the inhabitants of Prague every time I restored it and it still delights visitors with its grandeur. Design with a length of 52 meters, is decorated with thirty splendid sculptures to admire are almost all tourists. Is where I find the inspiration of local artists and musicians, ready in minutes to create a portrait or perform wonderful melody for visitors.

Charles bridgeCharles bridge

Old town bridge tower

To admire the beauty of Prague from the height of bird flight, it is enough to visit the old town tower, which rises on the East Bank of the Vltava river from the Charles bridge. Building decorated with coats of arms of the Roman Empire and many statues of famous Czech figures and saints. During military battles in the middle ages the tower was damaged, and many of the sculptures that adorned it, destroyed. But the construction was restored, allowing tourists to enjoy the beautiful Gothic architecture and landscapes of the wonderful city.

Old town bridge towerOld town bridge tower

Wenceslas square

Witness to many events that took place in Prague is Wenceslas square, similar to a huge, lush malachite green trees, the Boulevard. It is the center district of the New Location. It was here in ancient times there were mass marches and executions. For a long time in the area functioned as the city’s largest market. In the nineteenth century, city planners decided to elevate the main street of the city. The market has been relocated, but many shops today are waiting for their visitors. On the square is a unique place that will attract tourists.

Wenceslas squareWenceslas square

Old town square

In Prague there is no single place which can be called the center of the entire city. Each district of the capital of the Czech Republic has its own Central square. Is no exception and the Old Place. Here is considered the center of old town square, founded in the XII century. Like all ancient places, the street was famous for a huge market. Around it were built the mansions of the wealthy merchants and local nobility, so that today tourists can admire the magnificent architecture of the buildings, executed in the Gothic style or Baroque.

Old town squareOld town square

Tyn Church

Tourists deciding where to go and what to see in Prague, you should visit the Tyn Church, striking in its mystery and mystique. The Gothic architecture of the building is like a time machine takes visitors back to the middle ages, when were able to create a beautiful and majestic building. For the construction of the temple, whose construction began in the XIV century, it took more than 161 years. The main decoration of the house are two towers whose height is 80 m. the Interior of the temple will delight any tourist with its beauty and richness.

Tyn ChurchTyn Church

Old town hall

In the area of Old Place in 1338 began the construction of the town hall, which could sit the rulers of the city. Built in the Gothic style, it still conjures up the gloomy spirit of the middle Ages. Over time, the town hall was extended by additions, which still has not lost its grandeur. Tourists come to the town hall to admire the astronomical clock which was made in the XV century. Today in the town hall, a Museum organized various exhibitions. There is also very popular among newlyweds the wedding hall.

Old town hallOld town hall

Prague Castle

Many unique places you can see at Prague Castle, which is a small town that sits in the capital of the Czech Republic. This district was listed in the Guinness book of records as the largest historical value in the world. On the territory of Prague Castle you can admire the magnificent palaces that served as the residence for Royal personages. Today in their walls meets the current government.

Prague CastlePrague Castle

The old Royal Palace

Clearly demonstrates the long history of Prague’s Old Royal Palace, whose construction began in the ninth century. The first buildings were erected in the time characteristic of the Gothic style. Behind the walls of the castle found shelter the inhabitants of the city during the fighting. Over time, the Palace decided to expand, and now with a recent extension in the Renaissance style. It is interesting to visit the inner rooms of the Palace, which has retained its original form since the middle Ages. The greatest interest among tourists is a basement where you can admire the architecture of the Romanesque era.

The old Royal PalaceThe old Royal Palace

Palace of Queen Anne

Near Prague castle you can find beautiful Palace which was used by the wife of Ferdinand I Queen Anne as a summer residence. Built in the XVI century, the castle is a Prime example of the Renaissance style popular at the time. Admire the Palace not only magnificent architecture. There is also a pleasure to walk through the gardens, one of which has an old singing fountain. The Palace and its surroundings can only be visited from April to November.

Palace of Queen AnnePalace of Queen Anne

Petrin hill

Of particular interest to tourists is the mountain that stands in the middle of Prague, called Petřín hill. It is a very picturesque place where you can enjoy many attractions. Here is a wall of Hunger, which served as a refuge for citizens in times of war. In ancient times the hill flocked crowds of pagans from across the country who wish to worship God Perun. To tourists at the present time it was easier to climb the hill, its slope arranged the line of the funicular.

Petrin hillPetrin hill

Petřín tower

Incredibly charming views to the visitors of the tower, built in 1891, the Petrin hill. The design is a smaller version of the world famous Eiffel tower. It has an observation deck from which to contemplate the magnificent panorama of Prague. The view of red roofs, lush gardens that leaves a lasting impression.

Petřín towerPetřín tower

Memorial to victims of communism

At the foot of Petřín hill is another attraction that is visited by many tourists. Here is a memorial to the victims of communism, created by the talented Czech sculptors. The impact of Communist rule brightly symbolize the sculpture, placed on a ladder: the higher you climb the ladder, the more defects appear in the image of man. It is this effect on people had a system of government that prevailed in the Czech Republic from 1948 to 1989.

Memorial to victims of communismMemorial to victims of communism

Troja Chateau

Connoisseurs who are in Prague, you should definitely visit Troja castle, which is on the outskirts of the city. It is a remarkable structure that resembles a luxury Villa, was built in 1691. On creating a unique interior of the Palace employed the best craftsmen from Italy and Holland. Most striking is the magnificent frescoes of the Habsburg hall. It is possible to admire the amazing paintings and sculptures. It is interesting to stroll in the Palace gardens, walk the labyrinth of the Wallpaper and admire the beautifully decorated fountains.

Troja ChateauTroja Chateau

Vysehrad Castle

Prague residents desperately fought for their freedom in all ages, as clearly evidenced by numerous fortified walls of castles and other buildings, one of which is the Vysehrad castle. She is considered the first center in the Czech Republic. It is here were the rulers of the state in the distant middle Ages. Today the fortress has many museums. Here is the most famous in the country cemetery, where are buried famous figures of the Czech Republic.

Vysehrad CastleVysehrad Castle

Prague Loreto

Of particular interest in Prague causes Loreta, is a copy of house of the virgin Mary in which the holidays spent his childhood and teenage years. In this place every year remains a huge number of Catholics who wish to experience the history of the revered virgin Mary. The construction is of interest not only for believers. This amazing complex of buildings where you can admire the seven chapels, the clock tower, decorative fountains and magnificent galleries. There is a Museum which presents many interesting ancient artifacts.

Prague LoretoPrague Loreto

St. Vitus Cathedral

The main Cathedral temple of the capital of the Czech Republic is the St. Vitus Cathedral, which is recognized as a jewel of European Gothic. Its construction began in 1344 and was completed only in the early twentieth century. The construction of the majestic Cathedral demanded a lot of money and manpower, so it was carried out in stages. Striking and the interior of this wonderful Shrine, built in the Gothic style. Here you can admire the stunning stained glass Windows, chapels, and columns. The temple is immortalized in the sculptures of the most famous saints, kings, archbishops and architects who erected the Shrine.

St. Vitus CathedralSt. Vitus Cathedral

Powder tower

The road that leads to Prague Castle, discover the ancient Gothic powder tower. The construction of this unique building began in 1475 and was chaired by well-known Mason Wenceslas. Tower for a long time not rebuilt, though the lower tiers was impressive rich finish. Because of this it was used as a warehouse for gunpowder, therefore it got its name. In the XIX century was carried out reconstruction work, thanks to which the building acquired its present appearance. Today, the walls of tower a photo exhibition. With its upper tier offers great views of the city.

Porokhova VezhaPowder tower

Strahov monastery

In the XII century by the head of the order of monks of the Premonstratensian began the construction of Strahov monastery. The name of the temple was due to its location: it was on the outskirts of the city and the guards who were on duty on its walls, reported to the residents of Prague about the approaching danger. Initially the monastery was built of wood, but soon was badly damaged by fire. It was reconstructed several times. Final works were finished in 1758, after which the Church acquired its present appearance. Within its walls there is the most popular in the country library, which has many unique ancient manuscripts.

Strahov monasteryStrahov monastery

National Museum of Prague

In the early nineteenth century, the Prague city planners began thinking about the construction of the building, which would become a repository of the cultural values of the country. The construction was entrusted to Joseph Schultz, under whom for 5 years, built a magnificent building in neo-Renaissance style. Today, the Museum has plenty of exhibits. Particularly popular with visitors helps Pantheon under a huge dome. It contains many sculptures and busts of people who have left a significant mark in the development of the Czech Republic.

National Museum of PragueNational Museum of Prague

Prague national theatre

More than 135 years pleases lovers of high art the national theatre of Prague. The erection of this monument the city budget did not allocate funds. The monument was built through donations from the residents of the capital of the Czech Republic. First, the operation of the theatre was assumed that the repertoire will be only the work of Czech authors. But soon, to diversify the program, the theatre was used as a platform for the works of world drama. The building impresses with its Grand architecture and beautiful interior decoration, which is not inferior in its beauty world famous Vienna Opera.

Prague national theatrePrague national theatre

The municipal house in Prague

Vivid impression will leave visiting of Public houses in the capital of the Czech Republic, which is located on Republic Square. It was built on the site where was previously located the residence of the kings of Bohemia. Construction of a Public building was completed in 1912 after 7 years of hard work. It was within the walls of this building first heard the proclamation of the independent Czech state in 1918. Since then, the Public house became a national treasure of culture. Today the building is used for various events and concerts. Here every year hundreds of musicians demonstrate their talents in the popular music festival «Prague spring».

The municipal house in PragueThe municipal house in Prague

Golden lane

A very exciting go through the Golden street in Prague Castle. Passing between the small houses, toy-like structures, one gets the impression that the man was in a fairy tale. In each of these houses organised an interesting Museum with many interesting exhibits. In the past this street lived jewelers who were in the service of the Treasury. Local residents claim that lived here alchemists who could turn any material into gold.

Golden laneGolden lane

The dancing house

To decorate the architecture of the modern city, in 1994 Resslova street in Prague it was decided to build a nice house. Held at the time the competition has applied a lot of architects. Won masters, who offered to build a house that seemed frozen in the moment of dance. After 2 years the building was open and always surprises with its architecture millions of tourists.

The dancing houseThe dancing house

The Franz Kafka Museum

In the Czech Republic are proud of the work of a talented writer Franz Kafka, who created many fascinating works. In 2005 in his honor was opened a Museum where all works of the artist. Here you can get acquainted with the letters of Kafka to see made drawings. The exhibition also placed the manuscript of the author, and his diaries.

The Franz Kafka MuseumThe Franz Kafka Museum

Winery devil

Very popular with tourists is the unique street in Prague, which is called the Devil Winery. A notable feature of the street is its width of only 70 cm, It is rather the narrow passage between the houses, which is unlikely to miss the two adults. Due to embarrassments often occur in the middle of the Winery Hotties, local authorities decided to equip the special traffic lights. Unique street is near Charles bridge and attracts many visitors who are not claustrophobic.

Winery devilWinery devil

The Jewish quarter

Very often tourists arriving on vacation in Prague, visit the Jewish quarter started to form in the city in the XII century. In the XIX century it was renamed in honor of Emperor Joseph II and was named Josefov. The most notable place is the old new synagogue, which was built approximately 1270-ies. Nearby is the old Jewish cemetery. Locals say that during the ghettos Jews were allowed to carry out the burial of the dead only in this place, so due to lack of space in the same grave could place the coffins in several layers.

The Jewish quarterThe Jewish quarter

Wall Of John Lennon

Admirers of John Lennon in Prague in the 1970s began to paint the wall on Kampa island with portraits of the musician and to write the words of his songs. Local authorities repeatedly tried to fight with fans of the popular musician and is constantly painted over the wall. But soon it began to appear inscriptions calling for the overthrow of the Communist regime. As a result, the wall became a symbol of the struggle of the Czech youth with the dictatorial government. Tourists do not miss the opportunity to make selfi on the background of painted wall.

Wall Of John LennonWall Of John Lennon

Zizkov television tower

Built in 1992, the TV tower in Prague has caused a lot of disturbances among the world’s critics, who found it the ugliest structure in the world. She repeatedly appeared in the not very prestigious competitions, where he recognized the building, spoil the historical appearance of Prague. But in spite of all the perturbations of the tower continues to rise above the city. It is the tallest building in the Czech Republic. On the upper floors features a panoramic restaurant, which is frequented by tourists to see the wonderful beauty of the city from height of bird’s flight.

Zizkov televiaZizkov television tower


A lot of unique places attracts tourists in Prague Hradcany. On the streets of this area preferred to settle the richest people of the city. At the time they built magnificent mansions that are now historic cultural values. In Hradcany, you can admire the many castles, palaces and other unique structures.


The Museum of legends and ghosts

While in Prague, you can visit a unique place – the Museum of legends and ghosts, where amazing exhibits. Here you can see the main characters of the famous myths that are passed by the inhabitants of the country from generation to generation. In the Museum you can see many different stories and legends. Guides will also be acquainted with the superstitions in which I believe the inhabitants of the city.

The Museum of legends and ghostsThe Museum of legends and ghosts

Prague is a wonderful city, visiting which will leave a lot of positive impressions. Czech capital impresses many historical values preserved to the present time a magnificent view. Sights of Prague, a photo with a description of which you can see in the article, are the best confirmation. Every day spent in this wonderful city, will be a real treat.

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