Sights Of Minsk

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Almost 950 years ago in the valley of the river Svisloch started to develop the settlement known today worldwide as the modern city of Minsk. During these years the walls of the capital of Belarus has seen times of prosperity and periods of decline because of the destruction during military battles. But each time the city revived thanks to the efforts of its inhabitants. At the present time in this metropolis every year thousands of tourists flock to see its beauty and grandeur. Attractions in Minsk will leave no one indifferent. The city has many historical monuments that tell about the old days and wonderful places, created through the efforts of his contemporaries. Photos with descriptions of attractions will allow you to appreciate the beauty of this amazing city.

Sights Of Minsk

Upper town

Almost every tourist who arrived in the capital of Belarus, first of all is directed to the Upper city, the historical center of Minsk. The basis of this beautiful area took place in the XII century, as evidenced by preserved from those times, monuments of architecture. On the streets of the Upper town there are also buildings of later times, in different styles, ranging from classical and ending with modernity. In this region built magnificent temples, which now delight visitors with its stunning views. Despite the fact that some shrines in the course of military battles were damaged or completely destroyed, the city architects have worked tirelessly for their restoration and re-creation. Over time, the Top city gets its original appearance.

Upper townUpper town


While in Minsk, the tourists do not miss the opportunity to visit the Cathedral of the Descent of the Holy spirit. This temple was built in the middle XVII century and is one of the most ancient monuments of the history of the city. The Shrine is often reconstructed. For the first time the Cathedral was rebuilt 100 years after construction. The reason for this was a strong fire. In the years of Soviet power the Church was closed. Resumed at some time in the service only during the great Patriotic war, and after the victory over Germany, the Cathedral was again neglected. In 1990 the Church again opened its doors for parishioners. Today it is the main Cathedral of the Orthodox Church.


Cathedral Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

In the early XVIII century on the streets of old Minsk was erected another beautiful Church, which today is a historical monument of the city. Initiated the construction of the Cathedral monks of the Jesuit monastery, so the Shrine is often referred to as «Jesuit Church». The temple impresses with its magnificent architecture, designed in the Baroque style. No less impressive is the interior of the temple, which in its time was visited by many famous people: emperors Peter I and Nicholas II, and others.

Cathedral Of The Blessed Virgin MaryCathedral Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

Red Church

The Minsk city center adorns one of the finest churches in the country – the Red Church. It was built in 1910 of red brick, hence its name. Officially the temple is called the Church of saints Simon and Helena. Despite some of the restructuring that took place in the Church during the Soviet era, the Shrine has retained its majestic appearance. Its walls and vaults are decorated with amazing drawings, created by artist Francis Brestovica. He also worked on the magnificent stained glass window. The sculptor Sigmund Otto created a unique fence, drugsof details that adorn the temple and many statues.

Chervony ChurchRed Church

Minsk city hall

On the main square of the upper city stands the magnificent town hall, built in 2004. Thanks to the efforts of architects, it is an absolute copy of the building, which was built here in the XVII century. The first town hall was destroyed on the orders of Emperor Nicholas I. In 1970 in Minsk began to reflect on the reconstruction of the historical monument. Archaeologists have found the foundations of the ruined town hall and fragments of walls that played a huge role in the reconstruction of the architectural monument.

Minsk city hallMinsk city hall

Independence Square

One of the most popular tourist places in Minsk is the Independence square. Love her to visit not only city visitors, but also its inhabitants. Near the music fountain in the square, often appointments. It is nice to walk around and look at various attractions. Under the square erected a huge underground shopping Mall that are also tourists like to visit. In Soviet times, the main street of the city was named. Lenin, and after an exit of Belarus from the Soviet Union it was called independence square.

Independence SquareIndependence Square

The national library of Belarus

A real masterpiece of modern architecture is the national library of Belarus. The project is a unique building was created in 1980, and the execution started only after 22 years. In 2006, the library moved to this wonderful building, welcomed its first visitors. Tourists try to see the building at night, when the keyboard is backlit, it becomes a huge multicolored screen that are constantly changing intricate patterns and figures. The backlight include a daily after dark and off at midnight.

The national library of BelarusThe national library of Belarus

Trinity suburb

Lovers of unique architecture, arrived in the city of Minsk, should visit the Trinity suburb, which abounds with attractions. The building had been erected the most rich people of the city in the XIX century, and each of them has unique features. In the walls of many stone buildings located today in museums, galleries or gift shops. In Trinity there is a lovely Park, which is a nice walk. This district has preserved its original appearance since the founding.

Trinity suburbTrinity suburb

Pischalauski castle

In 1825 in Minsk built a new prison, which was nicknamed Powalowski lock. This building was named after the contractor who was engaged in construction work. The building was always used for its original purpose. Here during the repression were kept the intellectuals, many of whom were shot. During the great Patriotic war the castle was held by the partisans. At the present time in the castle serving his sentence the most dangerous criminals. There is also still executions of prisoners who received a harsh sentence.

Pischalauski castlePischalauski castle

Victory Square

To admire in the end, one more unique place – Victory square. Its Foundation began in the early twentieth century. First the area was called «Round» because of its unusual shape. After the victory over Germany in the great Patriotic war in this area and built a Victory Monument. It was created from grey marble and decorated with reliefs that glorify the feats of soldiers who fought with the invaders. In memory of the people who died during the war near the monument lit the Eternal Fire which is never quenched.

Ploshcha PeremogiVictory Square

«Gates Of Minsk»

The symbol of the capital of Belarus, which is worth a visit for visitors to the city have «Gates of Minsk». This is an architectural complex consisting of two similar towers placed at the corners of the buildings. Construction of buildings began in 1940. On one of the towers has placed a huge clock, and on the other the coat of arms of the USSR. The building was decorated with many sculptures. Over time, statues made of concrete, began to crumble and they had to be removed. Today, the 11-storey building decorated only 4 sculptures.

«Gates Of Minsk»

National art Museum

Guests and residents of Minsk are given the opportunity to visit the Museum-gallery of art – national Museum of art. Here are many paintings, sculptures and graphic images, created by Belarusian masters and talented artists and sculptors from around the world. The gallery presents a huge number of rare ancient icons and decorations. In the expositions of the Museum you can see over 11 thousand exhibits.

National art MuseumNational art Museum

The Palace Of The Republic

In 1980, the year in Minsk began to consider the idea of erecting a Palace in which to celebrate important events, to organize concerts and other events. After 5 years in the city launched a large-scale construction. Due to the withdrawal of Belarus from the USSR and came the economic crisis the construction had to be suspended. Finally to finish the Palace of the Republic was only by the end of 2001. At the present time it is the largest cultural and business center of the country.

The Palace Of The RepublicThe Palace Of The Republic

The Bolshoi theatre of Opera and ballet

Lovers of high art worth a visit in Minsk Bolshoi theatre of Opera and ballet. The construction of this unique building, which today is a monument of pre-war architecture, lasted about 5 years. The main Opera house in Belarus, opened its doors in 1938, worked for less than 3 years. During the great Patriotic war the building was badly damaged during the fighting. The reconstruction in the postwar period has allowed almost completely restore the theater. Around it was arranged a Park, the design of which was made by famous architect R. Langbard.

The Bolshoi theatre of Opera and balletThe Bolshoi theatre of Opera and ballet

National historical Museum

In the early XX century in Minsk it was decided to create a historical Museum. To place the collected exhibits, has been allocated a place in the office of the state Bank of Russia. Thanks to the efforts of members of the society of devotees of natural science the Museum’s collection is constantly expanding. During the German occupation, many of the exhibits were removed from Belarus. In the postwar years, the Museum had almost nothing to recover the exposure. Today you can admire the most valuable of artifacts, whose age is estimated for centuries.

National historical MuseumNational historical Museum

All saints Church

In Minsk, there are numerous temples that deserve the attention of tourists. One such place is the Church of all saints, the construction of which began in 2006. Final finishing works are still being conducted in the new temple, but many tourists and worshippers come here to admire the beauty of the Shrine, its unique interior decoration. When laying the Foundation for the temple was placed a time capsule in which is a message for future generations.

All saints ChurchAll saints Church

Theatre of Yanka Kupala

While in the capital of Belarus, is to pay attention to theatre Yanka Kupala. The house where today you can see performances of various genres, was erected in 1890. The construction was carried out on donations from art lovers. At that time, erected the theatre was known as the province. After the October revolution it was called the State theatre. Only in 1944 it was decided to assign the institution name of the Belarusian poet Yanka Kupala.

Theatre of Yanka KupalaTheatre of Yanka Kupala

Aleksandrovskiy garden

One of the most popular places in Minsk is Alexander square. He began to build in 1836, when it was decided to improve the Central areas of the city. In the late nineteenth century through the alleys of the Park used to walk that representatives of the local elite. At the entrance of the Park a chapel was built, which was destroyed during the Soviet period. The main attraction of this place is the fountain made by the sculptor Ie Calida, which is called «Cupid and the Swan».

Aleksandrovskiy gardenAleksandrovskiy garden

Museum of the great Patriotic war

Belarus had to endure hard times during the Nazi occupation. To preserve the memory of the terrible tragedy in Minsk in 1944, the Museum was opened, in which there were a huge number of exhibits that tell the history of the great Patriotic war. In 2014, the exposition was moved to another building built for the Museum. Today at 10 halls be stored for about 141 thousand exhibits that tell about the events of the war years.

Museum of the great Patriotic warMuseum of the great Patriotic war

The Bernardine monastery

One of the oldest temples of Minsk is the Bernardine monastery. Its construction took place in the XVII century after a fire destroyed the local wooden Church. Over the years, the Church grew, and by the end of XVIII century was occupied almost the whole block. In 1864 the monastery was confiscated Bernardine and canceled. The building has long been abandoned. In some of his buildings and at the present time is within the military commander’s office. In 1983, the building began to reconstruct. It is assumed that within its walls to be opened hotel.

The Bernardine monasteryThe Bernardine monastery

Botanical garden

Tourists who love to enjoy the beauty of nature, you should visit the Botanical garden, founded in the city in 1932. It is situated on the territory, which area is 153 ha. At the present time there are over 10 thousand types of various plants which were brought here from different parts of the world. In the Botanical garden today hosts important scientific research. The territory I like to walk the residents of Minsk and its guests. Thanks to the competent organization of the territory of the Park is a nice stroll with the whole family. Most visitors love to visit the greenhouse where you can admire the huge number of beautiful exotic plants.

Botanical gardenBotanical garden

Museum of physical culture and sports

Belarus proud of achievements of their athletes, which clearly confirms organized in Minsk, the Museum of physical culture and sports. In his exposition is unique documents and photographs of prominent athletes. The pride of the Museum is the hall of fame, which contains portraits of the most outstanding personalities who have made an enormous contribution to the development of sport. The Museum also hosts various programs, the purpose of which is to promote healthy lifestyle among young people. Here are frequently organized meetings with famous sportsmen of the country and coaches.

Museum of physical culture and sportsMuseum of physical culture and sports

Island Of Tears

A lot of Belarusian soldiers were killed during the war in Afghanistan. To perpetuate the memory of the fallen soldiers, on the river Svisloch was created in the island. On its territory was built a chapel, the walls of which are carved the names of all those killed in Afghanistan soldiers. The island is often visited by residents of Minsk and tourists arriving. Here you can honor the memory of heroically fallen soldiers and to admire the beautiful scenery of the area.

Island Of TearsIsland Of Tears

Museum of boulders

While in Minsk, you can visit another unique place – the Park-Museum of boulders. It was founded thanks to the efforts of the Belarusian academician G. V. Gorecki. He proposed to create a Museum in which the exhibits are boulders of various shapes. In this place to the organization of the Museum was attended by a huge number of boulders. Scientists are enthusiasts who worked on the creation of the Museum, brought a uniquely shaped rocks from all over the country. Today, the Museum of boulder is recognized as a natural monument, which is protected by the state.

Museum of bouldersMuseum of boulders

The Holy monastery of the Elizabethan

Fun for all the guests of the capital of Belarus will visit another Holy city – Holy-Elizabethan monastery. The construction of the temple was carried out in 1990-ies. All the monastery buildings were erected in pseudo-Russian style. On the territory of the Shrine there are workshops where they work under the auspices of the nuns, the people. There is also a pharmacy where you can purchase various medicinal drugs. Monastery in a relatively short history of its existence has attracted the attention of the miracles happening here. To it pilgrims from all over the world.

The Holy monastery of the ElizabethanThe Holy monastery of the Elizabethan

Center for Oceanography

For visitors of any age will be interesting expositions presented in the centre of Oceanography «Open ocean». This place was organized by members of the marine club «Poseidon», which operates in Minsk in the Palace of youth. In the centre there are 5 rooms, each of which tells about one of the oceans of the world. There will be aquariums with the inhabitants of the deep sea. Works at the centre and a terrarium, which contains various kinds of reptiles living in the oceans.

Center for OceanographyCenter for Oceanography

Museum of folk architecture and life

To learn more about the life of the Belarusian people, should visit the Museum of folk architecture, is located in the suburban area of Minsk. There is a large area gathered ancient houses, of which formed the settlement. In this Museum you can visit a wooden Church, which has preserved its original form since ancient times. Each home contains ancient household items, antique furniture and other interesting exhibits.

Museum of folk architecture and lifeMuseum of folk architecture and life

Gostiny Dvor

To the main attractions of the city dates and Gostiny Dvor, built in the early XVIII century. At first it was a complex of buildings which housed the city’s most popular shops. They shopped the noble people of the city. After some time, Gostiny Dvor was rebuilt, combining all facilities into a single building. After a few decades it was decided to place the building in the art Nouveau style. In the walls of the Gostiny Dvor was located the city authorities.

Gostiny DvorGostiny Dvor

The Vankovichs ‘ House

The oldest historical monuments of Minsk can be attributed to the the Vankovich family estate, built in the historic center of the city in the XVII century. The house which belonged to an ancient noble family, was abandoned during the Soviet era and began to crumble. The efforts of Belarusian architects have been able to reconstruct. Today is a Museum dedicated to the life and work of the artist Vankovich Valentia.

Adobes WankowiczThe Vankovichs ‘ House


Many interesting places to visit are not only in the capital of Belarus, but all over the Minsk region. Tourists should also visit the memorial complex, built on the site of the German occupiers burned the village of Khatyn. All the inhabitants of this settlement were killed or burned alive. Managed to survive only to one person, to whom a monument was erected at the entrance to the complex. All the buildings are made of grey granite, which has become the personification of the ashes of terrible fires.

Ha TinhKhatyn

The capital of Belarus is able to fascinate by the beauty of each arriving tourist. Minsk is beautiful in any season: in summer, when houses are surrounded by lush green parks, and in winter, white snow covers the spacious streets of the metropolis. The city is every year developing more and more and it appears many attractions that are worth a visit arrived guests.

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