Sights Of Krasnaya Polyana

Who never was on the red Glade, he had not seen the real city of Sochi. This village near the sea, is located on a hill. It consists mostly of mountains, rocks, rivers, houses and beautiful forests. Here every day attracts thousands of tourists to see the sights. Here there are hotels where you can stay overnight guests. At Krasnaya Polyana you can book a tour. This will be especially interesting to fans of mountain and winter sports. There is much to admire.

Krasnaya Polyana attractions

The natural attractions of the village

In this wonderful area of nature is in perfect combination with fresh mountain air. There are many mountains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and trees.

The canyon of the psakho river. Here you can admire the beautiful boxwood, a fast mountain river that went through the ranges. Circle stone faults, between which runs the water.

The psakho canyon

Waterfall a Dragon’s mouth. When people look at this glorious waterfall, you see that the water flows as if from a dragon’s head. Waterfall in the mountains – an amazing sight.

Wodospad dragon Paso

River gorge Zirinka. A very beautiful gorge with a large, smooth rocks, and strange forest around. Beautiful high cliffs with pure water affect its grandeur. Here you can swim in the cool river.

The natural attractions of the village

Hmelevskie lake. Fabulous round lake with clear blue water.

Hmelevskie lake

The Alpine meadows. Flowering meadows are located at an altitude of 2000 meters. Here is a great therapeutic, herbs and flowers and the peaceful silence of nature.

Alpine meadows

Waterfall Girlish tears. From the cliff pouring thin streams of water. It looks as if crying girl.

Gora Achishkho. Big mountain with snowy peaks and waterfalls. The most famous and the largest waterfall here flows from the top of the mountain in two streams, and then merge into a single river. Here it rains a lot. Very well with this mount to watch reviews of Krasnaya Polyana.

Gora Achishkho

Aibga Mountain. Another tall mountain consists of many peaks. On its slopes grow unusual trees and rare plants. In the mountains you can see different animals.

Mountain Aibga

Waterfall similar to pants. The highest waterfall in the Sochi area. It follows from a melting glacier and a mountain stream. On a hot day you can swim, and the water will enter into Nirvana.

Wodospad, similar to Stani

The Kardyvach Lake. Very large and beautiful, with emerald water, and stunning nature around. Located on the reserve.

The Kardyvach Lake

Cultural sites of Krasnaya Polyana

In Krasnaya Polyana there are interesting sights that should not be missed. Visit at least some of them.

  1. The Trinity St. George monastery. This is a women’s monastery with many churches and a chapel. It houses many famous icons and relics of saints.
  2. Park My Russia. Surrounded by beautiful houses, hotels, rivers, waterfalls, mountain ranges.
  3. Rope Park. A place where you can have fun with the family, ride the cable car, jump on the bridges. He is very big and tall.
  4. Historical Museum Krasnaya Polyana. Built in the 20th century. Here is a lot of exhibits and archaeology.
  5. Church Of Agios Haralambos. White brick Church with one Golden dome and bell tower. This is the Church for Orthodox believers. It is the icon of the virgin Mary and relics of saints.
  6. A small zoo. The nursery at the reserve, which is home to over 20 species of animal.
  7. Giving counsel Naumov.
  8. The Complex Alpika-Service. Base for skiers and lovers of the cable car. There are hotels in which to stay.

In Krasnaya Polyana there are interesting sights

Also famous in the village you can see the apiary, where bees provide a useful natural honey, fishing at the Trout pond, enjoy the mineral springs and explore the mysteries of this old cave.

Krasnaya Polyana is an amazing place worth coming to again and again, filled with a special energy and health.

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