Sights Of Kazan

Sights of Kazan on the map

The capital of the Republic of Tatarstan amazing way to unite absolutely different people, with different ideologies, history, religion. And, despite these contrasts, a city with a long history is perceived as a whole by any tourist who has visited these places. Not the last role in this play experience the sights of Kazan, which have become an integral part of the culture of the inhabitants of this cosmopolitan city.

Peter and Paul Cathedral

The Cathedral, built in the Baroque style, was erected in honour of king Peter I, who visited Kazan. It happened in the early 18th century, the Cathedral was built by local merchant I. A. Mikhlyaev for their own means. Is the Peter and Paul Cathedral in the historic part of the city and is a unique monument of architecture of the time.

Peter and Paul Cathedral

The Cathedral has undergone in its history and hard times. In the Soviet Union there was a planetarium and the building over the years of wasteful activities declined. Today the Cathedral was returned to the parish, but the restoration continues to this day. In the temple allowed visitors, but you need to prepare in advance – there are very strict requirements for the appearance of visitors. Women should be in headscarves and skirts.

Natural history Museum of Tatarstan

This Museum was established in 2005 to promote and preserve the natural resources of the region. On the first floor of the exhibition with a variety of minerals from around the world, you can learn the history of the formation of our planet and also get a lot of interesting information in the field of astronomy.

natural history Museum of Tatarstan

The second floor is provided for exhibits of paleontology. The whole process of the evolution of the first vertebrates located in several thematic halls. «The age of mammal-like reptiles», «the Kingdom of fish and amphibians, Marine reptiles» — is not a complete list of what will be able to see visitors.

The Kazan Zoological and Botanical garden

Botanic garden of Kazan one of the oldest not only in Russia but throughout Europe. Its history began in the distant 1806. The idea of discovery belongs to Professor K. F. Fuchs. For these purposes was purchased about 7 acres of land and built a greenhouse. In 1834 the first visited were able to assess the writings of scholars and make the first walk on the territory of this Paradise.

Zoological and Botanical gardens Kazan

In 1931, the Botanical garden was combined with the zoo, now in one place and you can admire the flora and fauna of our planet. It contains more than 250 species of animals, employees of institutions create conditions in which their pupils will be able to produce offspring. Not to get lost in all this splendor, you can enjoy a themed tour.


The Kul Sharif mosque is the main mosque of Tatarstan. It is located on the territory of the Kazan Kremlin and is considered one of the largest in Europe. The reconstruction of the mosque began in 1996 and ended in our century (2005). The architectural complex was built on the site where once was the famous mosque of the Kazan khanate, which in the 16th century destroyed the troops of Ivan the terrible.

Kul Sharif

Its name it received in honor of the last Imam who led the service in a ruined temple. It is known that earlier the mosque was 8 minarets, this number was not one other Muslim temple on earth.

The Kaban Lake

This lake with a long history shrouded in myths and legends. Recently, even the film «Treasures of lake Kaban». The filmmakers and actors told me that during the filming and after them, happened to them stories that they associate with the mystical past of these places.

the Kaban lake

In 1552 Ivan the terrible besieged Kazan and the Khan to not give the invaders many treasures, they drowned at the bottom of the lake. Ever since then, and not translated Tatar hunters for the treasure, but none of them failed to find the hidden gold. How true this legend is difficult to judge, but many locals secretly dream to find treasures of the last Tatar Khan.

Park imeni Uritskogo

Favorite place of citizens of Kazan there is a Park Uritsky. It is located in the Central district near the stadium «Tasma». Especially popular this place is for honeymooners. Almost all newlyweds come here to make a memorable photo shoot. Lake, openwork bridges, memorial walks is enough for every taste.

Park imeni Uritskogo

In 2016, the Park was reconstructed. New benches and paved roads, repaired bridges and completely cleaned the lake – the result of the work of citizens. Due to the large amount of green space in the Park is always clean and fresh air. There’s a place for sports.

Center of contemporary culture «Smena»

The structure of this cultural centre includes a concert hall and a bookstore, here are performances, and even scientific battles. Last year the Center for contemporary culture «Smena» has gained popularity among many residents of the city. The center also includes indoor lectures, showcases new research projects on modern equipment.

the center of contemporary culture change

In the same hall monthly changing exhibitions of works so that visitor can see something new. And in the second gallery space hosts seasonal exhibitions to exclusive works. Despite his young age, the center is not going to stop there and plans to open in the walls of the art cafe for visitors.

The Tatar academic theatre named after Galiaskar Kamala

Its history the original theatre of the Republic of Tatarstan, plays performances in their native language, began in the distant 1906. This was the first attempt of the progressive youth to put on a play in the Tatar language. On the first tour of the theatre went on the play by Ostrovsky, which was translated into the Tatar language. On the stage of this theatre appeared first Muslim woman — Sohibjamol Gizzatullina-Volzhskaya. It happened in 1907.

Tatar academic theatre

40 moves of the last century, theatre had to go through hard times, it was the period when the identity and national character of the art team tried to destroy. But despite all the obstacles, today the theater has scored many theatre awards and both domestic and world level. Successfully toured in Russia and countries near and far abroad.

The Water Park «Baryonyx»

When visiting Kazan with young children, be sure to check «Baryonyx». Unlike other water parks, which are designed mainly for teenagers and adults, this place can be visited with the young children. They are specially equipped two zones with different slides. «Octopus», «Tsunami», a «Black hole», and many other rides, where the child will be able to play from the heart.

water Park baryonyx

If parents have no desire to swim with kids, they can wait for them, sitting in a cozy sauna. From the window you can clearly see that at the moment, busy child, so worry about the safety of not worth it. Adult visitors can jump to the «bungee» into the water or slide «Anaconda». After all that fun you can eat in a local café.

Illusion Museum

It is no secret that in many museums photo and video recording is strictly prohibited. But the Kazan Museum of Illusions without a camera doing practically nothing. Because three-dimensional reality, which gets the visitor involves active human involvement in the process. Therefore, going to a Museum, be sure to take along friends or relatives who can take you in different paintings.

illusion Museum

Here is «the giant’s House», where everyone can feel yourself in the place of the midget, who visited the house of Gulliver. Pans that can fit a dozen people, chairs are without assistance to climb – an adventure in this unusual house will be long remembered by all your family.

The temple of all religions

This architectural structure was built in 1994 by artist and sculptor Ildar Ganovim. Is universal the Temple is seven kilometers from Kazan in the village of Old Arakchino. Despite its name, this facility is not intended for worship. Rather, it is a symbol of faith for all peoples.

the temple of all religions

In the temple there is an Orthodox Church, Muslim mosque, a Chinese pagoda. At the moment the project is under development. According to the author here needs to be collected by landmark building elements of all world religions. It is also planned to include in the exhibition and some of the cult objects of vanished civilizations.

Soviet lifestyle Museum

Such museums in the former Soviet Union not so much. Here is a collection of household items, clothes and other items that remind you of those times. The idea to create such collection came to Rustem Valiahmetov in the late 90-ies of the last century. In that period our compatriots got rid of the interior and everyday life, aiming for a new European design. At first it was a small collection, which is located right in the apartment, later the exhibition was moved to one of the local cellars.

Soviet lifestyle Museum

And in 2011, the exhibits became so numerous that the question arose about the opening of a full-fledged Museum. With the support of mayor of Kazan managed to find the former communal apartment, where I moved the entire exhibition. It is noteworthy that in the creation of this unique Museum was attended by many residents of Kazan who have brought exhibits, adorn this collection.

Kazan state circus

The Kazan circus is over 100 years old. The status of the state he received immediately after the revolution in 1924. In 1880 it was a wooden building built on a lake brothers Nikitini, which can be called the founders of the Russian circus.

Kazan state circus

In 1961, the wooden building burnt down from-for casual sparks of the torch, and began a new history of the Kazan circus. Already in 1967, the troupe of circus begins its performances in the new building, unique in the former Soviet Union was not. First time here, designed two of the arena, also in the house are all make-up artists. In Kazan state circus is open and a circus school, annually produces artists of different genres.

Sports Museum named S. H. Galeeva

This Museum sports hall of fame was opened in 1996 and is now located in the Palace of sports. There are two observation rooms, which are exhibitions telling about the glorious achievements of the Kazan athletes. In the hall of Olympic fame is located a display of personal awards the winners of these competitions. All such personal exposures – 28. There is also a display of Olympic clothing in different years.

Museum of sport

In total, the Fund of the Museum consists of 10,000 items, each of which is original. About 70% of all things available for viewing by visitors. The Museum often hosts special exhibitions on various sporting events and individual sports heroes.

The Kazan Kremlin

The Kazan Kremlin is a Museum-reserve, founded in 1994. This facility is unique in Russia, which has maintained the original features of Tatar architecture, and therefore is under state protection as historical value. In fact, it is the center of Tatar culture, which is the same anywhere in the world.

the Kazan Kremlin

In the building complex of the Kazan Kremlin the architecture, like ancient architecture, the Golden Horde and European, in particular Italian. For areas over 150 sq metres of exhibitions of various museums: Museum gun yard; the Museum of the history of the Annunciation Cathedral; a Museum of Islamic culture; Exhibition hall «Manege».

Anatomical Museum and theater

This unique collection of the anatomical Museum collected over 200 years. All of the exposition is located in a former anatomical theatre. Thanks to the exhibits presented in the Museum, you can learn a lot about the structure of the human body, and the differences in the structure of man and animal. This exhibition completely refutes Darwin’s theory about the origin of humans.

anatomical Museum and theater

The latest collection of the Museum is called «21st century Man». There is an anthropological collection of skeletons and skulls. The Museum displays mummies, embalmed in the 16th century, and artifacts, which used modern polymeric embalming.

Lovers ‘ arch

At the entrance to the Park «Black lake» is the most romantic place in Kazan, which you know all the lovers. I assume that it was built in the 30-ies of the last century. Thanks to its unique layout, it gives you the opportunity are there, talking in whispers, but still great to listen to each other. But people passing by can’t hear a sound. What is not a great place for declarations of love.

lovers ' arch

«Arch lovers» is a mandatory item in the route of the wedding processions and a great place for a memorable photo shoot. And Kazan believe that if you kiss the first time under the arch, then love will be long and happy.

The Museum of happy childhood

The youngest Museum of Kazan, opened in 2015, will offer a journey in a time machine and go into a period of happy childhood. The collection of the Museum presents exhibits that the older generation evoke nostalgic associations with their childhood years, during the Soviet period of history of Kazan.

the Museum of happy childhood

But the young generation that grew up after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it will be very interesting to know how they spent their school years their parents and grandparents. All you can touch the exhibits, take photos to better experience the atmosphere of those years and understand why our parents with such affection remembers his childhood.

Kyrlay, amusement Park

Favorite place of entertainment for residents and guests of the city is the amusement Park «kyrlay». In 2016, he has undergone renovation and is today equipped with the most modern technical innovations. For example, there is no need to stand in line for a ticket. A special card allows the visitor to pay for the ride, while not wasting too much time. But for those who are accustomed to more traditional payment systems, there are the usual offices with paper tickets.

amusement Park kyrlai

At the entrance to the Park you can leave the bike on a specially equipped platform. With «Ferris Wheel» offers spectacular views of the Kazan Kremlin. In the Park there is a cafe where you can eat in between entertainment. Overall, a great place for a family holiday.

Suyumbike Tower

This tower is considered to be the pearl of the Kazan Kremlin. It has seven tiers and is built of red brick. Citizens of Kazan will connect the tower’s name with the name of the Tatar Queen Syuyumbike. In the 18th century it performed the function of patrol, patrol tower. In its architecture are closely intertwined elements of Russian and Tatar architecture of the time.

soyembika tower

In the last century the tower has been reconstructed several times and today I read the Muslim adhan (call to prayer). Suyumbike tower refers to the architectural landmarks of Kazan, as a historical and cultural value of Tatar people.

National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan

This Museum has more than a century. It was opened in the late 19th century, in 1895. Then it was called Kazan city scientific-industrial Museum. It is located in the building of Gostiny Dvor. This building is a significant architectural monument of national importance.

National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan

Today the Museum is about 800 thousand exhibits. It all began with the private collection of the well-known Kazan historian and archaeologist A. F. Likhachev. Later the exposition was supplemented with exhibits scientific and industrial exhibition in 1890.

The family center «Kazan»

Kazan can rightly fit your wedding Palace. After all, such a unique structure not found anywhere else in the world. It is made in the form of a huge cauldron. It is connected with the legend about the origin of the city name. Because the Turkic word «cauldron» is very much in tune with the city name.

Family centre

The family center «Kazan» was opened in 2013 by local architect Dashi Namdakov. During the short time of existence, it has become a favorite place for young people who want to formalize their relationship in this place. The building has a special room for receptions, so the official part can be combined with the holiday fun without leaving the house.

Bauman Street

In every city there is a street with which the associated history and traditions. In Kazan this is Bauman street. Here are concentrated many entertainment and historic buildings. Earlier on Bauman street was the Nogai road, later renamed the Prolomnaya.

Bauman Street

Since 1986, the street is closed to traffic, so visitors can leisurely stroll along it, enjoying the sights of the city. And it has a lot of Monastery of St. John the Baptist, a Drama theater, monument to Catherine the great, the printing House. The highlight of the street was a monument to Kazan Cat, which symbolizes cats, donated by the Empress Catherine to hunt for mice in the Winter Palace.

The Kazan academic theatre. Kachalova

In 1791, took place the first theatrical premiere, performed by the public theater, which was organized by the Governor of Kazan, Baratai. Until the early 19th century formed a troupe of actors, composed mainly of serfs. Local landowner Esipov was in charge of staging plays and even built a small wooden theatre building.

Academic theatre. Kachalova

Today, the Academic theatre named the people’s artist of the USSR Vasily Kachalov, associate of Stanislavsky. This title, the theatre received in 1948, and in the 21st century, in 2005, the foyer was a monument to the great actor. The repertoire consists mainly of works of the classics, but there are plays by contemporary authors. Especially for the young audience the repertoire of the theatre included the musicals based on famous works by foreign and domestic authors.

Shalyapin chamber hall

This hall became a mini-Museum dedicated to the life and work of the great Russian bass Fyodor Chaliapin. Its cozy atmosphere and great acoustics attract crowds of fans of good music, many enjoy the magnificent singing and music.

Kamerniy hall Chaliapin

Among the exhibits are personal belongings of the singer, antique plates, rare documents. A great contribution to the formation of this collection was done by a known admirer of Chaliapin, Yuri F. Kotlyarov. Here you can also enjoy the singer’s voice, which today is striking in its depth and power.

Millenium Bridge

Large-scale construction Kazan jokingly call «Linoleum.» This is due to the fact that prior to the final completion of the toll it was carried out only under a half letters. Millenium bridge dedicated to the 1000th anniversary of the city. The Grand opening of the bridge took place in 2007, and cost this project almost 3.5 billion.

Millenium Bridge

Thanks to the original lighting is particularly impressive, this building looks great in the evening and at night. The total bridge length is 1524 meters and is the highest one in Kazan. The height of the letter «M» is 45 meters, under each of its halves is three lanes of traffic and a safe sidewalk for pedestrians.

Tatar state theatre «Ekiyat»

Puppet theatre «Ekiyat» is one of the best children’s and youth theatres all over Russia. The white building with the original architectural elements as if descended from the pages of books about wizards. The facade is decorated with moulded fairy-tale characters. Stage box itself is made in the form of crystal Palace, with the unusual lighting. Particularly impressive theatre looks in the evening.

Lyal'ok theatre Ekiyat

Not less than originally adorned the theatre and inside. Instead of the usual benches for resting, a small audience is invited to sit on the throne, and the floor done in checkerboard. In the theater, two halls, which can accommodate 350 spectators. Only in the repertoire of the puppet theatre, more than 40 performances, are the performances in Russian and Tatar languages.

The Mardjani Mosque

Start of construction of this mosque relates to 1767. It happened after the visit of the Empress Catherine. Residents complained to the Queen that do not have the opportunity to hold services. Catherine the Great was noted for his tolerance towards various religions and gave the order of the Governor of Kazan not to interfere with the construction of the mosque.

The Mardjani Mosque

Donations from the residents and was built by the Mardjani mosque, the first Muslim religious buildings from the time of the capture of Kazan by Ivan the Terrible. In the Soviet period Marjani was the only acting mosque in Kazan.

Tatar Opera and ballet theatre

Theatre named after Musa Jalil, appeared in Kazan in the late 18th century. But the modern building which now hosts performances, it was built only in 1956. It is a wonderful combination of classic architecture and national character of the Tatar people.

Tatar Opera and ballet theatre

In 2005, the building underwent massive reconstruction. This is mainly affected lighting design and acoustics. Thanks to recent innovations in this field, the opportunity to create unique performances with an original scenography. Technical equipment of the Tatar theatre of Opera and ballet stands in third place among the similar theatres of Russia. That is why it is often guests are foreign artists who appreciate this temple of Melpomene.

The Museum Boratynsky

Kazan is rightfully proud of the fact that here lived and worked the eminent people of past centuries. One of those people is the friend and companion of Alexander Pushkin, Evgeny Boratynsky. His name is inseparably connected with these places. In the outbuilding urban estate, formerly owned by the family of the poet, is a memorial complex dedicated to the Poet. Here are the personal belongings of the poet, first editions of works and objects of everyday life of his family.

The Museum Boratynsky

Become a good tradition of literary reading that are regularly held in the Museum building. They are held every year and timed to the anniversary of the poet.

Kazan attractions

Sights of Kazan has absorbed the spirit of ancient history of an entire people, and modern trends and technological innovations in the field of entertainment. Tourist who will be in the area, will always be able to choose entertainments to your taste.

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