The Sights Of Cologne

In Germany there are many interesting places that are visited annually by millions of tourists. A huge number of gorgeous attractions famous for the ancient and majestic Cologne. It is the fourth largest city in the country, where you can see many historical monuments and interesting places created by his contemporaries. Here you can find a large number of museums that tell the story of the origin and development of the city. Art lovers will have the opportunity to visit various galleries and concert halls. Attractions of Cologne are quite varied and will be of interest to visitors of all ages and different interests.

The Sights Of Cologne

The sights of Cologne on the map

In Cologne, as in many other cities, rich in places of interest, there are plenty of excursions. But some tourists prefer to explore the monuments of history and architecture, museums and parks. In this case, it is better to see the sights of Cologne on a map.

Cologne Cathedral

Each arrived in Cologne, the tourist goes to the Cathedral, which is the main attraction of the city. The construction of the building began in the XIII century. It was built following the example of the cathedrals built at that time in France. The design of the Church engaged the German architect Gerhard von rile. To bring his brilliant ideas to life, needed for around 2 centuries. The Cathedral was stunning and extremely rich decoration. But from the XV to the XIX century, the Church stood unfinished. Only in 1842 began to be carried out works on completion of construction works. In 38 years took place the solemn opening of the temple. A monument of Gothic architecture is still preserved in its original form. He managed to survive even during the bombing during the Second world war. Since 1945 and at the present time, are held in the Cathedral restoration. Architects have to make the effort to save the Shrine from destruction due to the effects of time and environmental pollution. Today to see this gem of Gothic architecture can be anyone.

Cologne CathedralCologne Cathedral

The Church Of St. Martin

The rich history has the Church of the Great Saint Martin. Its construction began in the middle of the XII century. In 1220 the Church was dedicated and welcomed its first members. The Cathedral was rebuilt several times. It was restored after a fire which destroyed the roof of the building, and after the hurricane partly damaged the tower of the Church. The strongest destruction of the temple was during the second world war. For the first time the Church caused damage to the air strikes in 1943, and after 2 years in the course of fierce battles, the building was almost completely destroyed. In 1948, German architects began to rebuild the Cathedral. Gross St. Martin was built according to the old drawings. 1985 the temple was consecrated, and in 2000 it was returned to the Benedictine monastery. The Church is a historical landmark of the city, attracts the attention of a huge number of tourists.

The Church Of St. MartinThe Church Of St. Martin

Church Of Saint Panteleimon

Lovers of ancient architecture should visit the old Church Cologne Church of Saint Panteleimon. The Romanesque sanctuary was built in the X century by order of the Empress, Theophano. As a result of many reconstructions undertaken over a long period of time, the style of the buildings began to acquire Baroque features. The temple at the end of the eighteenth century was closed and was used as stables. Later it arranged optical station. Through the century the Church was returned to believers. During the Second world war during the fighting, her walls were damaged by air strikes. But the temple was completely restored, and today it delights visitors with an extremely rich decoration. It is the sarcophagus of its founder, Empress, Theophano.

Church Of St. PanteleimonChurch Of Saint Panteleimon

City hall

Listing the main attractions of Cologne and not to mention the magnificent city hall. The construction of this majestic building began in XIV century. The town hall, which later became a symbol of city government, striking late Gothic style. Its tower immediately after the construction was decorated with many sculptures. But as decorative pieces were made of Sandstone, they are quickly destroyed. Them several times updated. The last time the house was decorated with 124 statues, destroyed during the fighting in the years 1943-1945. Four times a day and you can hear the melody played on the bells of the Carillon.

City hallCity hall

The Church of St. Cunibert

In Cologne, there are many old temples, which are surprising for its architecture. One of them is the Church of St. Cunibert. Built in the Romanesque style, the Cathedral is like a time machine that takes back centuries, when craftsmen were able to create such architectural masterpieces. Since the XIII century, when the temple was built, it was reconstructed several times. The biggest restoration work took place after the Second world war. Today the Church is fully restored. It rushes a lot of women wanting to be healed of infertility: according to legend, water from well, located under the choir, has healing powers.

The Church of St. CunibertThe Church of St. Cunibert

The Church Of St. Severin

In the X century, in Cologne, began construction of another temple – the Church of Saint-Severin. The construction of the Shrine was completed only after the 4th century. The Church was built in the Romanesque style, but during the many reconstructions acquired the features of late Gothic. The temple was completely destroyed during the bombing of the city during world war II. Immediately after the end of the fighting here began restoration work. Recreated from old drawings Church was consecrated in 1953. Today it attracts the attention of many tourists to admire the beauty of Cologne.

The Church Of St. SeverinThe Church Of St. Severin


Residents of Cologne had long had to defend themselves from the attacks of enemies. To increase the defenses of the city in the XII century it was built around a fortification, the first of which is surviving till today Ulrepforte. In the XV century the Fort lost its defensive importance and its buildings were converted. At that time the tower was used as a windmill. In the mid-nineteenth century building of the Fort was bought by the businessman Franz Karl Guillaume. He immediately began rebuilding the fortifications. The new owner even lived in the walls of the Fort. In 1907 Ulrepforte became the property of the city. Only in 2001, it conducted a large-scale reconstruction, after which the Fort was returned to its original form. Today this place is a historical monument of the city.


Palaces augustusburg and Falkenlust

Sightseeing of Cologne and the surrounding area, tourists should spend time to visit luxurious palaces of Augustusburg and Falkenlust. They are located in the small town of Bruhl, located near Cologne. These samples of Rococo architecture was built in the XVIII century. The main augustusburg castle is. It was the meeting of the German government with high-ranking foreign guests. Valencourt is considered an auxiliary building, which housed guests arrived to take part in falconry. Today, both the Palace and declared historical monuments and are protected by the state.

palaci augustusburg і falenklustPalaces augustusburg and Falkenlust

The Church Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

With a sinking heart, tourists admire another relic of Cologne – the Church of the blessed virgin Mary. The temple was constructed during the 71 years in the XVII century. Project magnificent structure was designed by architect Christoph Asirom. During the French occupation in the eighteenth century the Church was closed and within 10 years was used for different purposes. Only in 1794, the Church was returned to parishioners. As a result of fighting in the years 1943-1945 the walls of the Church were destroyed. In the postwar years In the temple for 30 years has carried out restoration work. Today the Church pleases visitors with magnificent views and rich interior decoration.

The Church Of The Blessed Virgin MaryThe Church Of The Blessed Virgin Mary


Popular attraction in Cologne is the Western gate Hahnentorburg, which were part of city fortifications. The exact date of construction of this amazing monument of architecture could not be established, but references in the ancient Chronicles indicate that the gate has functioned in the XIII century. For a long time in the walls of the building was a prison. At the end of the XIX century Hahnentorburg was recognized as a historical monument of the city. At that time, started its restoration. In the years 1943-1945 the building suffered damage from bombing. After the war, the building was restored and open to the public.


Hagelstange gate

Another part of defensive walls that guarded the city from enemies in the middle Ages, there Hagelstange gate. They are located in the Northern part of the city. Their construction dates back to the mid-thirteenth century. When the protective wall has lost its function, it was decided to demolish, leaving the North gate. In 1889 the architect Joseph Stubben began a restoration that lasted more than 3 years. Soon the gates of the house was opened as a historical Museum. Not far from the monument each year are racing.

Hagelstange gateHagelstange gate

Roman tower

The oldest historical monument in Cologne is the Roman tower, Which is located near Cologne Cathedral. Its construction was carried out at the end of II-early III centuries, when the city was still part of the Roman Empire. The tower impresses with a unique clutch. On its walls can be seen the gorgeous patterns. In the XIX century the building was given the status of monument of history, which is protected by the state.

Roman towerRoman tower

Hohenzollern Bridge

While in Cologne, tourists should see the Hohenzollern bridge, the construction of which was completed in 1911. This massive concrete structure was decorated with towers, destroyed during air strikes. The bridge itself was blown up in 1945. After the war work began to restore the major railway passing through the river Rhine. Managed to fully recreate the architectural appearance of a massive structure. In 1985 started work on its expansion. The bridge also constructed a walkway for pedestrians and cyclists.

Hohenzollern BridgeHohenzollern Bridge

The Church Of St. Gereon

Lovers of historical relics, is to visit the oldest Church of Cologne, the Church of St. Gereon. Construction of the Cathedral dates back to IV century, although for many centuries work was carried out for its expansion. Here you can see fragments of old martyrium, which was the predecessor to the magnificent temple, admire floor mosaics. The Church was able to survive even during the Second world war, when he survived only 5% of urban buildings. Its walls were only partially damaged. To restore the original appearance, the architects had for about 40 years.

The Church Of St. GereonThe Church Of St. Gereon

Church Of Saint Agnes

It’s hard to ignore the second largest Church in Cologne – the Church of Saint Agnes. The Shrine was built in the late XIX century. She is a striking beauty of neo-Gothic architecture. The magnificent nave of the Church, charms a rich finish, rises 60 meters above the ground. Beautiful facade, decorated with arched openings, exquisite tracery window with balcony and massive columns can be admired for hours. Will not leave anyone indifferent rich interior of the Church.

Church Of Saint AgnesChurch Of Saint Agnes

The Church Of St. Ursula

Among the most popular temples of Cologne is the Church of St. Ursula. It was built in the XII century, although scholars now dispute the accuracy of this date. The study of the ancient Chronicles showed that in the convent of St. Ursula’s services were held in the X century. Next to the Church in 1106 were discovered burial, in which, according to believers, are buried the remains of St. Ursula and her followers. Thanks to this discovery, the temple became extremely popular. In 1945 the Church was completely destroyed during the air strikes. Since 1949, work began on the restoration of the temple, which lasted 23 years. In the Church there is a wonderful «Golden chamber», which attracted the attention of many visitors.

The Church Of St. UrsulaThe Church Of St. Ursula

The Roman-Germanic Museum

About the rich history of the ancient city of Cologne can be found in the Roman-Germanic Museum, which enjoys great popularity among tourists. It contains a large amount of valuable artifacts Dating back thousands of years. Each exposition of the Museum tells about a specific time period of origin and development of the city. There is also a beautiful collection of jewelry created by the masters of the Roman Empire and German jewellers. In the Museum you can admire the variety of glass products.

The Roman-Germanic MuseumThe Roman-Germanic Museum

The Cologne Museum of the diocese of Columbus

The attention of many tourists in Cologne, attracted a rather unusual Museum, which was built on the ruins in 1945 the Church of St. Columba. For a long time after the destruction of the ruins of the late-Romanesque Church was here formed part of the Park. But planners decided to start a Museum that would preserve the remains of a Church from further destruction. Architect from Switzerland Peter Zumthor designed the building, the walls of which are kept ancient relics. Inside the ruins of the Church are poorly lit, making them mysterious and beautiful.

The Cologne Museum of the diocese of ColumbusThe Cologne Museum of the diocese of Columbus

Chocolate Museum

In 1993 in Cologne on the initiative of the local confectionery factory was opened chocolate Museum. This attraction is visited annually by about 650 thousand people. The exhibits are interesting to people of any age, but especially delight in viewing the collection feel young visitors. Here are many recipes of chocolates and drinks. The Museum also has a greenhouse where you can admire the plants that are used in the manufacture of sugar.

Chocolate Museum

Cable car

Scenic views of the Rhine river and the streets of Cologne during travel by cable car. From the Windows of the specially equipped cabins offer a magnificent view of the city from a bird’s eye view. But to make such a journey possible only in the warmer months of the year, because the cable car runs from April to October. Moving to the booth in 15 minutes to see the many sights of the ancient city.

Cable carCable car

Museum of applied arts

Extremely rich collection of objects of arts and crafts collected in the Museum of applied art in Cologne. The exposition will acquaint visitors with the features of many architectural styles, starting with ancient Gothic to contemporary modernism. The Museum contains a huge collection of household items. Here also are the exhibition of antique and modern jewelry.

Museum of applied artsMuseum of applied arts


A modern landmark is the television tower Colonius, built in Cologne in 1981. With a height of 266 m, it occupies the seventh place in the list of the tallest structures of Germany. Until 1999, the tower was opened to the public. It was a viewing platform, which opened a magical view of the city. But after the incident, which occurred in a nearby restaurant, the entrance to the visitors Colonius was closed. Now admire the tower from outside.

Tower ColoniusTower Colonius

Street Hohe Straße

A favorite place for strolling and shopping among the residents and visitors of Cologne is Hohe Straße. It is a pedestrian street located in the historic part of the city. She began to form back in Roman times. In the XIX century along the Hohe Strasse has a huge number of shops, making it a lively place. It still has a large number of halls offer a wide variety of goods. On the street there are also many city attractions.

Street, Hohe StrasseStreet Hohe Straße

Cologne synagogue

Jews living in Cologne, had to endure many hard times. Them in ancient times was accused of spreading the plague and other misfortunes that occurred in the city. Only during the French occupation, the Jewish community ceased to be persecuted. In 1861 the city even built the first synagogue, which was completely destroyed after 77 years by the Nazis. In the postwar years, the synagogue was restored. Today she pleases tourists and residents a magnificent view, recreated from previous projects.

Cologne synagogueCologne synagogue

Botanical garden «flora»

Tourists who are in Cologne, you should visit one of the oldest Botanical gardens in Europe – «Flora». The Foundation of this place dates back to 1864. Here the landscape is decorated in different styles, which also attracts visitors. In the Botanical garden have done everything possible to be a good time for people of any age, so here is often make trips with the whole family, the inhabitants of Cologne. The Botanical garden contains a huge number of plant species. This place seems a Paradise for flower lovers.

Botanical garden Botanical garden «flora»


Favorite place to walk is in Cologne the Rheinpark, where a countless number of residents and guests of the city. Here you can walk among the lush greenery of trees and bushes, admire the colourful flower beds, the scenery of the Rhine river. In the Park railway was built, which takes everyone from one end to the other. Most happy riding the train children, so there is often a rest with their families. Not far from the Park there is a wonderful dancing fountain.


Mansion Overstolz

In Cologne there are many ancient houses, which are frequented by visitors. One of the most popular houses is mansion Overstolz. It was built in the XIII century the richest family of Industrialists. Over the centuries the building was reconstructed several times. Extensive restoration work was carried out here after the Second world war, during which the mansion was badly damaged. The architects managed to restore the building to its original look. Inside is preserved a unique painting of the Romanesque period.

Mansion OverstolzMansion Overstolz

The Museum of spirits

In Cologne it is considered that the first bottle of perfume was made in this city. Here in the early eighteenth century began to work the perfume factory, which at the present time pleases fans of gorgeous luxury fragrances with great compositions. This and many other interesting periods in the development of the perfume industry will tell its visitors the city Museum of perfume.

The Museum of spiritsThe Museum of spirits

Fantasy Land

While in Cologne, it is difficult to refrain from visiting the Park, Fentasy land, which has a huge number of different rides. In this place you will find plenty of entertainment of the little visitors of the Park and its guests. Most of the rides are inside buildings. This is due to the close proximity of houses, the tranquility of residents that could be disturbed by the noise of the entertainment of people. The Park is fun to relax at any time of the year.

Fantasy LandFantasy Land

Ludwig Museum

To get acquainted with the works of many artists in the Museum Ludwig. The gallery presents paintings by German and international artists. The Museum was opened in 1976. His first collection consisted of the collections of the Cologne art-lovers. A huge collection of paintings donated to the gallery Peter Ludwig, in whose honor and was named a Museum.

Ludwig MuseumLudwig Museum

A visit to Cologne will be one of the most striking events in the life of any tourist. This ancient city is replete with beautiful historical monuments which are carefully kept for many centuries. Here you can admire the beautiful modern places that harmoniously coexist with ancient shrines. The sights of Cologne, photos and description can be seen in the article, it is difficult to visit in one day. Because each of them has a rich history that will be of interest to visitors.

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