Short wedding dresses – holiday minimalism

For centuries the Slavic peoples had a tradition to walk down the aisle in white exclusively and necessarily long wedding dress. But our age is more free in stylistic trends and now every bride has the right to choose an outfit that she likes and not others. Because the individual uniqueness of a girl who’s about to become a married woman – the main thing that should symbolize the finish of the celebration of marriage.

The advantages of short wedding dresses:

  1. Short wedding dresses today compete with classical models in the floor. These styles are comfortable, comfortable and practical. To verify this, just ask the bride, the dress of which was lush, with a long train, numerous accessories and other «chips». Perhaps the girl confirms that she was not very comfortable, because she was always worried about «decoration» inadvertently corrupted. With a short dress this probably will not be – the bride can enjoy their holiday without any obstacles.
  2. Especially great with short wedding dress looks cleverly chosen tiara or veil. You can also focus on detail with bright hair ribbons or contrasting bow at the waist. The fluffy skirt and clothe bodice – just perfect for this style.
  3. If you belong to a category of people who are convinced that short dresses – the lot of a gray and faceless everyday life, you are deeply mistaken. Mini length always wins compared to the «Maxi» because it has more democratic appearance and does not remove the carrier from its immediate environment, which is very important for any the hero of the occasion. Perfect outfit suitable for «Thumbelina» – the owners of low growth and chiseled figures.

Variations on a theme, or how to find your model?

Of course, extreme «mini» created is not for everyone, and it is not necessary to go to extremes. Fortunately, in our time at the wedding shop offer many kinds of options of dresses the same length: knee-length, above or below, in the form of a box to hide small errors of the shape or the type of «baby doll» — with many skirts, ruffles and ribbons. The color palette can be very diverse, from monochrome to spectral. Meet your desire – and then certainly not regret it.

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