Shoes from the movie Back to the future became a reality


Firm Nike has designed athletic shoes that lace automatically. Sneakers received the name of HyperAdapt. The engineers took as a basis the shoes of a sci-Fi movie «Back to the future-2». In it the main character, Marty McFly goes to the future and dress in clothes and shoes, which itself adapts to the owner.

Sneakers HyperAdapt increase the tension of the laces at the signal sensors, which are located inside the Shoe.

The Puma company has decided not to stand aside and also developed shoes of the future. Sneakers Autodiscs, released last year, have successfully passed revision. New shoes from Puma come with motors that automatically tighten the laces.

To adjust tension, you can use the buttons on the shoes themselves or through a special mobile application. On the smartphone screen is displayed sports shoes and buttons with the value «plus» and «minus» that reinforce or weaken the laces.

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