Seven mysterious and surprising phenomena of lake Baikal

The mysterious Baikal is amazing in everything. It holds most of the world’s fresh water supply, its water is so transparent that you can easily see everything that is in the depths. But the lake is famous not only for this, it often happen strange and unexplained phenomena that defies logic. Discover the most amazing mysteries of lake Baikal, which will not leave you indifferent.

1. Ice tents

Ice tents

Lake Baikal is covered by ice of various shapes. Especially the surprise kind of hills representing ice cones, whose inside is empty, and the height sometimes reaches six meters. These ice cones are reminiscent of the tent. The hills can appear alone, but also form a chain, similar to a mountain range.

2. Baikal mirages

Baikal mirages

This phenomenon, which local people called golemanite, allows you to see the objects, as it turns out, at the distance of forty miles. Mirages on Baikal occur in summer and winter.

3. Damn funnel

Damn funnel

This amazing place is located in the South-East of the island of Olkhon. Called him so for the fact that there are very strange phenomena about once or twice a year. Nobody expects that in time of dead calm may occur as a funnel. But it appears sudden, and horrifying sizes. According to old residents, this terrible way, open the gates to hell and taking souls to hell.

4. Baikal triangle

Baikal triangle

So, the lake has its own anomalous area similar to the Bermuda triangle. In this zone, all devices of the aircraft fail and cease to function, as they say, because of the extreme turbulence. But that’s not all. It is common to see something unusual: glowing orbs, circles, sudden change of weather. Those who visited this mysterious place, talked about losing temporal and spatial orientation.

5. Strange rings on ice

Strange rings on ice

Watching the lake from the air, you can witness that on the icy surface of the lake, odd rings, their diameter is several kilometers! As shown by observations from space, these rings appeared a few times, the last in 2009. The ring never showed up in the same place twice.

6. Ol witch’s circles

Ol witch's circles

Olkhon is one of the Islands on a mysterious lake, which periodically appear perfect, drawn on the grass circle. As according to local people, the circles arise from the witch dances. Ufologists are willing to bet that this is evidence of UFO landings.

7. Sparkles water

Sparkles water

In 80-ies scientists have observed that the lake water has some glow. However, to detect it only with the help of special equipment, the naked eye will not notice. The study did not end, after scientists found that water is lit unevenly, and at a depth very gradually fades away. Also the brightness is noticeably less in the period November – January.

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