Screens under a bath — features and benefits

Screens under a bath is the most modern solution. For starters, what exactly is this screen. This concept refers to the design, which is attached to the side of the bath and thus covers the whole front from the floor to edge. Set the screen often in order to conceal plumbing connections, although some just like this design as part of bathroom design because it can be applied to various images.

Installation of such structures is fast enough to do it easily. By the way, the screens even come with drawers or small doors, which hides a storage space for various things.

Types of screens under a bath

To make the choice easier, and help you to deal with the classification of such decorative and practical designs for the bathroom. So, varieties of screens:

  • Moving

The so-called screens that include doors. These items can be installed by using loops, or to move along the metal grooves.

  • Fixed

Here all is clear from the name, these structures do not change their positions and do not add extra space in the bathroom, but they are as good as mobile, not to hide the aesthetic elements, or simply the void under the bath. Have these screens and another drawback — because of their stationarity, if necessary, people will not have access to sanitary eyeliner, that is, in this case, you will have to dismantle.

Another classification screens

I want to tell you about another way to share screens for bath types: their klassificeret by the material from which produced. When you have decided what the design should have the screen, you need to choose the material. The diversity in this area is quite large, in the factories making screens, plastic, MDF, metal and even glass, the last option, by the way, many believe dangerous, because you can accidentally break it and hurt yourself. Quite often in shops it is possible to see models that combine several options for example, it can be metal and glass looks original.

To date, the most popular are metal screens for the bathroom, they are inexpensive but durable. Thanks to a special coating this construction will not corrode. Another advantage of metal screens — wide choice of colors: you can choose the option that fits the color of the tile in the bathroom. So what will be your choice?

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