Sclerotherapy is an effective method of getting rid of varicose veins

Varicose veins – one of the diseases with which for many years did not cease to fight the doctors: developed new techniques, there are special creams and gels, various medicines, etc. Today one of the most effective ways to get rid of varicose veins is sclerotherapy. Treatment usually consists of 2-6 treatments. One session for small vessels, or the sealed vein is not enough. The main advantage of this technique is the absence of a surgery and a long rehabilitation period.

The features of the painless procedure


An effective method of treatment of varicose veins involves the launch of a special foam into the affected vein, which fills the vessel and becomes a fibrous cord. Introduced a special formula with a syringe. After that, the patient needs to wear compression stockings on legs or tighten the elastic bandage.

The procedure takes a minimum of time – an average of 30 minutes. Once complete, recommended Hiking, prevent deep vein thrombosis.

Many patients have already managed to experience all the benefits of sclerotherapy and to ensure its effectiveness. Most people see a good cosmetic outcome methods: unsightly swollen veins disappear, restoring the skin appearance of your legs becomes more attractive. In addition, the introduction of special substances into a vein relieves the discomfort and pain that causes varicose veins. The procedure also delivers a minimum of discomfort. At the time of her felt a slight tingling. Through the use of syringes with thin needles are not painful, but felt a slight tingling sensation. Minor discomfort may be felt if the lumen of the vessel has a minimum diameter.

After the sclerotherapy can be bruising at the injection needle, and observed tissue necrosis. Such cosmetic defects refer to temporary phenomena that, after a maximum of three weeks they are not going to be over.

Given these characteristics, it can be concluded that this method of getting rid of varicose veins – one of the most effective, have minimal trauma. But despite the safety and efficacy of the procedure prior to its implementation, there are certain contraindications.

When sclerotherapy can not be carried out?


Such manipulation is contraindicated in patients who have atherosclerosis or thrombosis. Restrictions to carrying out sclerotherapy are heart disease, diabetic angiopathy, obliterating endarteritis, pathology present in the bloodstream.

Before the procedure, you must ensure that lack of inclination to allergic reactions that will prevent an unwanted response of the body to enter into a vein a substance.


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