Schizophrenia. How terrible diagnosis?


The symptoms of schizophrenia

A few of the basic symptoms of schizophrenia:

  • The patient thinks that his life is governed by someone else. It is a kind of split personality and not know where he is real, and where the one who manages them.
  • The person hears voices, which are laid on in his head.
  • A person feels that his thoughts voiced by someone else, like the head built-in radio receiver.
  • The patient believes that his thoughts belong to him.

How to treat schizophrenia

So who is most prone to schizophrenia?

Of course, the first thing to mention genetics. If relatives suffered from schizophrenia, that is, the probability to adopt this disorder from them. If schizophrenia was the sick one of the parents, the probability of an illness – 11.8%. If both parents are sick, the probability of illness is very high – above 30%.

Get schizophrenia from severe stress. And more prone to this city dwellers and poor people.

Another theory is that schizophrenia is a virus that leaves behind a slowly progressive dementia.

Psychotherapy of schizophrenia

Scientists have found that future schizophrenics are born in March and April (change of weather conditions, the transition from winter to spring), also, a contribution may be made by any infection, which have been ill the mother during pregnancy.

How to treat schizophrenia?

There are some of the most common methods of therapy of schizophrenia:

  • shock therapy;
  • insulin-coma therapy;
  • sleep deprivation and phototherapy;
  • the use of drugs that reduce anxiety, antidepressants, psychostimulants and, first and foremost, psychoactive drugs.

In the case of severe forms of schizophrenia and risk from the patient to society and himself, the patient is subject to hospitalization and forced treatment.

Treated schizophrenia

Unfortunately, schizophrenia is not treated. After the patient’s condition improves and he comes back to life and work, he must continue to take the drugs and maintain the current state.

Schizophrenia is a serious illness and, unfortunately, incurable. But everyone has the opportunity to overcome it, to support a viable state. No need to be afraid of schizophrenics. Many of them are scientists, writers, artists and just talented people. Most importantly, believe in them and convince them of the necessity of treatment.

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