Samsung is struggling with accidents on the roads

The majority of road accidents happen due to carelessness of drivers, undue haste and excessive security. The main percentage of car accidents account for collision with wrong overtaking. In driving, special attention is paid to this factor.

Three steps for correct and safe overtaking:

  • to look back and make sure that the back overtakes you there is no transport;
  • focus on the oncoming lane and make sure that you are not moving any means of transportation;
  • direct overtaking maneuver: quick and attentive.

Due to the frequent accidents when overtaking employees of the world famous company Samsung came up with the brilliant idea that with the right approach could save the lives of many drivers.

New idea Samsung

People who spend a lot of time behind the wheel, know ahead truck blocking further progress: it is possible to reach tens of minutes. That is why drivers of cars keen to outrun a huge car. In such moments often happen and unfortunate collision.

Experts of the Argentine representation of the company Samsung has decided to develop an innovative tool in promoting the works of overtaking in the conditions of full awareness.

The world brand decided to conduct an experiment. On the windshield of the trucks his company they installed a special camera (like the DVR). At the same time on the rear – placed screens that broadcast the picture from the camera. Thus, drivers who followed the wagon, could easily see on the monitors, what is the situation in the oncoming lane. And accordingly, at the right moment to overtake without any fear of collision. Modern technology for a certain period became the eyes of every motorist.

New trucks Samsung company

This idea is quite interesting and creative. However, it is unlikely she will ever be applied in real life. After all, if you consider the cost of such digital equipment, neither the owner of the truck can not, and do not want to install this innovation. In addition, the huge screens will add a certain amount of kilograms the truck that will lead to more fuel consumption. Unfortunately, our era is not ready for such expensive offers.

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