Salt lake

Our planet on the 23rd of the liquid, and the seawater is the most common substance on Earth. If you drain all the world’s stocks, then dry the residue (salt and 50 additional components) will be a cube with dimensions of 230 kilometers in height and 2 kilometers in thickness.

Hearing the question «What body of water the saltiest?» — I think most will answer that it is the Dead sea. But, first, it is not quite sea, not because it has no runoff into the ocean. And secondly, it’s just the most hyped salt lake, is known to all. Enterprising local residents were able to use those resources that they have and squeeze from them the maximum benefit (and money). In fact, the concentration of salt in it 1.5 less than the most salty lakes of the world.

Dead sea-more

Lake Elton in the Volgograd region

This is the largest mineral lake in Europe, and probably one of the saltiest lakes in the world. Probably because every year the salinity changes depending on what was the snow depth and how much liquid volume will fall this year in the pond from the rivers. Record the maximum concentrations of minerals — 525 %.


The name of the lake sounds like in Mongolian «al Noor» — bonanza. It is almost a perfect circle with an area of 152 square kilometers. The pond is so named because during the event, its waters are colored in purple-yellow color. Spring depth of 1.5 meters and up to 10 inches in the summer. In the dry season the liquid becomes a brine (concentrated solution of high salinity) and 6 months here, some of the salt marshes the heavy layer.


The lake is fed by 7 rivers, and on the bottom there are outlets of underground sources of NaCl and Kcl. The thickness of the layer of salt is not defined. It is known that in tsarist Russia celebrated the depth of the salt layers of a few tens fathom (fathom – a little more than 2 meters) and their sizes are increasing up to mid-salt marsh.The salt mine has begun here since the time of Ivan the terrible and then the production reached 5 million tons per year.

Lake Elton is a rare source of chloride-sodium-magnesium, which stimulates the nervous system and has a rejuvenating effect. Silt mud is far superior to the vaunted Dead sea mud. The Mongolian nomads of the patient buried in the mud, and then washed him with salt brine — and all the disease retreated. Here does not fall neither morning nor evening dew and the air above the lake is extremely clean.


Interestingly, once upon a time at the local motels was the Museum of abandoned crutches. There were so many that the locals even made them fence.

It turns out that the salt lake can be used not only for mining and treatment of the joints. For example, pond Uyuni in Bolivia. In the rainy season, when dry the salt marsh is covered with a thin layer of water, it is possible to make the most accurate adjustment of the devices to orbiting satellites. After all, where else can people procure the mirror with an area of 10.5 thousand square kilometers?


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