Russian flags have surprised the Americans of their «imperfect»

Roman Mars, one of the us portals has posted an interesting information about flags. Experts believe that the flag should look impressive, but simple. In addition, it needs to have symbolic value and be easy to remember. But there are many countries and cities, flags of which even contradict designer’s instructions. Particularly distinguished our countrymen: the flags of Moscow and Zheleznogorsk absolutely does not fit the parameters of ideal flag.

Ted Kaye in its lurid detail the principles of creating a good flag. These rules should facilitate the task of those who need to come up with the design of this symbol. But there would be no rules, there would be no violations. Roman Mars decided to find interesting flags from around the world, the design of which is contrary to all the wishes of famous authors.

    The actual rules themselves:
  • The most important quality of the ideal flag – easy.
  • The symbolism and hidden subtext.
  • Use no more than three colors.
  • Taboo on labels and statements.
  • Accessibility to understand.

But a blind implementation of these tenets is not a guarantee of success. It is often their violation makes the flag unique and unforgettable, giving him total love. In his article, Roman Mars wrote on seven banners, despise all designer frames.

South Africa flag consists of six colors. Each color has a certain historical symbolism for the state. Despite the brightness, such variegation looks pretty impressive.


Flag of Maryland in the United States is striking for its intricacy. The author notes that a child could draw something like that. But the combination of the coat of arms of the founder George. Calvert in gold and black colors along with the red-white symbol creates the desired effect with a reference on the historical past of the state.

The flag of Maryland

Flag of California not far behind his brother, and also violates the standard norms. Its creators, it seems, had no idea that the letters, names and statements are not appropriate in this case. But in this case, the name «California Republic» on the flag gives you the opportunity to remember the eponymous state, the existence of which hardly has a month.

Flag Of California

The flag of Wales can hardly be called a simple symbol. Dragon on his canvas is too detailed. But it seems to absolutely not care about the Welsh. In their social networks, they ironically speak about the rules that supposedly violates their flag. «This issue of the rules themselves», they say.

The Flag Of Wales

The flag of Bhutan is also simply amazing with lots of small details that gave not even noticeable. But Roman Mars thinks that is depicted on the flag dragon is just awesome.

Bhutan Flag

Interestingly, the images fabulous and mythical dragons take first place in creativity of the creators of the flags. The author writes that this theme of a resident of Moscow sent to him the coat of arms of the capital with the comment: «Although it is against the rules, Moscow loves him». Roman Mars completely agree with this statement: «Indeed, the most important rule that matters is love and affection to your flag. Plus, is depicted on the flag, the young man strikes the dragon!»

The Coat Of Arms Of Moscow

The soul of the American subdued flag of another city of the Russian state. Earlier in Zheleznogorsk is planned to open production of weapons-grade plutonium. American author shares his impressions: «it is Clear that the flag, which shows the fierce Russian bear, tearing apart the atom, is too difficult for the child. But I think any child will want to draw the bear. This pattern would look fine as a print on a t-shirt, stickers, posters, music album cover, and even tattoos…»

The Flag Of Zheleznogorsk

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