Rickets in babies. Symptoms and prevention

What does fish oil have to do with rickets?

Let’s look at everything step by step. Why grandmother heard about rickets, and strive to feed the poor grandchildren of fat, and even fish? The point is that for the active growth of bone mass need 3 components: calcium, phosphorus and necessary vitamin D. Without this magic vitamin no calcium or phosphorus do not synthesize, but not reacting, they are simply removed from the body, without bringing any benefit to the baby. So rickets is not that other, as the notorious deficiency of this vitamin. The risk, of course, children under one year.

Fish oil from rickets

Comes the miracle vitamin we or through the skin or through the mouth. So, or analyze the diet and add the necessary components and take all sorts of supplements, or walk on the street under the sun. And it is better to do it all in the complex.

But I want to tell You that this just isn’t working. Many pediatricians are of the opinion: if the child has a balanced diet, he spends a lot of time on the street and, importantly, breastfed, as in this case, the vitamin produced by the body of the mother, no further drugs are not necessary to give. And that’s not so. This is not always enough.

Walk prevent rickets

What signs can indicate rickets?

The first thing in any case can not be ignored is the first messengers. If a child in the body a vitamin deficiency, it is noticeable, the first thing that catches the eye is sweating, even when obezbijede condition. The baby’s sleeping and diaper just soaking wet, the baby in my sleep restless, twitching, wakes up, crying. Then the crying goes and not only during sleep, and excessive fearfulness, you will notice how the child reacts to sounds and shivering. In this case, you should immediately take the tests and check the level of calcium if the level is on the lower borderline not worth the risk, we should drink a course of calcium with vitamin D and phosphorus. Drugs, containing necessary components for kids in the form of a suspension which is easy to drink and like the little sweet tooth because the taste is very pleasant. Definitely necessary every two weeks to conduct the tests again and monitor the level of calcium. An experienced pediatrician will calculate the dosage and the kid quickly goes on the amendment. Most importantly, not to panic, it’s not the rickets, and conduct x-ray is absolutely not necessary, the standard of control of urine will be enough.

What signs can indicate rickets?

The symptoms of rickets as a serious disease, of course, not just sweating and restless mood of the child. Let us briefly enumerate them:

  • The bones of the skull thin and soft.
  • Tubercles in the frontal part and the crown increase in size.
  • Muscle tone decreases significantly.
  • On the edges of the formed seal.
  • Growth virtually stops.
  • The teeth erupt late.
  • When attempting to walk frequent fractures.

Such a diagnosis, as the rickets, the doctor makes only after x-rays. I would like to mention that due to the fact that the standard of living has greatly increased and my mother, and little ones receive a balanced diet, this diagnosis is extremely rare.

How to avoid even minimal symptoms?

Must consider skin color, black kids worse produce vitamin D, so darker skin, the longer should be walking.

How to avoid rickets in children

Breastfeeding helps to avoid the lack of vitamin in the artificial feeding it is necessary to choose mixture enriched with much needed vitamin. In the diet of lactating mothers should be the liver of animals, if possible, fish oil, egg yolk, cream, butter. Kids as prophylaxis give water or oily solutions of the vitamin. These simple things will help avoid the dreaded diagnosis.

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