Republic of Karelia is a Paradise for any tourist

Republic of Karelia – a wonderful wilderness area, a place rich in natural and historical attractions. Thousands of not only Russian but also foreign tourists flock here every year to enjoy the beauty of local nature, to get some culture or engage in one of the most active types of tourism, are well represented here.

The capital of the Republic is the city of Petrozavodsk.

Attractions of the Republic of Karelia

The Republic is located in the North-West of our country, on the border with Finland. Despite the remoteness of the Republic from Central Russia, getting here is not difficult. For this there are at least three options:

  1. By car. The distance from Moscow to Petrozavodsk is 1016 km, an experienced driver can overcome it for 14 hours.
  2. On the train. There are several trains which go from Moscow to Petrozavodsk. For example, you can use the train number 018a, time on the road will be about 12 hours, the price of tickets from 2600 rubles. This is the fastest train but also the most expensive.
  3. On the plane. This is the fastest way to get from Moscow to Petrozavodsk. By plane time spent on the road, will be 1 hour and 40 minutes and the ticket price of 4000 rubles.

The cultural heritage of the Republic of Karelia

The island of Valaam – the largest island of the many Islands of the Valaam archipelago, located in the North Ladozskoe lake. Here is one of the monuments of Russian culture of the Valaam monastery, which operates in the present.

The island of Valaam in the Republic of Karelia

In the X century the monks began to settle, who organized the monastery. Gradually the settlement was extended and subsequently there was built a complex of buildings of which the architecture is simply amazing. The basis of the architectural structures represented by the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral, the churches of the assumption and the life-giving Trinity, the Church of Peter and Paul.

In the XIX century on the island there was «civilization»: it was built hotels, water and farm.

The island of Kizhi located in lake Onega. This island is famous for wood architecture, here is the 89 different facilities collected throughout Karelia and brought to the island. Kizhi – is a monument-Museum under the open sky. Here recreated life and the way of life of the peoples of the North. There are about 40 thousand objects used in the lives of the local peoples.

The island of Kizhi wooden architecture

Despite the multiplicity and diversity represented on the island of monuments, the main purpose of tourists visiting the island, as a rule, is the Kizhi Pogost, the most brilliant representative of the wooden architecture of the Republic, which includes prominent building is the Church of Transfiguration, built in 1714.

Natural monuments of the Republic of Karelia

Martsialnye Vody is the first Russian resort, founded by Peter I in 1719 in here on the basis of natural mineral springs. Currently, there is a sanatorium here you can stay at the accommodation during the visit of the Republic of Karelia.

Marble canyon «Ruskeala» – there was mined marble in the period from 1795 to 1939. He was subsequently flooded by the Finns and now, the canyon is located mountain Park. Here you can explore the canyon by boat.

The cultural heritage of the Republic of Karelia, Ruskeala

Mountain Vottovaara is the highest peak is remarkable that straight, furrowed with deep cracks, polished. The mountain is associated with many myths and prejudices. During the war there killed a guerrilla brigade, and then the mountain has another name – Death mountain. Electronic devices are often damaged, animals and birds around the mountain side. According to local residents, living on the mountain shamans, and the mountain gate to the underworld.

Republic of Karelia is not only a cultural and Wellness tourism and active recreation, which is no less diverse.

Natural monuments of the Republic of Karelia

A tourist-hunter is pleasantly surprised by the diversity in these habitats live animals and birds. For these tourists there are special hunting trips.

Tourists-fishermen come here seeking for a great catch of salmon, whitefish or grayling. For these tourists organized a special tourist base where you can rent equipment for fishing.

Republic of Karelia enjoys the same popularity in summer and winter. Because the winter here begin to operate ski resorts, numerous presents in the Republic. In addition, in winter you can go on deer, dogs and snowmobiles.

Karelia – the land of amazing nature, long history and a great place for lovers of active holidays.

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