Re pregnancy

Earlier it was believed that all pregnancies are similar to the previous one, so do not expect something special. But, actually, it is not so. After all, every new pregnancy is not similar to the previous one.

The second pregnancy


Life rarely turns out as planned, but the pregnancy is still better to consider in advance. Well, if the time between pregnancies will be from 1.5 to 2 years. This time is enough for restoration of the body.

That the pregnancy did not come early, need to beware, there are many options. Many people think that if there is no menstruation is breast feeding, then you cannot get pregnant. This, of course, a mistake, because after the first menstruation may occur conception and the month never comes. Naturally, a woman will not understand what pregnant, especially in the absence of signs.

How to prepare for a repeat pregnancy

How to prepare for a repeat pregnancy?

If your previous pregnancy was perfect, it does not mean that the new will be the same. So, take all the necessary examinations will have. In that case, if you had a difficult birth, research has to be much harder than the first time.

What analyses and studies have to do:

  1. Ultrasound. It is necessary to check not only the uterus but also other organs of the pelvis.
  2. Swabs from the vagina. Need to check whether you have cracks, erosions, infections. With all these troubles to cope easier before pregnancy than during it.
  3. Examined by all the doctors. This is necessary because many diseases and processes aggravated after the first birth.

How is second pregnancy

Differences second pregnancy from the first

There are differences and they are as follows:

  1. Varicose disease. Even if it has not appeared after the first pregnancy, after the second can occur. To prevent this, use special compression tights or stockings for pregnant women.
  2. The risk of miscarriage. After the first pregnancy the cervix becomes wider and it may well get the fruit.
  3. The scar on the uterus. If the first child you had a caesarean, it does not mean that all other deliveries should be the same. But prior uterine scar you have to be careful, especially if it is longitudinal, not transverse. As it can cause complications of pregnancy and childbirth.
  4. Anemia. If you had a large loss of blood during childbirth past and the hemoglobin is not normal, second pregnancy worsens the condition, until the blood transfusion.
  5. Lactation. Test of strength. Because if you still feed your firstborn, your health can be a blow to crumble the teeth, hair falling out, break nails, there is a risk of fractures and whatnot. Because the baby in the womb takes mom a lot of vitamins and minerals.Well, nature has thought of everything, and very often when you re pregnant first child leaves the breast, as the taste of the milk varies.
  6. The early signs. The mother and the surrounding second pregnancy earlier recognize. First, due to the fact that the uterus is not reduced to the original size, but remains slightly increased, the sooner we’ll become a noticeable belly. Secondly, the mother herself knows how the kid feels and how it moves, so about 1 month before she will be able to feel timid tremors.

Differences second pregnancy from the first


The duration of their less. If the first lasted about 12 hours, the second will take no more than 5 hours. Clashes also shortened, because your first child has tried and has stretched the birth canal once. So, brother or sister will be easier to «punch» their way to the light.

False labor when you re pregnant there are more. To determine the delivery started, using the position change or bath with warm water. If false labor, they will disappear from these manipulations.

Sometimes there is uterine inertia, this occurs as a result of the weakening of the tone of the anterior abdominal wall. To avoid this event, it is necessary from 20 weeks necessary to use the bandage for pregnancy.

Povorotami women often happen bleeding after childbirth, especially if there is a uterine scar. This phenomenon can lead to inflammation of pelvic organs.


Between the first and second

While your child is under 2 years, it is necessary to take care of themselves should not be forgotten, so we will give you a few recommendations that will help to reduce the load on your body:

  1. Try not to carry the baby, use the stroller.
  2. Try to teach the child to independently climb in bed and bathroom at a stable chair and your hand.
  3. If you are sitting, and the child is begging on his knees, give him the opportunity to climb.
  4. If there is a need to take the kid on hands, stoop, and bend your knees and keep your back straight. Lifting the child up, gently straightening up.
  5. If the first baby is still sleeping with you, it should move to its own crib. And this must be done as quickly as possible, but not before the birth. This is necessary in order to make your first time to get used to a new place to sleep and not scare the newborn baby with their cries.

How to plan a re-birth

In any case, if you think it’s complicated, don’t panic. No women did not regret the birth of several children. On the contrary, many believe that some children easier to handle than one. Good luck!

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