Reliability rating of banks of Russia

The assertion that money is one of the main places in our lives, does not require proof. The question of how to increase savings, was asked by everyone. Profession investor still not that widespread in our country as in the West because of the mentality and mistrust of the population to financial institutions. We hope that our rating of reliability of banks of Russia will help to build trust and increase the number of people who live on the interest from their income.

1 Sberbank Of Russia

It is a government Agency, the winner of our rating. Many government programs are implemented through Sberbank. Revocation of license does not threaten him, and then worry about the sudden disappearance is not necessary. The amount of capital in 2014 amounted to more than 21 billion rubles – this is the biggest size of Bank assets. More than 45 % of all money of the population is concentrated in it. It is the main creditor of the Russian economy with a huge network of affiliates with more than 20 thousand branches across the country, as well as in Ukraine, Germany and China. The interest rate is slightly lower than other banks, but only because Sberbank does not have problems with resources and thus to attract depositors is not necessary.

Sberbank Of Russia


A subsidiary of international financial group (8% of the money market of physical persons of Russia), with branches in more than 20 countries around the world – so any disasters in the country will not affect the financial stability of assets. A solid second place in the rating of reliability of Russian banks. The amount of capital – more than 5 billion rubles. Its main task is considered the development of the financial market of the country.


3 Gazprombank

Third place not only in Russia but also among the financial institutions of Central Europe with 45 branches, 300 units and 5 subsidiary banks. Specialization of upgrading and maintenance of the Central branches of the Russian economy: oil and gas production, metallurgy and energy. Asset size – approximately 4.5 billion and the state participation in the capital guarantee stability.


4 Alfa-Bank

The largest private Bank of Russia — one of the top three leaders in terms of loans, total capital and assets (about 2 billion). In addition to the post-Soviet countries (450 branches), the Bank operates on the territory of the Netherlands. A strategic priority for the support of his rating as a leading Bank among the most reliable and profitable.


5 Rosselkhozbank

The owner of 100% shares is the government, and was founded the agricultural Bank in 2000 for financing the agricultural sector. Lending to small and medium businesses one of the main areas of its activities. The authorized capital of about 2 billion rubles, and in the second place after Sberbank by number of branches in the country (1600).


When you read the rating of banks of Russia in terms of reliability and observing the rules and precautions (do not chase the high interest rate and to pay attention to the status and work experience), you will be able to increase your capital and do not break your head over money matters.

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