Really bright future

Some people silly think that the wealth of mankind is measured by the amount of oil, gold or dollars. No. Real wealth is people. That they produce oil and gold, and create all that and then paid many dollars. Next is a story about a few. In fact, from a lot more of those young, able to create humanity really bright future.

Representative 2%

Predstavnik 2%

Statistics show that intelligence quotient 2% of humanity is very significantly higher than the average for the other 98%. There is even an international club for such people. Elise tan Roberts (born in 2007) from London not yet made anything great. She just became a member of this club… in 2 years.

Youth saves life

Ambati, Balamurali (Indian American) left school at 11, and received a diploma at 17, having already left behind scientific work. Jaswant akrit (India) 6 years, went to work, and not the unskilled worker, and an Intern at the hospital. These boys are the youngest doctors in the world, the real saviors of their fellow citizens. This is especially true of Akrit. In 10 years, he has independently conducted a surgical operation to remove a malignant tumor. He did it for the poor girl, whose parents could not pay for the services of a «real» surgeon. Then he entered the University, becoming the youngest student in the country. A. Balamurali have long graduated (he is not a child) and continues to save people. His specialty is AIDS.

Ambati, Balamurali

And Elaine Smith from England, saves the life of a different. She works on the radio, advising people on the verge of suicide. It is difficult to say how long it’s been saved. Works of Elaine for 2 years, but only 1 day a week. At other times she is busy performing its basic duties: teaches lessons. Because Elaine is 9 years old.

The Elaine Smith

Gregory Smith (USA) in his 27 years been 4 times nominated for the Nobel prize. The first time it happened when he was 12 years old. He is the Creator of the Association of young lawyers, and a Trustee for the orphanage.

Gregory Smith

Mozart and Kovalevskie

Granite science accessible to young teeth. Ainan Celeste Cawley — employee chemistry lab for 4 years, and he’s only 12. 8 he was ekzamenov in chemistry for a University course, and now does not play with toys, and it does. Only he just put a personal Advisor in security technology – the growth of Singapore chemist creates him even some production problems.

The Participants Of The Seminar Held In Tarbagatay Cool

Macedonian Marco Kalasan became a certified system administrator in 8 years, and 2 years successfully working in this field. Microsoft regularly sends him personal tasks. So Marco and bill gates to shame!

Say, Sofia Kovalevskaya learned math the pages of the old textbook, which was pasted on the walls of her nursery. About alia Sabur, from new York, such stories not yet told. That’s the only University she went to 10, and at 19 has already become a Professor of mathematics. She is now 27 and still ahead.

Alia Sabur

Mozart gave concerts in 6 years. Englishman Alex prior this is not new. The piano he plays with 3 years (taught myself!), the song deals with the age of eight. Right now (he’s 23) he is the author of nearly 50 musical pieces, including ballets and symphonies. Most regularly performed in England (the birthplace of Alex). By the way, Alex’s mom is Russian.

Alex Prior

Proletarians of all countries…

And finally – a sad but heroic story. Iqbal masih (Pakistan) was 5 years sold to the factory where they worked 12 hours for the carpet industry. The employee fled to the machine it chained circuit. Living from hand to mouth, the boy grew up, and went also with some difficulties. The Iqbal was 10 when he managed to escape, but to hide, he did not. He created the organization of liberation of Carpet, and personally organized shoots 3000 young slaves the carpet industry! Trade Union leader was 13 years old when he was killed by the mercenaries of the business lost because of the struggle of the boy with slave child labour 200 million dollars!

Iqbal Masih

It happened in 1995. But by the Iqbal Union still exists. Perhaps his leader would be glad for their educated young colleagues, if I could read it. But it was not taught, and the IQ test didn’t bother…

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