Rating wet food for cats

Every owner wants their cat has always been healthy and different energy. This is the main role played by the organization of proper nutrition pet. Of course, the best food for cats is the only natural food that contains all necessary for cats with trace elements and nutrients (poultry, fish, meat). However, to cook natural food, a lot of time that in modern conditions makes pet lovers to buy special food. Today there is a huge choice of cat food, which is divided into dry and wet.

The cat asks for food

Many people think that the use of wet food is much better, as they contain a percentage of water and provide a more natural food. Wet food is available in small packages (plastic or canned food designed for 1-2 times. As a rule, meat or fish pieces, seasoned with sauces and jellies. Often this food added pieces of vegetables to perfectly balance cat food. In our country the ranking of wet cat food at first was «Kiteket» or «Whiskas», which is often seen on the TV screen. But then it became clear that this is a fairly low-grade feed, which belong to the economy class, which should not be often to feed your pet. It is worth noting that usually any food for cats are divided into classes – this is a super-premium, premium, standard and economy. And veterinarians and breeders agree that to constantly feed Pets only feed premium or super-premium. Your attention is invited stars out of wet food for cats, which includes feed manufacturers, specifically for these classes. This rating of the best feeds created to the experts, will allow you to choose the right food for your beloved pet.

1 Innova Evo

Food Innova Evo

The leader of the rating of wet cat food are Innovative Evo from «Natura Pet Produkts». This food includes ingredients that are suitable even for human nutrition (and therefore belongs to the class «holistic»). There is a raw meat diet, probiotics, lots of protein. Food is completely hypoallergenic as it does not contain preservatives and dyes. According to the statements of veterinarians, Innova Evo is a high quality food product and helps to prevent urolithiasis in cats. However, this food is not cheap (from 95 rubles per 375-gram pack) and find it in the free market is difficult enough, but you can buy it via the Internet.

2 Eukanuba


The second place is it’s food from the super-premium category that has long been present on our market and is in high demand due to the fact that this brand produces food for kittens and cats of all ages, and for those cats that have health problems. Wet food of this brand consists of natural meat, enriched with proteins and high quality fats, has the composition of preservatives and dyes, is well absorbed. Thus, Eukanuba canned wet food that come in cans of 170 GRS., are of high quality and variety of medical recipes. The price of this food in Moscow is 80 rubles.

3 Bozita

Food Bozita

Belongs to a class of super-premium cat food made in Sweden, where power requirements are cats always elevated. It comes in a convenient package weighing 375 oz., which opens and then can be sealed, allowing you to keep food a couple days in the fridge. The advantages of these feeds is the production of their fresh meat or fish, the presence in the protein, taurine and other nutrients, no colors, wonderful smell, large selection, and fairly reasonable price. Such a food always taste the cats, but not everyone is able to take it normally, so it is important to monitor the pet during feeding. In the line of feed of the brand includes a special food for older cats. 375-gram pack food in Moscow is 130 rubles.

4 Pro Plan

Cat Food Pro Plan

Food from famous French company «Purina» presented in wide assortment – it is divided for kittens, adult dogs and cats who have deviations in health. Thus, this brand of feed you can pick up food for all cats, including for sterilized, pregnant and having a sensitive digestive system. Cat food Pro Plan is balanced in all the minerals and incredibly tasty for our children. Very importantly, it is made from high quality ingredients, high content of protein and optimal fat content. The selection of flavors is quite diverse – with duck, chicken, salmon, liver, Turkey. Veterinarians say that this food is beneficial to health of the animal. To buy cat food Pro Plan 85-gram package in Moscow at a price of 80 rubles.

5 Brit

Feed Brit

In the middle of the rating – this wet food in the Czech Republic, which receives only positive feedback. Owners who treat their cats this food, note that the pupils are very active, have nice and clean teeth, great coat and very pronounced color. And all this is because the composition of the feed are by-products, real meat, chicken and fish oil, minerals, and vitamins, bran rice, in General, all that is so necessary to the cat for healthy development.

These foods are produced in a wide range, so the pupil gets the opportunity to try a variety of tastes – from chicken to chips. You can buy in any specialized shop, cost 80-gram package is equal to 80 UAH. However, it is important to know that food is Brit because of the existing composition of brewer’s yeast not be suitable for each cat. Also in the composition is Valerian, which causes the cat to eat, which can cause overeating.

6 Royal Canin

Food Royal Canin

This food French manufacturer belongs to the class of premium – quality it is much better than feed the economy, however, the composition may contain colorants, preservatives, flavor enhancers, which are not the best way affect the body of a cat. Therefore, choosing Royal Canin, you should carefully monitor the condition of the pet to determine whether they are suitable for this food. He presented a wide variety of flavors and can serve as a main food for all types of cats (from kittens to adult animals). Distinctive feature of this brand is the availability of special food, which are provided to supply different breeds of cats. You can choose food for cats sterilized or castrated cat. The manufacturer creates food for cats with various diseases. Good quality, reasonable price (85-gram package costs 60 rubles) and the presence in specialized stores large selection – these are the main advantages of this feed brand.

7 hill’s

Cat food hill's

Hill’s is the main and therapeutic food for cats. Despite the fact that it belongs to the class of super-premium, it is important to make sure that it fits your cat. This food is fully balanced with respect to important minerals, offers a variety of flavors and affordable price (85-gram package costs 50 rubles). This is a high-calorie wet food, since the composition contains a lot of vegetable protein and carbohydrates. This allows the pet quickly filled, however, can adversely affect his health, for example, can cause allergies.

8 Sheba

Sheba Cat Food

This food produced by the company «Mars» belongs to the premium class. Available in a wide variety of flavors – Turkey, rabbit, chicken, tuna, salmon, shrimp. The composition of the feed is perfectly balanced and contains the necessary minerals and also soluble fibre. There are no dyes or preservatives. However, Sheba cat food cannot be used as a main power – it is only as an extra treat in the main diet of the pet. In addition, use of such canned only for cats older than one year. Moscow food 85g weight. you can buy from 60 rubles.

9 Schesir

Schesir Cat Food

Italian food premium can be used as the primary food for cats of different ages. There are supplements for the main power supply (coming in smaller packages). Feed this brand to a variety of tastes. A number of canned feed is lower in fat, but high in protein. 100-gram package of food costs 85 rubles.

10 Felix


And closes rating wet food for cats «Felix», which contains a lot of useful vitamins and minerals. Food suitable for daily use as a power cat. It includes natural ingredients that he really like cats. Also this food has quite a reasonable price in Moscow it can be bought at the price of 35 rubles per 85-gram package.

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