Rating toothpastes

The choice of toothpaste – it is commonplace, however, it must be approached responsibly, if you want to have healthy and white teeth. Buying toothpaste is necessary, paying attention to the condition of the oral cavity and be sure consultation with a specialist. Most often people are interested in whitening toothpaste, which you could use every day. To help consumers make the right choice of toothpaste were prepared the rating of toothpastes, which includes the most popular according to consumers and the recommendations of the experts paste.

1 Lakalut White&Repair

Any pasta Lakalut White&Repair

First place in the ranking of toothpastes is the German pasta with high quality abrasive particles. It loosens plaque and helps to get rid of him due to the presence of pyrophosphates. Helps prevent hypersensitivity of the teeth. Obtained from its application effect lasts for several months. The average cost of the paste amounts to 150 rubles.

2 PresiDENT White

Any toothpaste PresiDENT White

In second place is Italian toothpaste designed for people who prefer only natural. The whitening effect is achieved through unique combination of components such as calcium and silicon. This paste makes it easy to remove plaque and perfectly polishes the enamel, preventing hypersensitivity of the teeth. Due to the presence of ginseng extracts, tsetrarii Icelandic and mint provided by anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating, bactericidal, slightly analgesic and refreshing effect. Buy pasta can for 230 rubles.

3 Remrandt antitobacco and coffee

Any pasta Remrandt Intitution I CAVI

Presented in third place toothpaste designed for smokers and those who loves coffee. Splitting occurs plaque and easy removal in the present citroxain (papain+sodium citrate). Pasta perfectly whitens teeth, and the resulting effect is able to last for several months. Due to the presence of large amounts of fluoride helps to improve the hardness of enamel and prevents the hypersensitivity of the teeth. The disadvantage of pasta is a too high cost – it can be purchased for 490 rubles.

4 Splat Whitening plus

Toothpaste – Whitening plus

Fourth in the ranking of toothpastes is the Russian paste, has high-quality whitening particles. She does a great job with the plaque and prevent hypersensitivity of the teeth. Helps strengthen the enamel through the sodium fluoride. Present in the composition titanium dioxide and silicon copes with bloom and whiten teeth. This paste is 90 rubles.

5 Silka Arctic White

Any pasta Silka Arctic White

In the middle of the ranking of toothpastes was occupied by German pasta, which includes a large amount of fluoride. Intended for use every day and especially for people whose natural teeth color has changed. Pasta copes with plaque due to the pyrophosphates, helps to restore the hardness of enamel and prevents the hypersensitivity of the teeth. You can buy it for 75 rubles.

6 Rocs – Sensational whitening

Toothpaste Rocs – Sensational whitening

In sixth place is the Russian paste having as a main component of bromelain, which provides the breakdown of plaque. Due to the silica and titanium, performing the role of polymer particles allows to make smile. In toothpaste no fluoride. Strengthens the enamel due to the included hydrogen phosphate of calcium. The price of this pasta – 240 rubles.

7 Rocs Pro Delicate whitening

Toothpaste Rocs Pro Delicate whitening

A Russian paste does not have fluoride, unlike the previous is composed of only 1 bleaching component. The manufacturer offers this product in two mint flavors. It is compared with the previous more expensive (290 rubles), and the reason is that the manufacturer is «Rocs Pro Delicate whitening» as professional tooth bleaching and recommends its use before cleaning, teeth gel Pro Rocs » with carbamide peroxide.

8 Blendamed 3D White

Any toothpaste Blendamed 3D White

Next in the ranking is Russian Blendamed 3DWhite, which is available in 6 flavors, in fact, have the same composition. To save the teeth from plaque, consisting of 1 abrasive-polymer component. Also includes a large number of pyrophosphates that may lead to hypersensitivity of the teeth. There is high content of fluoride, which helps reduce sensitivity and strengthen the enamel. Buy this month for 160 rubles.

9 Colgate – whitening Complex

Colgate toothpaste – Comprehensive teeth whitening

The penultimate in the list is the best Chinese toothpaste with many fluoride of sodium and a good combination of abrasive components. Copes with bloom and whitens teeth. It can be purchased for 90 rubles.

10 New pearl – Whitening

Toothpaste New pearl – Whitening

Completes the rating of toothpastes that Russian pasta. It is inexpensive, but has a good whitening effect. Includes 2 abrasive-polymeric components that can easily cope with the sum a lot of pyrophosphates that are simultaneously good (prevent the adhesion to enamel pigments) and bad (causes tooth sensitivity). Buy pasta can for 55 rubles.

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