Rating Swiss watches

Switzerland is a country famous for quality, reliability and excellent design of wrist watches. Of the many hundreds of different brands we have selected the most reliable and popular. So, we present to your attention the rating of Swiss watches.

10th place — Cartier

Brand first order which was made especially for Napoleon III. Their popularity came after the publication of the collection Tonneau watch which was very similar to the barrel. Now the company specializiruetsya in the production of unique collections, tamed to some famous dates, or just interesting things. For example, a collection of Cartier Divan shows the glamor and luxury of Oriental culture, and the collection Tank on the First world war.

9th place — Omega

This firm has over 160 years is included in the top ten watch brands. The main feature of the Omega is accuracy, which no other watch company in the world. Watches of this brand are characterized by excellent design, style and quality.

8th place — Patek Philippe

This trademark was organized after the collapse of the famous Association in Switzerland. The main achievement of this brand is winning the battle for the inexpensive watches. Patek Philippe has managed to create a watch, the cost of which amounted to 11000000$. Maybe that’s why this brand is one of the most expensive and famous watch companies.

7th place – Swatch

Attention to this brand was raised immediately after its creation in 1983. Of course, because the cost of the first hours with excellent bright design was minimal, which is very pleasant to buyers. The quality of the generated models did not suffer at all. To date, virtually nothing has changed – still the same bright and unique style, reliable quality and relatively low price.

6th place – Breguet

This watch brand was founded in 1775. And for such a long time it has not lost its leading positions. Brand Breguet and even mentioned Pushkin in «Eugene Onegin». The company owns many useful discoveries and inventions. And the popularity of the brand brought to his strictness in view of all – being a record of the date of purchase, who has become their buyer, which they had the serial number and other details.

5th place — TAG Heuer

One of the brands that from the moment of his discovery (in 1860) is transmitted only by inheritance. The company has numerous honors, awards and various diplomas. Watch by TAG Heuer manufacturers have managed to combine all the quality, functionality, style, glamour and affordable price for their masterpieces. In addition, the stores will not get any one model, unless it’s some kind of a test drive on all claimed features.

4th place – Gucci

This brand combines excellent quality, unique design and aesthetics. All the collections in one way or another associated with the sport. While models are available not only for men but also for the fragile women. The mechanisms of these clocks are robust and high precision.

3rd place – Chopard

During the year the company is able to produce more than 30,000 hours. However, she manages to start production of jewelry. The most memorable of technology, which was reproduced by this firm, is the so-called floating diamonds. Chopard watches is the combination of quality, reliability and fun.

2nd place — Audemars Piguet

The main difference hours of this brand and others is the ultra-thin mechanism and the individuality of each model. They are going of the most reliable and high quality materials. Today the brand Audemars Piguet is the most «advanced» in the use of innovative mechanisms and technologies. It’s no wonder these watches are becoming the most influential people around the world.

1 place in the ranking of Swiss watches is Rolex

For the Russian connoisseurs of quality Swiss watches this brand is the most popular and well-known. And no wonder – because in our rankings it is ranked higher. The brand was founded in 1905 and after the release of the first hours began to take the leading position in the market. This company owns such important developments as: automatic calendar, waterproof case and many others. Throughout the world a Rolex watch is a symbol of wealth and luxury living.

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