Rating strollers for newborns

For a person recently born, every parent wants the very best, and a stroller is no exception. The choice is difficult, complicated wide range, variety of designs and options. So you can find the perfect option, we have prepared for you a rating of the strollers for newborns.


The first thing you should pay attention to is:

Comfort and safety. The stroller should be equipped with a large sleeping place, where no one will enter the draft. Sure, the hard bumpers, hood, can cover the baby from the weather and extra sunlight, ventilation holes, soft cushioning.

The ease of use. Buggy should be agile, to cope with small irregularities of domestic sidewalks, convenient to be folded to be quite compact. In an ideal the stroller handle position is adjustable, has a roomy basket, and there is an observation window. Additional options that can facilitate the use of this vehicle will only be a plus.

Tutis Zippy 3 in 1

Very Hard

Opens rating strollers 3 in 1 is a versatile model. Here is all that is necessary not only for the newborn but for an older child: a cradle unit for walking and car seat. For the safety of the baby answer durable belts and footrest. It is the most comfortable stroller from those shown in this list: good traction and manoeuvrability and a set of nice little things (rain gear and warm clutch arm) has allowed it to become on the top rating strollers 3 in 1. In her uneasy broken roads and off-road ground.

However, there is a fly in the ointment: the carriage, when passing through borders can be filled up. Be careful!

The advantages is the fact that the stroller can be easily disassembled and is lightweight. Also includes a mosquito net and bag.

Adamex Nitro 2 1

A Little Nitro

Seat this stroller is equipped with all comforts: adjustable backrest, footrest and a viewing window in the large hood. But the main thing in this model, and maneuverability. She is not afraid of the storm and precipitation in the form of snow. Like its predecessor, it may crash when trying to overcome the border, but overall, for the price a good choice.

It can be purchased in the complete set 2 in 1 and 3 in 1 car seat.

As for the cradles, she thought most carefully – everything you need for the baby, it has quietly adjustable hood, adjustable headrest, tough outer covers. From the summer heat save ventilation holes in the bottom of the cradle. The hood lies a large canopy that will protect from sunlight. Also useful and a mosquito net, which is included in the kit.

Adamex Mars (2 in 1)


Continues stars out of prams this model – it will satisfy and toddlers and their parents. The stroller will serve you not one season – the package includes a cradle for the baby, and the block for walks, which can be used when the child grows up. Adamex Mars will help you out in the winter and summer: wheels allow you to ride even in the snow. This first vehicle is easy to manage – she is not afraid of obstacles which are easily overcome thanks to the front swivel wheel.

However, during walks should be wary of: if the carriage rests on the front wheels, it can lose balance and fall to the side.

From strong gusts of wind your baby will protect windproof material, and excessive heat will save you double the hood, the top of which can be removed and get a lightweight option for summer.

For softness of ride and ability to absorb bumps stroller did concede that the classic version of stroller companies Peg Perego and Inglesina.

The advantages include the ability to adjust the backrest and footrest baby easily translate into a horizontal position, if he falls asleep on the walk.

Peg Perego Culla auto

Peg Perego Cot car

It is difficult to find a better option as a stroller for a newborn. This unit «steps» on the stairs, not afraid of curbs, snow drifts and snow-covered sidewalks. However, it loses some maneuverability due to large clumsy wheels.

The carrycot is large and comfortable, it will be appreciated by the mother and the baby, a nice bonus is getting a soft comfortable mattress. The double cover allows you to feel comfortable in the cold season, and winterized by removing the top layer, you get a lightweight option for warm Sunny days. Not experience discomfort from the heat will allow you to the holes on the bottom of the carrycot, which can be covered (it is a special plug), if necessary.

The adjustable backrest allows your baby to observe the surrounding terrain. Carefully designed suspension system will not allow you to feel discomfort when riding on rough roads.

The position of the cradles can be changed – set to face or Vice versa. The beauty of this feature you will appreciate during the blinding sun or piercing wind. The contents of the basket will be protected from dust, rubberized tray to prevent contamination. However, due to the small height of the sides, place where many things will not work.

With compact dimensions, the pram easy goes in any Elevator. The base itself, the stroller folds up in the form of books, and the carrycot is easy to carry, convenient for holding straps.

Inglesina Sofia (chassis Ergo Bike)

Inglesina Sofia

This nominee ranking strollers for newborns is not afraid of any road conditions. All-terrain and maneuverability will appeal to both child and parents. The disadvantages include a high price.

Adjusting the backrest is not inside, but outside, and therefore does not have to disturb the baby if he suddenly fell asleep.

Stroller equipped with a hard mattress, made of natural materials. In summer and in winter it will be comfortable. By itself, the cradle gently rocking so that the baby in a stroller to bed will be much easier. The bumps in the road will be invisible, thanks to the quality depreciation.

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