Rating sports nutrition

The question of choice of sports nutrition is particularly acute for the beginner who is just starting their first steps in the sport. Not to make a mistake and choose the most effective product will help our rating of sports nutrition, based on sale in Russia. But it is possible to buy the really good supplements that will help in achieving the result.

1 Optimum Nutrition

American sports nutrition at affordable price on the market for 30 years, which can be considered as the winner of the rating of sports nutrition. The brand a lot of items that work most effectively – vitamin complexes, many of the essential acids. With a large variety of flavors when the athlete can choose from a dozen options, some point out a specific flavor in some products.

Trade mark many times became the brand of the year, and the title of the best protein Whey Gold Standard for decades, belongs to the company. The complex of amino acids BCAA 5000 Powder is very popular due to the absence of soybeans and instant absorption. You can also buy it in capsules, which is quite convenient. The General opinion of all athletes – quality, but expensive.

Optimal Nutrition

2 Multipower

The highest level, as many products marked «Made in Germany». Protein Multipower Formula 80 Evolution is well absorbed, perfectly nourishes and does not cause any disorders. To achieve the result you will need to purchase the entire complex, consisting of gainer, protein and creatine. As this is a very popular brand, there is a risk to buy a fake. Its price is above average, but if you found a very cheap product, it is 100% counterfeit.

There are several feed lots for different categories of athletes and a separate line for girls, is intended for acquiring the desired relief. In addition, it can be used to stabilize hormonal balance.


3 Universal Nutrition

The Japanese manufacturer with a worldwide reputation and a long tradition. His motto is quality above all else. A wide range of goods — more than 150 items. Supplements Jointment OS-for ligaments and joints provide an excellent means of preventing injuries and sprains. And vitamin, Animal Pak has tried probably every athlete, as it is the best drug that provides the body with energy. Amino acid supplements Universal Nutrition have only positive feedback.

Universal Nutrition

4 Power System

German food is of good quality in a wide range — there are almost all varieties of supplements with very few reviews intolerance. The trademark is widely distributed in retail outlets and therefore easy to come across fake. Many athletes notice a fat burner, L-carnitin Fire as a great drug, much accelerates the process of weight loss.

Power System

5 Ironman

Russian products, which at all on hearing largely thanks to advertising. But it has many other benefits benefits — good tolerance, competitive price. You can pick up a package that will complement each other. The Turbo Mass gainer is ideal for young athletes, as well absorbed and does not contain side effects.

Iron man


Reasonable price medium range. It is a potent and safe complexes of professional orientation. There are even feeding to the joints. But due to the weak advertising companies are not spread enough and sometimes have trouble finding products.

Protein S. A. N. 100% Pure Platinum Whey has a lot of positive reviews. It is perfectly soluble, has good taste and smell and most importantly – tangible results.


7 Twinlab

The company is very long on the sports nutrition market with a large assortment (over 500 titles). Constantly introducing the latest pharmaceutical advances, to keep pace with the times. This is a perfect product for beginners as it is a complex that is designed to maintain the health of the novice athlete. There are sportpit for Allergy sufferers.


8 Ultimate Nutrition

Very good product at a low price. The range is large, as the American company successfully operating and developing since 1979. There are a variety of flavors, mixtures rapidly dissolve and assimilate. With this power you can build muscle mass in a short time and without problems. But this protein is high in fructose and molasses, which also gives the drink a sweet taste, but also requires individual selection of dosage.


9 Twinlab

Brand for the middle class, which focuses on large and constantly renewed range. With amino acids Super Amino 6000 can normalize sleep and quickly restore power after exercise. Protein Elite are very effective and contribute to rapid weight gain. ISO-100 whey protein isolate and the best single whey protein hydrolysate. But some athletes complain of poor taste and poor solubility of food.

Advice On Nutrition

10 BSN

American company with 15 years of experience in the production of sportpitanie widely known to all the athletes protein Syntha 6. Many say to buy quality at a good price. And without exception, all the athletes noted the excellent solubility of the creatine in Cellmass 2.0. However, 10% of consumers complain of side effects from the gastrointestinal tract.


11 Weider

Production of high-grade, but with a small range. Very few commodities for beginners. While bodybuilders praise gamer Mega Mass 4000, allowing you to effectively build muscle mass.


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