Rating SLR cameras

Humanity is moving forward, and consumers are offered the latest achievements of scientific-technical progress. So instead of the simplest digital cameras, people began to buy cameras that have mirror viewfinder. Such devices in comparison with other types of digital cameras have lots of advantages. For example, have fast auto focus allows you to pick up some optics to obtain high-quality image due to the large matrix. SLR cameras are divided into models for beginners, Amateurs, semi-professional options and models for professionals. For those who are going to purchase such equipment, we propose to study the rating of SLR cameras, which included popular models for all categories of users.

1 Canon EOS 1DX


First place in the ranking this DSLR camera, which is the best among professional. The manufacturer has successfully combined in this device all the requirements that apply to Studio and reportage cameras. Canon EOS1DX is the first model that is equipped with a full-frame sensor. Allows to obtain high-resolution image (1250h833rh). Per second this unit is able to do up to 12 frames. The camera is deservedly was awarded two prizes for best professional and best for video recording (2012 and 2013). The main drawback of the camera is a considerable weight, which with a telephoto lens equal to 4 kg. But despite this, it is a whole new level of photography, which offers professional users a great opportunity. The cost is about 260,000 rubles.

2 Nikon D4s

SLR camera Nikon D4s

The second rating of SLR cameras continues new from Nikon, which was established on the basis of NikonD4. NikonD4s went on sale after it had been checked for quality at the Sochi Olympics. The previous popular models of professional machines, this model is slightly inferior in the technical sense (for example, the matrix has less pixels, less focus points), but users appreciated the tenacious autofocus, which is able to transfer image quick movement, and beautiful colors. Even in complete darkness with the help of this model, the reporter can get stunning footage and all this thanks to increase the sensitivity of the device to a record level (409600). The camera body has good sealing, so you can use it in any weather conditions. In the hand unit is very convenient and allows you to quickly configure the desired settings. Its average price – 250000 roubles.

3 Canon EOS 5DMarkIII


In third place is the most popular among professionals photography camera. The popularity of the model even says what photographers lovingly call this camera the «coin» and understand what was going on. Among the reporters this camera is deservedly considered the most reliable and high quality, because it allows to obtain images of the highest quality, and its autofocus system is close to the flagship. Canon EOS 5DMarkIII even bypasses some of the top cameras by number of pixels (of the device is 22.2 MP). However, the shooting speed a bit lower – for a second it can shoot 6 frames. But, in General, this unit is ideal for serious professional work, and you can buy it for 110,000 rubles.

4 Nikon Df

SLR Nikon Df

Looking at this camera, which is located in the ranking of SLR cameras in the fourth place, we can conclude that it is created nostalgic for film photography designer. However, the retro look hides a completely new technology, which are partly taken from the model NikonD4s (16 MP sensor, a viewfinder with one hundred percent frame coverage). But this model has a weaker processor and half the shooting speed. Also, this phone lacks a video function. You’ll be NikonDf low weight (just over 700 gr.), sturdy and reliable protection against dust and moisture. These characteristics make it the perfect option for travelers who prefer to photograph the beauty of nature or the sights of different cities. The cost of this device, 122000 rubles.

5 Canon EOS 6D

SLR Canon EOS 6D

The middle of this ranking is quite acceptable for the price of the camera from discharge professional. Of course, somewhat inferior to the above models, the quality and recording speed, but for leisurely shooting urban landscapes or Studio portraits, he will be indispensable. It is possible to acknowledge the excellent ergonomics of the camera, quiet shutter release, good image quality. For the advanced Amateur photography that until you can afford a more expensive model, this machine is quite expensive, since the cost is about 67000 rubles.

6 Pentax K-3

DSLR camera Pentax K-3

This prosumer camera has been successfully used by lovers of active tourism. In the race for pixels the manufacturer has not bypassed, this parameter of the model (the resolution is 24.1 MP). Lovers with the help of this camera can get a very professional photos due to the 27-point autofocus system and the matrix 86 kilopixels. The main feature of the camera is the ability to shoot video with a resolution of 4096 x 2160 with photos. Also, the model is lightweight (800 g) and light body, which protects the «insides» of the device from moisture and dust, that is allows to use the device in any weather. Excessive number of settings, some users consider a disadvantage, there is also complexity in the choice of focus (this is done by pressing the button and turning the wheel). The cost of the camera is an average of 51500 rubles.

7 Canon EOS 7D

SLR Canon EOS 7D

The seventh place ranking SLR is this camera perfect for advanced Amateur photographers. The model began to produce in 2009, so by the standards of dynamic market of digital technology it could be called somewhat outdated. However, in the Amateur class, enjoys high popularity for high quality image and video. When it went on sale, it belonged to the category of professional devices. But today it is used by lovers who celebrate the rugged case design, convenient location of buttons, high shutter speed. To buy such a camera for 38,000 rubles.

8 Nikon D3300 Kit

DSLR camera Nikon D3300 Kit

So we moved to machines for beginners – this model is the best in its class and has the kit lens. Beginners this option would be even better, because you do not have to choose a separate lens. The model was released in 2014 and was replacing the D3300. And at once was recognized as the best among budget models. Has a decent matrix, the correct operation of the autofocus, high quality video. Can be used in full manual control. The cost of the camera – 24000 rubles.

9 Sony Alpha DSLR-A390 Kit

DSLR camera Sony Alpha DSLR-A390 Kit

It’s an Amateur camera that is fairly easy to use. Usually bought by those users who do not wish to participate in the eternal debate, what is better Nikon or Canon. About his choice of owners of this model usually is not necessary. It has automatic modes and manual control. Per second camera can shoot 8 frames. However, there’s no video recording mode. A novice photographer this camera will cost 19900 rubles.

10 Canon EOS 1100D Kit

SLR Canon EOS 1100D Kit

Completes the rating SLR this budget unit, which is already out of production, but the market is still quite popular. The model is quite simple to use and it is very easy to pick up lens. Considered a high build quality, so it is hardly any trouble in terms of repairs. Its main disadvantages is the lack of manual settings, aperture, rapid contamination of the matrix. But users satisfied with the light weight and nimble lens is quite sufficient for the Amateur. To buy this camera, it is possible for 15400 rubles.

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