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The issue of buying, selling or renting an apartment, asked in his life almost everyone. The more complete your database is, the more likely it is that you find exactly what you need. Our rating of the real estate websites will save you time looking for the directory that will satisfy your wishes entirely.

1 Realty.yandex.ru

Unified database of lease and sale of real estate throughout Russia, the winner of the ranking of real estate websites. Weekly site scans to a million people. Convenient categories will immediately redirect you to the website that is hosting the text you are interested in. Submission of ads is completely free, you can correct it at any time and see the number of its visitors.

Real estate-Yandex-ru

2 cian.ru

On this site you will find the ads not only houses, buildings and land, but also warehouses and offices. The next customer does not pay any agent’s Commission payment is charged only with the one who takes the ad. Visitors are invited to a free app on the phone, at the same moment as the text on the sale or purchase will appear in the catalog, you could get it on your mobile.


3 Bn.ru

The portal was not without reason called the Bulletin of real estate — in addition to a good database, there are many articles written by professionals who will help answer your questions and illuminate aspects of the acquisition. If this directory has property listings abroad, different ratings, as well as market analysis, legal advice questions online and updated daily news.Each room is equipped with a detailed description and a photo, which eliminates the purchase of «the cat in the bag»


4 SOB.ru

On the website there is a property only of Moscow, Leningrad and areas, but in the most complete and accurate volume. Ads are free and appear on the pages almost instantly. As fast you will be able to communicate directly with the advertiser. It before serving, you need to fill a very detailed questionnaire with a photograph of the object, which in the future will provide the full information to the buyer.

Sob ru

5 choister.ru

It is an effective tool to search for housing, whether rental or sale. Every day updated all information, and have the ability to track vacancies ads by any criteria. The visitor will receive new listings by e-mail almost immediately after their appearance on the portal. The site has organizer (notebook) and online consultation. While all services are absolutely free.


6 sebedom.ru

The goal of this project is that in addition to announcements about buying and selling to provide visitors of the website professional advice on all real estate questions. It addresses legal, construction, banking issues and disputes, as well as many other issues. And you will answer questions regardless of whether you are a registered user or not.


7 tutnaidut.ru

The feature of this portal to buy and rent in that you don’t need to show in open database your data. You fill in all the cells of the subject «I want» and you will be automatically redirected to the advertiser. This system is like no other allows you to save time — instead of 8 minutes (on average) stay on a normal website visitor for one minute (which is registration) can find the data it needs. Suggestions for seller paid, the money can be paid via e-wallet.


Our rating of the real estate sites showed the most visited informative portals almost 11 thousands like them. Hope you will soon be able to find what I was looking for.

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