Rating routers for home

In our dynamic time without Internet is not life more than one person, and a device for signal distribution has become an integral part of our everyday life. Our rating routers for home will tell you which device is most suitable for full access to the world wide web. When purchasing first note that fits your computer type the WAN port and the device supports the required protocols of your provider. Prefer router 802.11 n, which at the moment is considered one of the fastest, and the order below are models with support for 802.11 b/g.


The company, rightfully became the head of the rating routers for home. You can choose the device, ranging from $ 20, depending on the size of the apartment, number of connected devices. Model N66U and N65U (with increased number of antennas) is perfect for a large home, allowing you to connect up to 10 devices (value over $ 100). Routers N53, N12D1 and N10P (at a price of $ 50 and below) will ensure uninterrupted signal in three, two and one bedroom apartment. All models are stylish and adequately fit into the interior.


A large selection of routers is able to satisfy all wishes. Router TL-WR842ND ($35) is considered the most successful, as it combines the powerful signal and good price. TL-WR941ND (45dollarov) — another popular model, which is none than the thickest wall. TL-wr740n receives ($20) is a great purchase for a Studio apartment, the only thing it is best to immediately update the firmware to the latest.TL-WR841ND ($20) is perfect for two-bedroom apartments and is almost identical to the 2014 model TL-MR3220 ($30), which does not need firmware. TL-WDR4300 (95dollarov) is a powerful device for large-sized apartments.


3 Linksys

EA6900 this model is one of the fastest, but the cost is above average (more than $ 200). The control is easy and the number of devices connected to it, does not affect the performance of the signal. EA6500 Smart ($230) — can be managed both remotely and locally, and its capacity is very good. With this you can simultaneously work on the flash drive and a USB printer.

v Linksys

5 Zyxel

These routers are able to provide trouble-free operation for many years, and their factory firmware does not need updating. Model MWR102 ($30) is ideal as the router for travel: small pocket size, easy installation and good speed. The port supports all the necessary features (including 3G).


5 Hyawei

HG231F — despite the fact that this router made in China, it is completely reliable. A slightly stripped-down Protocol justifies the budget price ($15). Of the shortcomings — daughter access is limited to speeds of 150 MB sec and no USB port. The design of the router is different from the others in that it lacks an antenna.


Rating routers for home will allow you to choose that equipment which will provide the most reliable operation in any mode and comfort you and your family members online, most importantly do not be lazy before you buy to learn the basic technical characteristics of the device, not to depend entirely on the opinions of the seller.

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