Rating radar detectors

No self-respecting motorist will not go on the road without a radar detector. This useful device could be a boon during a meeting with the inspectors, who are on the road. Manufacturers of this gadget radar detectors are constantly adding useful features and today we offer to your attention a rating of radar detectors. Read it and you will be able to choose the best option that will save you from unnecessary fines and unwanted encounters with the traffic police service.

Street Storm STR-9540EX

In str-9540EX street Storm

Opens a rating of radar detectors is the model that was released back in 2013, but my love keeps Street Storm in the first place. What is the secret? It lies in the high quality, however, the products of this company has always had a high level of assemblies and components, they are not saved. The basis of this radar formed the ESP processor, belongs to the forties EX series. This gadget can capture even the Arrow-ST and the robot multaradar, what to speak of ordinary police devices. Also, buyers of this model note the GPS module, which determines the location of the cameras installed on the ground. Conveniently, the radar can be configured to suit your needs – variety of settings this allows you to do without any problems.

Street Storm STR-9000EX GP One Kit

GP single set str-9000EX street Storm

In the ranking of radar detectors, this model is proved for a large number of positive reviews. The reason is the Korean Assembly, which can no longer be doubted by anybody. Striking range of prevention is one of the representatives of some of the most powerful models that are present in our market.

Radartech Pilot 31 RS

Radartech Pilot 31 RS

Third place in the rating of the radar detector is a device developed in our country. The Assembly was made in Korea, and its quality as the quality of components speaks for itself. It is as if specially made for the cars with insulated glass and the glass is heated. As the previous two instance, copes with the problem of determining the Hands-ST. The device is equipped with additional units, laser and radar and GPS module with built-in database of police cells.



This interesting device will be of interest not only for its original and eye-catching appearance, but also quality. You should not assume that the toy design detract from the functionality of the radar – but this thing detects radar GAI in any of the ranges. Antiradar system equipped with a VG-2, which makes it invisible to detect. The manufacturer is confident in the quality of their products so that surely gives a guarantee of three years.

Crunch Q85

Crunch Q85

The following participant rating of radar detectors is also visually resembles a car. Its price is about three thousand rubles – and this factor was decisive in the choice of many car owners. However, with their functions to cope pretty well – all that is needed to complete the work in the gadget there is. It detects police radar, able to detect Arrow-ST. Side signals (door shops and gas stations) will not distract you from the roadway due to the built-in high power filter.

WhistlerPro-99ST EN GPS

WhistlerPro-99ST GPS і ru

Will be a real helper on the road this antiradar. He copes with all its tasks, it is capable to detect Arrow-St, if the distance to it will not exceed one kilometer. It can be configured to suit your needs. Russian-language voice guidance. The device supports a system of «antison», with it you will keep the traffic under control.

Street Storm STR-9530EX

In str-9530EX street Storm

This unit is able to determine the presence of radar Arrow and a number of other with a distance slightly larger than the nearest competitor. The device built-in module GPS / GLONASS, this means that the location of all the cameras of the traffic police you know.

StreetStorm STR 8030 EX

StreetStorm str. 8030 ex

Another radar Korean company gets a well-deserved place in the ranking. In terms of functionality the device is not inferior to its competitors. The advantages of the gadget include 6-time geyser. The convenience lies in the fact that you can upgrade the firmware of the device. Many owners of this unit have already evaluated the ability to detect the Arrow at a distance of fifteen kilometers. A sleek stylish design will appeal to many motorists.

Neoline X-COP 5500

Neoline x-COP 5500

Completes our current rating is a pretty popular model. For a price of around six thousand rubles, you become the owner of radar detectors, equipped with a powerful antenna and GPS module. During the trip you will be accompanied by hints, delivered in Russian. You will always know at what distance you are from the nearest police post. Price, quality and stylish design here brings together the characteristics of modern devices of this kind!

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