Rating photo printers for home

The ability to print the photos yourself has long been no surprise – it can make any digital camera owner. The only thing you have to do is buy the appropriate photo printer. To help to understand the large number of proposals, our current rating is: «photo printers for home».

Canon PIXMA iP8500

Canon PIXMA iP8500

This model, of pride, the Canon, will open a lineup of the best photo printers. This is a real old-timer, the generation of printing devices succeed each other, and the model continue to produce. What is the secret of consistency? The secret lies in a surprisingly successful choice of colors for the ink. Adding to the usual palette of a set of cartridges in just two colors, green and red, manufacturers have achieved a high level print «nature» photos. Due to the fact that each color comes in an individual ink, there is no need to change the entire cartridge as a whole, it is enough to replace over the segment.

But in General the functionality of this device can not boast. All he can do is only print. He has neither the screen nor the reader.

HP PhotoSmart 8453

Cartridge HP 8453

I will continue with rating photo printers for the home and the next model will be vosmitsvetnyh inkjet printer. The ink set in this device is also not quite standard, besides the usual set of shestistrunniki in the palette have the opportunity to add light gray and gray color.

A distinctive feature of this device is the high-quality elaboration of the minor details. The smallest stresses due to the extended palette of gray tones – your photos will be saturated. It is also difficult to find a device on which the retro-photo (black and white) will be better than this photo.

In addition, the manufacturers took care of the interests of consumers – the device is equipped with a 2.5-inch LCD display, card reader, capable of accepting various types of memory cards and keyboard, thanks to which you will be able to manage your photo printer without using a computer. Summarizing, I would like to note that this device satisfies the basic requirements of a photographer.

Canon PIXMA MP800

Canon PIXMA MP800

The following nominees of rating of footprinter for home able to interest already at the stage of acquaintance with the description. This device can not only print pictures but also to scan the film.

Five-color palette of this device will allow you to print texts, office documents. Don’t be confused with «poor» color palette – the photos will be realistic and developed at a high level. Not the last role in this system plays FINE technology: perfected printing technology combined with high quality ink and special paper allows to obtain high quality photos.

Footprinter subject and work with layers: he can not only recognize the photo on the tape, but also digitize them. Did you know that photos from films can not only scan but also print? To do this, insert the film into the holder, select the desired photo and wait for the photos. Quality of a photo will give the card, made in the darkroom, but you will be able to admire the image on the paper in the shortest possible time.

Lexmark Photo All-in-one P6250

Lexmark photo all-in-one P6250

This model will appeal to all lovers of quality printing. Six-color multifunction device is about one hundred and fifty dollars, for a machine of this kind it is not expensive. Do not be afraid low price tag, print quality very acceptable – photos are smooth, the picture is bright and vivid. Moreover, this apparatus is not so demanding on the quality of the paper, as his other brothers. There are cases when the photos on the corporate paper work significantly better than the consumables of the competing firms.

Due to the lack of a slide module, the scanner can only work on paper. However, it is a relatively small disadvantage, it is compensated by an LCD screen that is equipped with printer, card reader and keypad.

Epson PictureMate 500

Printer, EPSON 500

This photo printer will appeal to fans of miniature devices – it’s about the size of a small radio. It is somewhat similar to its predecessor of the same series, but in contrast, has a color LCD display.

Like its predecessor, the printer prints without any complaints – a six-color palette allows you to retrieve any card in decent quality. Due to the presence in the colors red hue, it is possible to achieve the optimum level of natural shades.

The printer has a card reader that is able to support most of the running of memory cards. A nice addition would be the possibility of battery life.

HP PhotoSmart 385

Cartridge for HP 385

Even more compact than the aforementioned model is similar to a loaf of bread, a photo printer. However, the size does not prevent the device to work quite well. In the palette this apparatus only three colors and received the photo, one could wonder: how does he manage to print so decent pictures with minimal set of colors?

In the ranking of photo printers for the home is the second model, capable of running on batteries – it can be used even on the street. Like its worthy competitors have memory card reader and PictBridge port.

Epson Stylus Photo R320

Epson Stylus Photo R320, Allows

The following participant «photo printers for home» claim to professional device. This printer can print any media, and thanks to the built-in color LCD display, you will have the opportunity to edit images without using a computer.

The special features include the function of printing on discs – this feature you will appreciate when you make your home a collection of photos or movies.

HP PhotoSmart 8253

The HP 8253

This photo printer will not allow you to ruin expensive paper – built-in control function of the ink, which will allow to warn if ink is not enough for printing photos.

Canon PIXMA iP5200

Canon PIXMA iP5200

You arrange your own collection of discs will allow this unit – it can print on CDs and DVDs.

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