Rating of vitamins

Multivitamin complexes are small immune support and whole body when getting natural vitamins people simply can not. What multivitamin complexes are the best? The people of Russia expressed their benefits on the basis of which the rating of vitamins, the top five is determined. What is the basis for the choice of the Russian people and what are the benefits of these drugs before many others?

Before we go into details a pleasant note, all multivitamins should be administered by your doctor. Only a specialist is competent in the prevention and treatment of beriberi, able to give clear recommendations for the use of any drug. Uncontrolled self-medication and pharmaceuticals with a vitamin-mineral complex is accompanied by health risks.

5 place – «Duovit»

The drug «Duovit» — a well-deserved fifth place goes to that a multivitamin complex for a number of advantages. Broad use of the Russian «Duovit» found by matching all the basic requirements and great effect. Attractive two-color form of pills, in addition, the line includes multivitamins for women and men. It’s known that the physiological characteristics depends on the number of critical vitamins and minerals, in women and men it is different.

4th place – «supradin»

The five leaders entered the drug «supradin». Convenient form (capsules, effervescent and chewable tablets) and a wide range of products offered in the line of «Supradyn», brought success to this multivitamin among Russians. Everyone has the opportunity to choose the necessary vitamin complex, however, the price is quite high.

3rd place – «Centrum»

The three leaders appeared, and the multivitamin «Centrum». The composition of this product with a full complex of vitamins. Even in case of strong deficiency «Centrum», which perfectly fulfills its basic functions of Deputy immunity and health in General. The price is high enough, may also be hypersensitive manifestation of an overdose, hence only the third place.

2nd place – «Complivit»

Multi-vitamins «Complivit» took second place in the ranking of the vitamins. Release this drug is one of the oldest companies of JSC «Pharmstandard». Experience and professionalism are time-tested, high quality, great selection. The main advantage of «Complivit» is a reference to feeding habits. The success of the drug in a balanced composition and effectiveness. Attractive to buyers is its relatively low price.

1st place – «Alphabet»

Sales leader and rating of steel vitamins multi-vitamins «the Alphabet». Available in tablets and capsules «Alphabet» contains vitamins and minerals that are perfectly combined and complement each other. The interaction between the elements and an excellent way to minimize various side effects. Compared to other multivitamins where substances are in one capsule (pill), absorption «Alphabet» above 30%.

Impressive range of this multi-vitamin complex, pharmacy network offers a huge selection, from classic, universal kits to the individual, designed for consumers of different sex, age and state of health. There is a special group for patients with diabetes, suggests a multivitamin with a cosmetic effect, etc. Optimal selection of minerals and vitamins meets any of the stated actions.

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