Rating of the most useful household appliances

We are so used to home appliances that sometimes do not delegate her work and participation. Meanwhile, small and large helpers lighten housework and save us a lot of time. Not all devices can be called practical, some of them are bought as a fashion statement. But now not about it, let’s make a rating of the most useful household appliances.

10. Microwave


She is so stuck in any kitchen that it is impossible to imagine a lunch or dinner without it. Mainly it is used for heating food or defrosting meat. Modern models through a variety of modes allow to cook serious meals. Despite all the talk about the dangers of microwave rays microwave confidently occupies the tenth place in the ranking of the most useful household appliances.

9. Climate technology

Climate technology

Comfort in the apartment in the first place created thanks to a comfortable temperature. To maintain the optimum mode to help different devices. From abnormal heat saving air conditioners, and warm humid day – various models of heaters.

8. Washing machine

Washing machine

Once having experienced this device, any one owner will not agree to wash by hand. Very conveniently, all manipulations are held by the machine: wash, rinse and spin. Through this technique seriously save time. However, stubborn stains still have to be processed manually.

7. Vacuum cleaner


Manual cleaning is not only tedious, but is the same high quality. Another thing is the cleaner, which successfully fights with a variety of pollutants. For large areas ideal robot vacuum and cleaning appliance helps with the cleaning for Allergy sufferers.

6. Kettle


For many it is the first device, which are suitable in the morning. Then slowly go to take a shower. On returning from the bathroom, fragrant tea or coffee is done in a few seconds. In spite of single function devices boiling water, is one of the most popular devices.

5. Computer


Without it it is impossible to imagine a work or school process. It is also a source of new information and entertainment. The failure of this technique for many can be a serious problem.

4. Food processor

Kuhonniy harvester

Today it is impossible to imagine a kitchen where you would not be standing this unit. It replaces multiple devices, and performs the most meticulous work. Grind the meat, to perform cutting vegetables or making juice from them is not a problem.

3. Plate


Despite the many alternative ways of cooking gas or electrical panel is the most popular. Today they continue to produce new models of plates, which are well sold out.

2. Refrigerator


To find a replacement for this device impossible. In the villages the products can be stored in the basement, in the town of the same alternative out there. Without a refrigerator would have to cook for a day and every day to buy products.

1. Mobile phone

Mobile phone

Humanity is so accustomed to it that when it is disconnected or no starts to feel uncomfortable. Despite the large list of features (cameras, games, Internet), communication is the main function.

For each person a ranking of the most important devices an individual. Want to know which technique is the most important, then imagine that they all stopped working. Then it will immediately become clear, without any household appliance you can not do.

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