Rating of instant coffee

Instant coffee is quite popular in Russia and there is a good explanation. First, it is very simple to prepare: just pour the powder in hot water. Second, time savings. The taste of it, of course, does not compare to brewed coffee, and still on the market you can find great quality products, taste and aroma reminiscent of ground coffee.

If you believe the reviews and personal preferences, perhaps a rating of instant coffee will look like the following:

1st place – Bushido


Japanese instant coffee brand produced in Switzerland and only to order. It is made from the best varieties of coffee beans, and a special treatment allows you to fully keep the smell and taste of the coffee tree beans in a soluble form. All kinds of coffee is unique, for example, the mark uses a «secret» additive – food granules gold in 24 carats. Delivery Bushido in Russia is relatively small, because 100 grams of this wonderful powder has to pay not less than 1000 rubles.

2nd place – Grandos


Manufacture freeze-dried coffee is in one of the cities of Germany — Hamburg. This drink is characterized by a tart, distinct taste and rich aroma. In the manufacture of brand uses artificial flavorings. In Russia the most popular are two types of instant coffee Grandos brand: Exclusive and Gold. For the manufacture of the first products used Arabica grains, and the second is made from two varieties of coffee-Arabica and Robusta.

3 place – Maxim


The third position is taken by South Korean products are rarely found on supermarket shelves. This grade of coffee is especially popular in the far East. Lately it periodically deliver to stores located in the center of Russia. If you bought a real coffee, its taste will be appreciated even by the most sophisticated gourmets. For the production of this drink, use a natural raw material using special technology. Coffee contains almost no aromatic additives and this did not affect its noble aroma and excellent taste.

4th place – UCC


For the Japanese production of instant coffee uses only the choicest coffee beans, which has the smell of fruit trees that are near a coffee plantation. Bright taste UCC does not clog the usual bitterness.

5th place — Carte Noire

This brand is known to many Russians, in any case don’t confuse it with the «Black card», which you can buy in every store. The production of Carte Noire is made in France, coffee is made only from Arabica beans.

6th place — the Moscow coffee house on shares

Moscow coffee house on shares

For production use only high quality Arabica, the company uses third-party impurities. The difference between this instant coffee is an attractive price. Moreover, this product is recognized as one of hundred best goods on the Russian market.

7th place — taster’s Choice

The choice of the taster

In seventh place was South Korean products. Make delicious and aromatic coffee from Arabica beans it contains no flavorings or additives, which has become one of the important advantages of the trademark.

8th place — Special Egoiste

Special Selfish

Production is concentrated in Germany and Switzerland. All products are made from selected Arabica beans. Mark is unique, because it produces coffee IN-FI.

9th place — Today Pure Arabica

Today Pure Arabica

On the ninth line coffee of German production. From the name it is clear that the production uses the Arabica bean. Coffee of this brand is in the premium segment, so you can buy it only in stores specializing in the sale of coffee and tea.

10th place — «Indian Gold Exclusive»

Indian coffee is produced by advanced technology of sublimation, so that it remains the natural flavor of Arabica. The demand for this product is large enough, because for a relatively low cost buyers get a high quality coffee.

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