Rating of delicious and healthy soups

Here ended the warm summer. Light salads, consisting of slides of leaves, slices of tomato and three slices of cucumber ceased to be fun. The body freezes, turns blue, and requires hot food. Than you can treat yourself and not lose, with such work the saved summer, the waist? We will help soups. They saturate the organism with necessary microelements, vitamins, fiber and at the same time not overload the stomach and not allow you to add extra pounds.

Try to choose from a huge selection of soups is not only delicious and useful, but very simple to prepare.

The easiest, low-calorie, but at the same time, perfectly saturated.

Soup-puree of pumpkin.

Cut into strips:

  • pumpkin;
  • carrots;
  • bow;
  • sweet Bulgarian pepper.
  • Put in the pot, fill with water. If you want satisfying then chicken broth. Cook until cooked. Pour out the broth. Vegetables break with a blender, gradually adding the drained broth and bringing to the desired consistency. In conclusion, add a little 20% cream, a little podsalvage and stir again. Poured into plates. Decorate with a few drops of cream and sprinkle with roasted pumpkin seeds. All of this is very appetizing, tasty and very useful.

    Mushroom soup.

    The mushrooms for this soup any good. But the most secure and fragrant, yet, mushrooms.

    Cut mushrooms on the plate. They look in the soup as a whole, only a very thin mushrooms, but it is beautiful and appetizing. It is important that the mushrooms had a lot. Fill with water, add salt to taste and put it on the stove. While the soup is boiling, cut into cubes potatoes, julienne carrots and onions. Put in boiling broth and cook on low heat until tender. If you are not afraid to get better, then carrots and onions can be fried in vegetable oil, and then run into the broth. This gives a totally different taste to the soup but also adds calories. Pour the soup over the plates, add a dollop of sour cream and enjoy!

    The pickle with the addition of beans

    This wonderful soup is also going to cook without meat. Protein that contains in the beans enough that the dish was tasty, hearty, but not added centimeters in volume.

    Pre-boil red beans until tender. Cut into fine strips pickled cucumbers, fill with water and boil until soft. At this time, cut into strips carrots, and onions. Clean the peel from the tomatoes and also cut into strips. All this priceseven in a frying pan with vegetable oil (a little oil!) When the cucumbers are ready, add to them:

    • steamed vegetables;
    • beans.

    Add salt to taste, pepper, sprinkle with finely chopped greens, bring to a boil. In the bowl you can add a spoon of sour cream.

    Soup with meatballs.

    Make minced chicken fillet or Turkey fillet with onions. Salt, pepper, add a little starch. Make meatballs. With the size of the meatballs you can not bother — someone like that!

    Bring to a boil the water, a few potseluem, add diced carrots and onions. If the soup will eat children, from carrots, you can cut stars or flowers. Pour some rice. When everything comes to a boil – add the meatballs. Cook until tender on a slow fire so that the soup was transparent. Before the end of cooking add finely chopped fresh herbs and a little vegetable oil for veins on the surface. The soup looks very elegant and appetizing.

    Fish soup

    This wonderful soup can be prepared from any fish. If finances allow you may take salmon or trout, if not – canned mackerel. The result in either case would be excellent.

    Cut the potato cubes, fill with water, a little salt and put it on the stove. Add diced carrots and onions. If you want thicker and hearty – add some millet, if you want to get dietary option, not add.

    After 10 minutes, after boiling add the fish and cook until ready on low heat. If you use tinned fish, then put it, when all the vegetables are ready.

    Pour the finely chopped fresh herbs, a little vegetable oil, pepper and doculive.

    The soup have to cook on a slow fire. Then it will be clear, very beautiful and insanely delicious.

    Soup breast of chicken with dumplings.

    Cook the broth from the chicken. Is filtered, breast cut into pieces, add shredded carrots, onions, colored bell pepper. Put it on the stove. Make the mixture for the dumplings. Mix in the tank (about 1 liter of broth):

    • 1 egg;
    • 2 tablespoons of broth or water;
    • salt;
    • flour.

    Mix all with a whisk. Add flour until the consistency of thick cream.

    In softly boiling broth with the breast launched our dumplings. To do this, dip the spoon in a glass of water and with the tip of the spoon is detachable from the thin test strip and immediately immerse them in the broth, take the next strip and again into the broth. When everything started dumplings float, add a little oil in the soup, chopped herbs and a little pepper.

    Poured into plates and enjoy!

    Bon appetit!

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