Rating of construction companies of St. Petersburg

To choose a Builder is a difficult task. Rating of construction companies of St. Petersburg will help you know who to trust with their money. This list is subject to delays in construction of new buildings. I hope that the rating of construction companies of St. Petersburg will be useful, and you will be able to choose a worthy partner for the construction of their own homes or investments.



On the market of the Northern capital this company has over fifteen years is a serious age, is the symbol of reliability and responsibility. This organization builds an apartment building and is the General investor of the project. The company is one of the few that sells apartments in buildings that have been commissioned. For sale housing already has the documents that give the right of ownership. If you are unable to pay the full amount of the whole, it does not matter, SC has partnered with several major banks, which can offer you a mortgage loan.

Any interesting information can be found on the pages of SK Temp – it contains the most relevant information about the Builder and contact details. Here you can also learn about features, promotions and the latest news about the company.



Following the participant’s rating of construction companies in St. Petersburg not only builds new facilities, but also engaged in the sale of apartments. On the field of activities the company operates more than twenty years. During this time developed the main objective of SK – high quality construction, timely delivery of objects and the desire to be closer to the customer.

The main task of «Otdelstroy» is the study of territories on which you can build residential properties, the subsequent sale of objects and investments. Residential complex «New Okkervil» — here’s an example of the work of the company. More information about residential projects, ongoing projects can be found on the official website of the construction company. Here you can read the customer reviews and find the necessary contact details.

NCC Real Estate

NCC Real Estate

It’s not one company, but a group that is well known not only in Russia but also in several European countries. Directly in Saint-Petersburg SK works ten years, and in itself it was organized in Sweden in the late seventies of the last century.

The house was commissioned, the difference between the European approach to the manner of construction and environmental issues. European level of comfort of life has left an imprint on the activities of this company. Two bathrooms, combined kitchen and dining room is a novelty in the field of domestic housing construction. Commissioned apartment you can bring your furniture and start living – all you need (glazed balcony, finish) already.

In the construction process, NCC is focused on the standards of LEED and BREEAM standards that govern the cost savings of water and electricity. This technology reduces the amount of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.



This organization works on the construction market of St. Petersburg a little more than ten years. Out of scope for this IC includes not only the construction of the residential complex and buildings for infrastructure, commercial property and buildings of an administrative nature.

Apartments, before being put into operation, are subjected to finishing, glazing of balconies and loggias. Often in houses, put into operation, it is possible to find conditions for comfortable living of people with disabilities vozmonosti.



Rating of construction companies of St. Petersburg continues the company, which is part of the holding company INTEKO. On account of this organization a few of the buildings in which it is possible to buy apartments at reasonable prices. The main activity of this company is to provide affordable housing for citizens of Russia.

In the course of construction SC is based on modern technology. An example of the company’s work can be found on the street Dudin – a residential complex «Parkola», near the metro station «Parnas» — «Three oranges».


Thirteen years for the benefit of residents of the Northern capital runs this Builder. During this time the company has established itself as a reliable partner, developer, contractor. As recommendations there may be objects such as «City of masters», «Home chimes», «Prince Alexander Nevsky» and others.

Construction company delays the time – on the Internet you can find enough reviews about the Rosstroyinvest. «Affordable comfort,» that positions your own work, the participant’s rating of construction companies of St. Petersburg.

Baltiyskiy Monolit

Baltiyskiy Monolit

Residential and commercial development are the main tasks of the construction company, which she does since 2003. Full cycle of works, which begins with concept and ends with the commissioning and subsequent service trust of the UK. In the projects Baltic monolith development, the development of the restaurant and club chains, creating facilities for children’s educational centers.

All necessary information can be found on well-made official website current projects, commissioned objects, contact info.

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