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The dream of every housewife – clean and fresh house, the bright colors of carpets and upholstered furniture. Exactly that’s why they invented vacuum cleaners, because the daily cleaning of carpets normal vacuum cleaner does not save them from gradual persistent dirt. You are finally thinking about buying an irreplaceable assistant in the house, but can not determine the choice of model? In this case, we suggest to familiarize with a rating of cleaner.

5. Vax 7151

Vax 7151

The first vacuum cleaner was invented in 1977 by the founder of the company, and in 1982 appeared the first units, instantly gained popularity. Included with the cleaner is a lot of tips. The model copes with the cleaning of mattresses and upholstery, as well scrubbing the floor. Simple design technique does not cause any difficulties care.

The lack of a vacuum cleaner – large size, so not able to quickly find a place to store. Many buyers were dissatisfied with the lack of easy control of water flow, in addition vacuum cleaner for cleaning carpets sucks not all the water. Agree, not very nice after 6 hours of cleaning to sit on the wet sofa.

4. LG V-C9551WNT


This model is very comfortable and high quality made of durable plastic. Copes with the removal of dust, washing, cleaning surfaces, cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture. A bucket where all the dirt, easy to clean. Advantage of vacuum cleaner is the price, which is much lower than the other models.

Not without its drawbacks: a small amount of the water barrel, heavy weight, no indicator of the level of the washing fluids and noise during operation.

3. Zelmer 919.0 ST Aquawelt

Zelmer 919.0 ST Aqua world

A good model of vacuum cleaner has high suction power. It is good to combine such important qualities as compactness and ease of operation. The kit includes a plurality of nozzles. The manufacturer offers a warranty period of 4 years.

Among the main disadvantages of the user, emit a weak handle on the dust box, weight and noise. In addition, some customers drew attention to the not very good spraying water in cleaning the brushes. Another disadvantage is the inability to adjust the power.

2. Thomas TWIN T1 Aquafilter

Thomas TWIN T1 with Aqua

For the production of the maneuvering of the vacuum cleaner using high-quality plastic, does not require special care. Storage device does not require a lot of space, and it weighs a bit.

But like every technology, this unit has its disadvantages: lack of power control, short cord and is quite difficult to remove the back cover, which can be contaminated in the process of wet cleaning.

1. Thomas TWIN TT Aquafilter

Thomas TWIN TT Aqua FilterThomas TWIN TT Aquafilter — tops the ranking of cleaner

Finally we got a leader of our rating. This model is considered the most popular and talked about. He copes with cleaning of carpets and any surfaces in addition cleans the air and gives your home fresh.

Despite this, there are some «but»: the cleaner it is impossible to use every day, you would simply not be able to carry it around. The model is made from not very good plastic, which leads to chipping. Users are not satisfied with the time it takes to clean the cleaner after the cleaning.

In the ranking of washing vacuum cleaners are only best models, which are perfectly cope with the tasks. This list can be extended with other models of lesser known brands.

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