Rating of Chinese smartphones

Successfully developing its own production of mobile devices, the Chinese technology is rapidly conquering the world. If earlier the quality of products has raised certain doubts, lately there are more and more smartphones from China that exceed the technical parameters and is able to compete with the most famous world brands. There are new models, a growing number of testimonials from satisfied users, there is a demand. We present to your attention the rating of the Chinese smartphones top 5 — most interesting, powerful and popular model.

5 Huawei Honor 6

Huawei Honor

Chic design, very discreet, nothing superfluous and pretentious. The body is made of glass and aluminum, this gives a stylish appearance and individuality. OCTA core processor works flawlessly, great memory and camera. The device is very easy to operate, well-equipped and meets all the parameters of the trend. Some doubtful platform, you may experience intermittent problems with the application startup and upgrading, but due to the relatively low price and functionality, the smartphone is customer demand.

4 — Lenovo Vibe X2

Lenovo Vibe X2

Traditional rectangular shape and sharp corners make the smartphone Lenovo Vibe X2 is similar to the models of its competitors. Housing made of aluminium, a choice of three colors — gold, Titan and white. On the technical parameters of all top-level display 5 inches, camera — 13 megapixels and 32 GB of memory. Clearly running the processor at Lenovo, fills some of the shortcomings of the platform, this powerful device is able to cope with the challenges. Not a disadvantage of the model is the lack of removable battery and memory cards in recent years it has become a trend.

Place a 3 — Meizu MX4

Meizu MX4

Series of smartphones the Chinese manufacturer Meizu cult becomes automatically. It is not surprising that the Meizu MX4 is one of the most anticipated smartphones, almost immediately joined the three leaders and deservedly added to the rating of the Chinese smartphones. The screen is made by technology used to the iPad, the size and quality of pictures is impressive. By increasing the screen size of a smartphone was not injured. Internal filling: high-grade version of the MT6595 processor, decent camera (20.7 megapixels), audio chip, essential for a good player and a number of other worthy additions. Impressive model with great performance and flawless performance.

2 — Xiaomi Mi4

Xiaomi Mi4

This smartphone is called the fastest. Differences with the previous model a bit. Updated case, quality made using metal, glass and plastic. The model is supplemented by removable rear panels. Attention and deserve the respect of specifications. Unlike other Chinese smartphone, Xiaomi Mi4 has provided a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, which greatly increased its performance, pleased with the battery capacity is 3080 mAh. High quality build and significantly increased the prestige of the brand influence the price, this model is not cheap, but it is laudable and honorable second place in the ranking.

Place 1 — OnePlus One

Oneplus One

Among smartphones OnePlus One is a new one. Chinese manufacturers really tried, they managed to make his brainchild the desired product, which has thousands of fans. Having conquered the users, this model literally blew up the rating of the Chinese smartphones and is today one of the main competitors in the mobile market. The secret of success is reasonable price and impressive specifications. In this smartphone has it all, from the relevant communication standards dual satellite receiver, plus an emotional impression. The use of such a device is a pleasure, all clear, competently, thoughtfully.

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