Rating mobile phones

Over the past few years, the mobile phone is firmly established in the life of modern man. In our days, this attribute, allows you to communicate at any distance, it becomes not only a means of communication. Modern cell phones close by its functionality to computers.

Among the variety of the mobile market, everyone wants to choose the option that is able to meet its needs. Make the right choice in the best models offered by different manufacturers, will allow the rating of mobile phone based on the reviews and assessments of the purchasers, collected across the Internet.



This representative of the line Xperia is very popular in the market of mobile phones. The device has a display to 4.6 inches and 2 GB of RAM. In a slim, compact housing remains a high-tech camera that is able to open new opportunities for you. Capacious battery allows you to work without recharging for two days. Now, you that used to live on full, nothing will prevent to enjoy modern games.

Nokia X2 Dual sim

Nokia x2 dual SIM

A budget smartphone that can give its owner a «window to the world of Android apps». This phrase most fully reflects the essence of the dual-core unit, has a 1 GHz processor. The body of this phone is made in five color variations, display – 4 inch, resolution – 800*480.


LG g3

Many are familiar with the products of this company and the majority agree on a single opinion that she is very mediocre. But this device to be in the ranking of the phones allowed the heat rating from buyers. The subject of cellular communication has allowed manufacturers to implement the idea, which will come with laser autofocus and ultra-high screen resolution.


With the Lenovo s860 can

Model from the famous company is able to compete with the leaders of the rating of cell phones. This Android smartphone is endowed with a screen diagonal of 5.3 inches, getriebetechnik processor and 16 GB of internal memory. RAM – 2 GB. Capacious battery 4000 mAh will not leave you without a connection at the right moment, the smartphone can work nonstop for 43 hours.



The representative of the flagship line of the famous company ranked first in sales – Samsung a long time fighting for the first place in the hearts of consumers. Compared with its predecessor, the Galaxy S4, this device is faster, has learned to support 4G, and the camera at 16 MP is able to work with 4K video. The developers assure, mainly in the development of mobile phone was the opinion of customers — the GALAXY S5 has a heart rate sensor, temperature and humidity.

The apparatus includes a OCTA core (1.9 GHz) processor, the screen is 5.1 inch, two cameras: front-facing (two megapixels) and the core (sixteen). Capable of supporting micro card with capacity up to 128 GB and has a built-in memory 16/32 GB.



This is one of the most popular and loved by customers machine. It has a display of 4.7 inch with a resolution of 1334*750, internal memory of 16 GB and a chip that allows you to work with the mobile payment system Apple Pay. The smartphone has an improved ability to film, such as slo-mo at 240 fps.

Keypad mobile phones

Apparatus endowed with the touch screens of course popular, but still relevant button mobile phones. Rating phones without a reliable, durable, simple devices would be incomplete.



This phone was developed by producers in order to create the device has not only an attractive appearance, and minimal cost. We must pay tribute to the developers succeeded. It is difficult to find more compact budget option that can cope with its tasks.



The next place in the ranking of cell phones is yet another phone from the company Fly. Here the task of the developers were a bit more complicated – you need to create a push-button telephone, are able to qualitatively reproduce the media files. However, for the price, this phone copes with its other tasks. In addition, producers have made it possible to connect a memory card that can accommodate 32 GB of information, which is quite convincing.



Low price, high quality are distinctive features of this device. In fairness, it is necessary to mention that the device is not new, but this does not prevent him to be popular in the season. The rating of cell phones the quality of this device is not the last line: it can be subjected to various physical effects, it will withstand scratches, bumps and falls.



This unit will delight those who are accustomed to cope with the QWERTY keyboard, although for many this location touch-tone phone may seem awkward. However, the standard keyboard loses functionality keys in place. The device is able to go online and will allow you to easily view the interest of the sites pages. I got used to this keyboard, you will be able to write long messages and comments, however, for these purposes it was created.

The phone is durable and reliable, it consists of metal and is able to confront the various ills of life.


Company phone Philips Xenium X5500

Philips is famous for manufacturing push-button phones that is, although engaged in production of various of their variations. This particular model features a wide range of features – camera 5 MP, capacious battery, capable to work without recharging for 5 days, the ability to use two SIM cards. Also, the device is endowed with a rugged body and clear interface.

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