Rating microwave ovens

Microwave is an indispensable helper for all Housewives in the kitchen. It can help to eat fat to reheat food and to cook. Which model is better to choose will help determine our rating microwave ovens. First decide what you want to use it (there are specimens electic grill or quartz type), and remember that extra features affect the price of the goods.

1 Samsung

The absolute winner of the rating of microwave ovens reached in the ratio the price-quality excellent balance. Korean manufacturers have taken care of warranty and post-warranty maintenance in almost any city you will be able to solve the issue with your microwave. Microwave ovens are stylish, friendly and functional — you only need to specify the weight of the products on the built-in panel and press the button to start the cooking process. Ease of use noted by all who used these devices. Independent testing has shown that when thawing products, this brand uses the least amount of power. Bioceramic coating inside each model smooth, durable.


2 LG

Buyers of the brand in the first place prefer the clarity and simplicity of governance, after all, no wonder this manufacturer has won in the nomination «Product of the year 2013». Well-developed network of services is an additional plus. Within every microwave oven are coated with antibacterial paint. Constant innovations and changes, which each year releases the LG group, once again confirms that the Korean manufacturer keeps its profile. So, Mendini model differs from others in that inner chamber of a round shape, which greatly simplifies care of it. And in the new MS 8289 added accessories for steam cooking a special menu and «Russian chef», adapted for the cooking of Russian dishes. MR 6589 — sample with two grills, one of which rotates.


3 Electrolux

The deserved popularity of this Swedish brand is due to the high product quality and stable price, which differs only in the cost of the additional functions in the device. In independent testing these microwave showed the best results: the smallest gap between the specified in the instructions and the actual power., and the specific electricity consumption during defrosting foods was minimal.


4 Vitek

The joint Austrian-Russian project with models in the medium price range ones, adapted to the voltage drops in the network. Among the shortcomings: the output power is less than declared and the small size of the rotating plate.


5 Gorenje

This is a Slovenian manufacturer with a well-developed network of service centres in the country. Defrost unit was observed to consume the highest amount of electricity, and thawing was the most uneven, though the cooking was at the proper level. The disadvantage of using is that there are models with English menus, it is not very clear for the elderly.


Buying such a necessary device in the kitchen, we have to be sure that it will fully cope with their responsibilities. Our rating microwave ovens will tell you the one that is best in all tasks and will not disappoint.

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