Rating metal detectors

Who among us has not dreamed of becoming a treasure hunter? Actually it’s not such a difficult task, it is important to acquire the appropriate tools and go to those places where, according to experts, can be stored anything valuable. To find ancient coins, artifacts, and just a nonferrous metal, you should buy a good metal ground. With the aim to make it easier to navigate in this technique, we made a rating of the detector.

Our list contains all the models that are in the public domain, those that can be currently found on the market, not here.


metal detector

The average cost of this gadget is 4500 rubles, is one of the best cheap metal detectors, which explains its popularity. Great looking coins and jewelry at a small depth. This unit is a great choice for beginners, those who are just about to start looking for metal and yet does not want to buy anything more serious.

As noted by users, it is not only inexpensive but also simple to operate, has a convenient audio signal, adjusts easily to the type of soil, well protected against moisture and shocks. Among the disadvantages the primary one does not work well with the cold. Otherwise a wonderful device, therefore got in our rating metal detectors.


metal detector

Another machine for beginners, but a bit more expensive (about 13 thousand). Has a wide range of capabilities and several search modes can be easily configured for a particular target contaminated areas are not a hindrance.

This compact device, which weighs very little, has a battery indication and demonstrates the depth of the metals. Among the shortcomings of the control unit it is better protected from water.

Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200

metal detector

The average cost of the gadget is about 14,000 rubles. According to manufacturers, this is a great option to search for coins. He is able to ignore unwanted items, its sensitivity is finely adjustable, also have the ability to switch search modes. The obvious drawbacks gadget is not allowed to record it in our list of metal detectors.

Fisher F-2

metal detector

If you’re a fan, then buy the device for 16,000 rubles. It has a sophisticated design and ergonomic handle. And it has a special coating which will not freeze in the cold. Its easy to adjust to your height.

Ease of management, reliability and the ability to designate the type of purpose make this device one of the best.


metal detector

A robust unit, which has almost no negative reviews. In addition to reliability, it is worth noting and easy to learn. It’s very light, very sensitive and able to quickly determine the depth of occurrence.


metal detector

Senior fellow previous unit. Semi-professional option, has good performance and is able to find a metal even at a considerable depth. Lightweight and comfortable, this unit is absolutely not afraid of water. In addition, it is able to detect even small objects, and thus to weed out the unnecessary garbage. Among other advantages worth pointing out for a long work from batteries.

Minelab X-Terra 305

metal detector

Another prosumer camera, this time from the company Minelab. Reliable, it can not prevent weather conditions or temperature changes. Cost about 25 thousand, not only has a sound system of identification, but also graphic. The device may a lot of to work in offline mode, and has a backlight function.

Minelab Eureka Gold

metal detector

Professional unit, ideal for detection of gold. The only caveat – it is somewhat difficult to learn, because it has high sensitivity and perfectly captures even the smallest particles of metals that are in the ground. It is able with precision to recognize that it found out why and got into our rating metal detectors. It weighs more than 2 kg, and buying it is only the masters of their craft, as the cost about 50 thousand rubles.

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