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Unfortunately, many car owners choose an insurance company insurance, not thinking about the consequences. However, it is of great importance. You should not choose a company based on where is the sales office and take a policy in the first place. It is important that the company you are planning to obtain insurance, was reliable, and always paid the victim money in the shortest possible time, as in a crisis, many ceased to exist. Of great importance is the level of service, skill of personnel. Although the rates are the same everywhere – the stability of the company and the quality of service they can sound very different from each other. So, try to consider the rating of insurance companies insurance – where to go best?



This is a group of organizations that insures businesses and individuals. Although the main function of this company is the provision of personal insurance, it also offers modern amenities on property insurance. Insurance is an additional service, although the reliability of this company no doubt.



One of the leading organizations in terms of reliability. She has been working with the residents of our country – founded in 1992 on the basis of Gosstrakh of RSFSR, and that, in turn, did his work back in 1921. 75 percent of the shares are owned by various investors a blocking stake to the government. In this organization of more than 25 million customers around the country – a large network of 3000 agencies, it employs 97 thousand people including 60 thousand insurance agents. One of the benefits that the organization offers the possibility of processing the policy through the Internet. All the necessary documents and so the client will bring the courier.



Another quite old Association – the company was founded in 1991, and since then have been able to gain credibility among customers, which explains its third place in our ranking of insurers OSAGO. The company offers various services – here you can make a policy of liability insurance, voluntary medical insurance, and various other things. The country has more than 8 hundred branches and more than eight and a half million customers. The advantages include the relatively rapid clearance of payment (all done just for the week), at any time you can talk to the Manager, is also supported by the insurance through the Internet.



This is also one of the most experienced companies that already far not the first year working with residents of the Russian Federation – the company was founded in 1947. In Russia there are 83 branches, specifically the car insurance organization has been doing for more than four decades, so there are no doubts in the professionalism of its employees. One of the advantages of the organization that distinguish it in the ranking of insurance companies on insurance payments – the possibility of establishing a policy using a organization mobile app where you can follow events with your application operations.



All-Russia insurance company is a very reliable organization, which was founded in 1992. She currently offers services to more than 10 million individuals and about hundreds of thousands of legal entities In the Russian territory there are more than 600 branches and offices of VSK. Has a significant advantage – in this company promising start to the damages within 5 days, which strengthens its position in the rating of reliability of insurance companies for insurance.

Remember, your negligence can result in serious consequences. Trust your vehicle insurance only reliable company that is guaranteed and without unnecessary delay, repair the damage.

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